Greene County, Arkansas

September 12, 1919

Paragould, Soliphone

Supt. J.W. Ramsey announces appointments and tells who the instructors are for following assignment for the city schools for the coming year.


High School Westside School Eastside School Southside School
Ben I. Mayo Principal

Athletics & History

Ralph B. Jones, Principal

Geography, History

Earl Clayton,

Arithmetic,  History

W.A. Stevenson,

Geography, History

Ms. Orine Porter Assitant Principal Latin and French Miss Eltha Kitchens

Arithmetic, Spelling

Miss Carrie White

Reading & English

Miss Clara Stepp

Reading and English

Miss Elsa Schilling


Ms Mary Montgomery

English & Reading

Ms Mildred Mendershausen

Music, Spelling,  Geography
Ms Mamle Armour

Arithmetic, Spelling

Miss Ethel Woodall


Miss Nye Futrell Music, Art, Writing and Hygiene Miss Annie Larie Armour, Hygiene, Art and Writing Ms Lillian Winstead Music, art, Writing, Hygiene
Miss Virginia Randle


Ms Ruth B. Morns

Third and Fourth grade

Mrs. John S. Wilkinson

Fourth grade

Miss Pauline Curry

Fourth grade

Mrs. R.P. Taylor

Business Department

Ms Olive Mitchell

Fourth grade

Ms Myrtle Adams

Third grade

Miss Lola Allen

Second grade

  Miss Ida Ford

Third grade

Sybil Sanderson

Second grade

Ms Elisabeth Terrell

First grade

  Ms Valeria Brown Second grade Ms Isabelle Duncan First grade  
  Miss Anne Caldwell First grade    

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