Greene County, Arkansas

Bard Elementary 1929 or 1930


bardschool2930.jpg (104669 bytes)

This photo of students attending the old Bard Elementary School was taken in 1929 or 1930, said former teacher Mabel McDaniel Fitzgerald, at right in the top row. The top row also includes the teacher, Ethel Lane and Principal Artie "Bug" Rippy. She could not recall the names of some of the students. Those she remembers include Randal Gwyn, Bobby Spillman, Tootsie Shasteen, Wymon Highfill, John Darrell Shasteen, Donald Gwyn, John Earl Dinwiddle, Marietta, Gwyn, Imogene Gwyn, Geraldine White, James Stevenson, Raymond Gwyn, Donald Faulk, Chester Owens, Bernice White, Margaret Gwyn, Helen Rowe, George Thomas Noel, C. A. Pillows, Alex Faulk, Wilburn Dodge, Tilman Hester, Margie Neirstimer, evelyn Noel, Lurlean Dinwiddle, Virginia Isom, Nola Meirs, Hattie Mae Roberts, Bonnie Faulk, Vaudean Hester and Roger Case.

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