Greene County, Arkansas

Light Class 1933

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Light Elementary School class taken about 1933.  The people in the picture are:

Top row, let to right:  Roscoe Miller, George Barnhill, Jason Cupp, Woodrow Miller.

Third Row, left to right:  Iltra Parker, Zelma Lou Smith, Vivian Anderson, Cathalean
   Lamont, Beatrice Barnhill, Nola Book, Vivian Roberson, Mattie Row, Opal Stone.

Second Row, left to right: Sylvia Houston, Christine Parker, Clara Bell Cupp, Selma   Lou Stone, Nadine Houston, Evangeline "Baby" Cupp, Jewell Shipman, Virginia   Newberry, Mathaline Rowe, Juanita Holland, Ruby Weaver.

Bottom Row, left to right:  Thad Eldo Biggs, Kenneth Booker, James Albert Biggs,
        Doyle Booker, Leroy Stone, Paul Smith, Carol Gibbons, Burrean Anderson,
        Lesley Bunch, Bedford Bunch.

This picture courtesy of James A. Biggs of Walnut Ridge


Bob Biggs


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