Greene County, Arkansas

Oak Grove 1935 Senior high school photo


This is a 1935 Oak Grove Senior High class picture taken next to a log cabin displaying a Coca-Cola advertisement sign. This is a unique picture. My father is standing in the 2nd row far right. This picture was sent to Coca-Cola and they kept it stating that they were going to use it in a future advertisement. It was also in Reminisce Magazine in 1999 giving Paragould a little national press. 

Listed front row (L to R): John Hamilton Thurman; Dena Mae Carter; Catherine Dritrich; Edna Mae Hanley; Margaret Swindle; and Thomas Thurman.

Back row (L to R): Carl Panharst; Mrs Elwyn Little, Sponser; Mildred Hoeston; Tyler Williams; Von Starnes; Leo Jackson; Odear Hyatt; Herschel Barr; Eugene Lonnie Walker.

Thank You, Vicky


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