Greene County, Arkansas

Oak Grove  High School

This picture is a 1938 graduating class picture. This photo was taken the same day without the formal gowns. I'm sure the names are the same as the photo in the gowns but I don't know in which order they are.

If you know who these people are email me at   Thank you

Thanks to Jerry May for getting this information from his mother, 
who was a member of this class, Dorothy Ree Foster May.

Front Row (L to R)
1. Cecil Ryles
2. J. C. Edrington
3. Wallace Williams
4. James Cody

Center Row (L to R)
1. Robert E. Walker
2. Joe Tracer
3. P. Doyle Songer
4. Eula McGowan
5. Louise Butler
6. Dorothy Ree Foster
7. Vestle Taylor
8. Gwendalyn Byers
9. Gladys Butler
10. Donald Edrington
11. E.W. Little,
      Principal, Sponser

Back Row (L to R)
1. John Pierce
2. Arthur McKelvey
3. Mildred Edrington
4. Amogia Penny
5. Gerald Spence
6. Carmen Anderson
7. Isabell Hendrix
8. Lucille Taylor
9. Mae Cannon
10. Sybil Ryles
11. Paul Thomason

*Robert walker was killed in WWII During the Invasion of Sicily and is buried in New Friendship Cemetery along with other family. Bert Walker (cousin to Vicky) was also from Greene County, Arkansas, was a naval aviator and was killed in WWII when a torpedo hit his ship. An interesting fact about him was that he trained George Bush Sr. on the hellcat bomber before his fame.

Thank You, Vicky

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