Greene County, Arkansas

Seniors Class of 1947

Class History

Twelve years ago our Senior Class of 1946 - 47 walked through the doors of the various school buildings for the first time and demanded an education. Of the seventeen members only three of them had their beginning at Greene County High School, they are as follows: June Ann Newberry, Orb Little and Marvin Black, two of which completed their entire twelve years of work in this school.

We entered High School with the following members in our class: J.G. Bailey, Marvin Black, Betty Sue Bishop, Melva Jean Carter, Maycell Cash, Almarie Cox, Lerlene cox, Ronald Curry, Orland Crail, Verbadean Dial, Willadean Dial, Freda Eaker, Erlene Exum, Bertielou Fletcher, Leonard Harrelson, Jean Harvey, Gloria Jean Henry, Mervin Hunter, Norton Jones, Betty Jean Lawrence, Orb Little , Allean Lively, June Ann Newberry, Jo Dean Payne, Frankie Slayton, Murl Sparks, Freddie Swindle, Avon Voughn, Faye Williams, Valrie Miller, Burene Jackson, Gordon Atchison & Melba Doris Arnold. Our officers were: Pres.Jo Jean Payne, Vic-Pres., June Ann Newberry, Secr.& Treas., Willadean Dial, Rep. Jean Harvey and our Sponser Miss Ediith Shearer.

We entered our Sophmore year with an enrollment of thirty three with the following new members: Ermagene Hayes from Brookland High School and Buren Jackson from Goobertown School.


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