Greene County Arkansas

Confederate Pension Applicants





Adams, Henry J.; widow: Columbia; Co. C, 27 Ala.Inf.; he applied: 1918, she applied: 1920; he died 9/14/1919

Adams, J.T.; Co. D, 1 Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1907

Adams, John; Co. C, ? Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1901

Adams, Reubin; widow: Siss; Co. C, Kitchens' Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1901, he died 1/20/1899

Adamson, F.M.; widow: Nannie; Co. A, 19 & 20 Tenn. Cav; she applied: 1913; he died 1903, she died 6/28/1934

Allen, J.R.; Co.I, 1 Ga. Cav.; he applied: 1912

Allison, J.W. Sr.; 12 Tenn. Cav.; he applied: 1901

Allmond, T.B.* (Allman?); widow: Mrs. N.A.; Co. A, 5 Ark.--; he applied: 1901, she applied: 1913; he died 12/2/1912 * (T.P.)

Anderson, Joel; widow: Mrs. M.A..; Co. L, 6 Ark.Inf.; she applied: 1901; he died 1890

Arnold, A.J.; widow: Martha A.; Co. D, 5 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1901; he died 1/27/1895

Arnold, J.N.C.; widow: Cynthia; Co. H, 5 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1908; he died 11/26/1878

Autry, G.W.; Co. D, Col. Deveese's Ark. Cav.; he applied; 1909



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