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Alstadt, Henry L., Adair, Joe, Asbury, Almia C., Adams William,

F., Austin, Earnest, Atteberry, Arthur H., Arnold Hay, Amorine James,

 Anderson, William C., Apperson Ollie D., Adams R. Walter,

Archie Felix IJ., Alexander Jas. W., Adams Charley, Atchison Willis,

Arendall B. Marion, Adams Oliver, Agee Ralph R., Arnold S. Albert,

Adams W. R. Clyde, Austin Ezra F., AIfrey Chester, Azlewood

Andrew T., Anderson George W., Austin Lonie M., Anderson Nathan

II., Adams Tom A., Armstead Joe II, Armorine Sherman, Adams

Crowly E., AhIf William II., Abell Emanuel, Alvey Richard J., Alvey

C.E., Adams R. Carl, Ahif John W., Austin Samuel G., Allen Lloyd

L., Anderson Botell, Austin Newton, Allen John, Austin Elvis J. A.,

Arnold Alex, Allen Jessie Y., Atchison William E., Adams Clarence,

Adams Joe L., Atchison Raymond 0., Almon Willey, Arnold J. Roy,

Arnold William T., AlbriglV Theodore, Alvarads Juan (Mexican),

Alexander Arthur K., Adams Lonzo M., Arnold Robert E., Alvey

John M., Armstrong Polly B., Alcorn John, Allen Harry R.,

Allmond Sidney A., Atchison G. Curtis, Austin Charles,

Archer Henry M., Anderson Bradford E.


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