Greene County, Arkansas

The Weekly Soliphone

Thursday September 13, 1917

The Honor Roll

Paragould's Company of National Guard Sep. 10, 1917 designated Co. H, 3rd, Regiment Ar. Infantry. This date left for training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Little Rock, preparatory to joining General Pershing's expeditionary forces in France.

A complete Roster of the company.

J.C. Shane, Captain- Paragould

John T. Batten, 1st Lieutenant - Paragould

Albert Hays Porter, 2nd Lieutenant - Paragould

Wm. Clarence Wilbourn, 1st sergant - Paragould

Jos. O Waxman, Supply Sergant - Paragould

Wm. J. Walker, Mess sergant - Paragould

Floyd A. White, Sergant - Paragould

Thomas T. Mardis, Sergant - Paragould

Wright L. Schuh, Sergant - Paragould

Clifton Massey, Sergant - Paragould

Raymond L. Graves, Sergant - Paragould

A.B. Williams, Corporal - Marmaduke

Horace T. Walker, Corporal -Paragould

Sanford K. Ruffin, Corporal - Hornersville, Mo.

Frank McDonald, Corporal - Paragould

Welbourne S. Luna, Corporal -Paragould

James D. Hollis, Corporal - Greenway

Willis A. Deakin, Corporal - Greenway

Clarence Crump, Corporal - Paragould

Egbert F. Copeland, Corporal - Paragould

Roy Bandy, Corporal - Paragould

John H. Brewer, Corporal - Paragould

Jesse C. Bradburn, Corporal - Jonesboro

Geo H. Bierhaun, Corporal - Paragould

Horace G. Lenear, Mechanic - Bardwell, Ky.

Luther H. Blackard, Mechanic - Paragould

L.J. Warren, Cook - Malden

Wm. A. Oozier, Cook - Atkins , Ark.

Lee E. Arnold -Caldwell

Earl E. Boone - Paragould

John W. Bracken -Corning

Bernard G. Brown - Paragould

Joda L. Burk - Lafe

Stanley Butler -Paragould

Arnold Blankenship - Corning

William B. Clark -Halliday

Claude J. Church - Paragould

Arthur S. Cooper - Paragould

John C. Calhoun - Winsboro, La.

Conrad Dennis - Corning

Arthur Dees - Paragould

Van Garmoth - Beech Grove

Hiram F. Grayson - Corning

Guy W. Graves - Paragould

Paul Glover - Paragould

Jask Gardner - Lafe

Robert Garner - Beech Grove

Earl Hargate - Corning

D. Hall - Paragould

Gilbert Hansford - Paragould

Pat H. Hays - Paragould

Guy Henderson - Datto, Ark

Heznian Henen - Paragould

Clifford Howard - Paragould

Lester Higgins - Paragould

Richard S. Hodges - Paragould

John W. Jackson - Marmaduke

C. Jenkins - Knobel

Clyde A. Johnson - Paragould

Bryan Kelley - Corning

Eugene Kirchoff - Paragould

Joe Cox - Corning

Walter B. Keen - Paragould

Gustave Lauchstaedt - Lafe

Clarence Mason - Corning

Harry Merts - Paragould

Carl Moore - Paragould

Arthur McVey - Knobel

Jess L. Woody - Paragould

Alvil McLain - Paragould

?Alton R. Phillips - Paragould

Elbert H. Phillips - Paragould

Lon Rozier - Corning

John F. Russell- Paragould

Bill Rogers - Paragould

Charley r. Riley - Paragould

Harry Renfrow - Paragould

Aubrey Remiey- Paragould

Cloyes L. Rasberry- Paragould

D.D. Smith - Paragould

Claude M. Stephens - Paragould

A. Gerald Stegall- Winthrope

Otis Al Scott - Paragould

Ernest J. Smith - Paragould

William A. Sumner - Paragould

Paul Sipes - Paragould

Herbert C. Sanders - Paragould

Thomas T. Taylor - Corning

Zelma Lee Thorton - Dyer, Tenn.

Taylor Walker - Paragould

Robert Weaver - Paragould

John D. Wiggins - Paragould

Henry Witcher - Paragould

Dec Woods - Rector

Charlie R. Yates - Rector

Willie J. Young - Paragould

John B. Landrum - Paragould

Oscar Emmerson - Paragould

Oswald L. Tritch - Paragould


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