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Crabtree, William H.; Crum Fred; Copeland, Elwood; Curry,
Wood; Cooper, Roy E.; Crouch, Howard D.; Cline, Calvin; Cupp,
William H.; Copeland, Tom; Cale, John D.; Cooper. Corlie; Cleveland, Charles G.;

Crouch, Robert L.; Cline, Lewis B.; Coburn, EzraE.;
Combs, F.lbert; Crouch, Whit; Cribbs, Charlie; Curry, George A.:
Crouch, Dock; Clark, John F.; Corbin, Herchel E.; Daniel, Robert S.;
Cooperman, Perry; Cordell, 1-lomer E.; Cole, Earnest; Crowell, Lessie
(col.); Cooper, Willie E.; Clark, James E.; Camp, Joe B.; Cooper,
Franklin G.; Clark, Alvis E.; Covert, Otto 0.; Castleberry, Charles
H.; Coston, James B.; Crutchfield, P. Taylor; Crump, Louie E.;
Carr, Robert E.; Cowen, Walter M.; Chandler, Sammie L.;

Camp­bell, Ralph J.; Cunningham, Avery; Crews, Cecil L.; Casey, Arthur
L..; Collins, Jeff B.; Childers, Robert; Childers, Delbert; Cook, Aquilla
E.; Cole, R. Elmer; Cole, Ezra ‘N.; Carter, Overton; Cupp, Clarence:
Collier, Arthur 0.; Clow, John D.; Curry, Thomas; Crouch, Ernest
L.; Cole, John E.; Cole, Grover C.; Cannon, Bert C. B.; Clark,
Walter T.; C~pling, Willie; Childers, Oscar; Clark, Willie S.; Collins,
C. Ivan; Cooper, Arthur S.; Chadwick, John R.; Cabaness, HarI B.;
Cooper, Lawrence J.; Carwile, Lowis V.; Clune, John B.; Cosby,
George; Da,vis, Alvin C.; Castleberry, Edinon E.; Cunningham, Fines
E.; Calvin, William C.; Clark, William B.; Clark, Joseph F.; Cudd,
Luke H.; Cupples, Vernie; Carpenter, James I).; Childress, Thomas;
Casey, l)arrel; Craig, Samuel L.; Church, Allen J. A.; Church, Jatiies
‘N.; Cupp, Jessa; Clark, F. Clines; Cantrell (;oldie S.; Coldcbester,
henry; Courtney, William A.; Carroll, Joseph; Cole, Trulie F.; Curtis,
Joseph P.; Cloud, Bennie C.; Chunn, Albert; Chunn, Omer; Crabtree,
Hardy (col.); Church, Claud J.; Cox, Alvn R.; Cable, Francis E.;
Copher, John D.; Clay~ob, Oscar R.; Curtis, Robert L.; Clark, Jack;
Chadwick, Rosco J.; Cole, Herbert F.; Costen,Fritz C.; Carl, Hendrix
N.; Canto,Edward (Mex.); Dorris, Earnie C.; Jenkins. William C.;
Corley, Herman C.; GuppIes, John S.; Cline, N. Zear; Cline, Jacob
E.; Cupp, George M.; Cochran, John T.; Clevenciger, George E.;
Christian, Frank N.; Crow, Arthur F.; Carroll, Granville; Clark,
Fred; Cooley, James B.; Cunningham, Walter R.; Carroll, Patrick H.;
Cantrell, James S.; Crabtree, Harrison; Clark, Orby C.; Chuon,
Dewey; Cooper, Henry; Cole, J. Lawrence; Crecelins, Earl; Childers.
Allen; Chappel, William M.; Campbell, U. Sylvanas; Campbell,
jarimes 0.; Crouch, Hallie; Corhett, Marvin A.; Cooper, Homer E.;
Corbett, Jolmn E.; Clifton, Daniel L. ; Chappel, Claud ; Campbell, John A.;

Catt, Orval L.; Clifton, John A.; Carroll, William T.;
Church, Noah; Cooper, Jack; Cunningham, Robert H.; Cole, Rodger B.;

Castleberry, Elisha S.; Chappel, John H.; Cupp, Albert:t J.; Carpenter, Charley M.;

Cunningham, D. Eugene; Cole, John B.; Craig,
Theron; Campbell, .Sa;n; Chaney, Thomas ‘N.; Crews. Chester;

Chandler, Harrison; CoIn, Walter J.; Copeland, Gus; Collins, Rich­
ard W.; Clayton, J. Earl; Creager, William C.; Cougill, Fred H.;
Cooper, Gladys 0.; Cail, Walter, Cupp, Louis M.; Cupp, George P.;
Cooper, John H.; Campbell, Lewis S.; Campbell, Ottie W.; Cooper,
Jessie R.; Campbell, Albert E.; Craig, Cecil C.; Chappell. Harvey 0.;
Cole, Clarence; Corbett, Bert A.; Cavitt, D. Marvin; Cox, Louie;
Cupp, Joseph.



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