Exemption Board Calls

The Daily Soliphone 1917

Thur. September 20, 1917 Exemption Board calls new list for the purpose of selecting number's needed to complete quato.This draft is necessary to complete the Greene County's quato of men for the first general call.

Called for Sep.24,1917

Lee R. Gardner, Thomas E. Holleman, Floyd C. Jackson, Carl Pranger, Amos L. Weatherford , Claud M. Mann, James Bo Nime, James A. Wooten, Henry Pitcher, Clum Page, Clyde W. Wood, Ira C. Walker, Grover C. Middleton, Carrol Hall, Clifford C. Dinwiddle, Walter B. Lee, Vernice M. Jones, Sam Troxel, Aaron Gardner, Henry C. Wicker, John W. McDermott, Samuel G. Moore, Raymond Bond, John H. Hendrix, Rolia C. Parkinson,

Called for Sep. 25, 1917

John L. Robertson, Jesse H. Benton, Charlie M. Bond, Ezra W. Cole, Ashely L. Farmer, James H. Harris, Willis E. Cooper, Samuel Willcockson, Ernest Cole, Thomas Curry, Johnnie Jetton, Henry Maag, Floyd L. Johnson, James E. Smelser, Jessie A. Morgan, Thomas A. Hampton, Lawrence J. Cooper, Luther C. Gaskill, John L. Dunnivan, Richard G. Brandon, Thomas A. Wallis, Harold H. Hoskins, D.L. Boyd, Buck P. Presia, William M. Biggs.

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