Greene County Arkansas

Confederate Pension Applicants


Malin, Mont; widow: Mrs. M.; Co. I, 20 Tenn. Cav.; she applied: 1927; he died 9/26/1918

Marshall, R.S.; Co. A, 9 Tenn. Inf.; he applied: 1920

Martin, Wm.; widow: Eliza J.; Co. H, 27 Ala. Inf.; she applied: 1914; he died: 1920

Maupin, James H.; widow: Mrs. A.E.; Co. M, 3 Ky. Mtd. Inf.; he applied: 1914, she applied: 1916; he died 12/19/1916

McCallen, Robert; widow: Mrs. B.F.; 4 Mo. Cav.; she applied: 1917; he died 11/26/1876

McCracken, W.J.; widow: Mrs. W.J.; Co. B, 13 Ark. Vol.; she applied: 1922; he died 5/12/1908, she died 1/6/1937

McDaniel, Joseph; widow: Ann; Co. B, 13 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1911; he died 3/14/1900

McDonald, James R.; widow: Mrs. M.F.; Co. E, 14 Ga. Cav.; she applied: 1909; he died 1899

McElhaney, J.H.; widow: Mrs. M.F.; Co. A, - Miss. --; he applied: ?(Rej.), she applied:? R; he died 6/9/1903

McGraw, John; Co. Capt. Caruther's, - Tenn. Heavy Art.; he applied: 1905, he died 8/1/1908

McHeaney, John; widow: Amanda M.; Co. C, Kitchens' Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1907, she applied: 1909; he died 4/9/1909

McNiel, L.B.; Co. Smith's Slayback's Ark. Mtd. Cav.; he applied: ? (Rej.)

Menser, D.J.; widow: Mrs. M.J.; Co. D, 1 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1901; he died 1890

Meredith, James F.; widow: Martha J.; Co. H, 5 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1909; he died 2/24/1908

Meredith, T.E.; Davies' Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1909

Middleton, A.P.; Co. F, 5 Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1892

Mitchell, Z.D.; Co. L, 2 Miss. Inf.; he applied: 1915

Mooring, Wyatt; widow: Kate F.; Co. E, 15 Tenn. Inf.; she applied; 1914

Morgan, Collin; Co. C, 4 Mo. Cav.; he applied: 1915

Morris, J.D.; widow: Mary; Co. Joe Wood's, Kitchens' Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1909, she applied: 1911; he died 2/18/1911

Murdock, John D.; widow: Mary A.; Co. Malone's 7 Ala. --; she applied: 1902; he died 11/6/1900

Murphy, J.C.; widow: Mrs. M.C.; Co. B, 13 Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1901, she applied: 1914; he died 2/21/1914



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