Greene County Arkansas

Confederate Pension Applicants




Newsom, O.S.; widow: Julia A.; Co. Glasscock's Kitchens' Ark. Cav.; he applied: 1912, she applied: 1915; he died 3/25/1915

Newsom, T.H.; widow: Sarah Ann; Co. K, 5 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1902; he died after war's end

Noel, Henry; widow: Julia; Co. B, 55 Tenn. Vol.; she applied: 1914; hed died 1909


O'Steen, John; widow: Mrs. R.A.; Co. I, 22 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1916

Otey, Warren; Co. F, 7 Ky. Vol.; he applied 1897

Overall, Edmond; widow: Mrs. S.J.; 12 Tenn. Inf.; she applied: 1901; hed died 1893

Owen, Daniel; widow: Mary C.; Co. F, 13 Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1894, she applied: 1906; he died 9/19/1905, she died 2/7/1937

Owen, Willis M.; Co. D, Johnson's Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1908


Palmer, Robt.: widow: Mrs. B.A.; Co. D, Davis' Batt. Ark. Cav.; she applied: 1914; he died 1/--/1899

Pankey, Jas.M.; widow: Mrs. M.L.; 5 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1901; he died 9/25/1895

Payne, John; widow: Mrs. R.J.; Co. H, Col. Kitchens' --; she applied: 1905; he died 1/10/1901

Peebles, S.W.; widow: Mrs. A.C.; Co. K, Kitchens' Mo. Cav.; she applied: 1910; he died 1910

Pegg, J.M.; widow: Mrs. M.J.; Co. B, 8 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1918; hed died 4/3/1905

Perkins, S.L.; Co. A, 12 Ky. Cav.; he applied: 1914

Peterson, P.R.; widow: Mrs. M.A.; Co. Capt. Biscoe's, Col. Dobbins' Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1903; he died 10/11/1894

Phillips, Andrew: widow: Elizabeth; Co. I, 36 Ala. Inf.; he applied: 1905, she applied: 1906; he died 10/27/1905

Phillips, J.P.; widow: Mrs. C.M.; Miss. Vol; she applied: 1901; he died 1882

Pierce, John T.; widow: Hulda; Co. E, 27 Tenn. Inf.; he applied: 1909, she applied: 1923; hed died 1/2/1923, she died 1/21/1935

Pillow, Clairborne; widow: Emily; Co. Kitchens' Ark. Cav.; she applied: 1901; he died 6/19/1895

Pillow, Levi; widow: Elizabeth; Co. F, 13 Ark. Inf.; she applied: 1901; he died 11/--/1861

Potter, S.M.; 7 Ala. Cav.; he applied: 1913

Puckett, E.W.D.; widow:Mrs. E.W.D.; Co. D, 1 Ark. Vol.; he applied: 1892 (Rej.), she applied: 1901; he died 1901


Raines, J.L.; Faulkner's Tenn. Cav.; he applied: 1926, he died 1/24/1936

Reese, M.V.; widow: Mrs. H.C.; Co. E, 31 Tenn. Inf.; he applied: 1914, she applied: ?; he died 3/10/1923

Reeves, Geo. C.; widow: Sarah E.; Co. C, 7 Ky. Inf.; he applied ?, she appled: 1927; he died 5/31/1927

Robertson, James M.; widow: Susan; Co. C, 25 Ala. Inf.; she applied: 1913

Rollins, Martin V.; widow: Mary Jane; Co. C, 7 Ky. --; she applied: ?

Rowe, DavidJ.; widow: Mary; Co. D, Davie's Ark. Cav.; she applied: 1909; he died 1/9/1900

Rowe, Jas.H.; widow: Kate E.; Co. D, Davie's Ark. Cav.; she applied: 1915

Rowland, Clark: widow: Jane (Vandement); Co. Pruett's 25 Ark. Inf.; she applied: ?; he died 1895.

Russell, J.H.; Co. F, 5 Tenn. Inf.; he applied: ?

Rutledge, Robert M; Co. H, 5 Ark. Inf.; he applied: 1901


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