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Rushing, Theron; Rollins, Lonnie; Rice, Vester; Rasberry, William E.;
Rogers, Samuel S.; Reeves, Joseph A.; Rowls, Ernest; Rooker,
Clarence E.; Rice, Lee; Russum, William E.; Ross, Rubin (col.);
Riley, Willie F.; Russell, James A.; Rushing, Artie; Ryan, Marvin
A.; Rowlan, Beaver; Raumer, Luther E.; Robinson, Charley; Ruff,
Manuel A.; Rightneour, George R.; Riley, Charles R.; Ruff, Arthur;
Rhea, Mose; Rickman, Stephen A. D.; Ramsey, B. Nathan; Ross, W.
Thomas; Riddle, Fred; Roseberry, Martin V.; Rowe, Cecil; Riggs,
James R.; Roberts, Joe; Russum, Henry H.; Ra.mirer, Antono
(Mex.); Ray, Oscar; Rice, W. Allen; Randol, Hugh E.; Reece, Jim;
Rowe, Claudi; Rone, John; Robinson, Chas. F.; Roe, Lawrence A.;
Richardson, Joseph M.; Riley, David C.; Ross, Charles L.; Rowland,
T.Jeff; Rushing, George A.; Robinson, Ira M.; Robinson, William
L.; Rollins, Frank; Ray, Early P.; Piney L. Louis; Rooker, C. Roy;
Russell, Henry; Russom, Arlie; Romson, Wilmer E.; Remley, A.
James; Russell, Elto M.; Robinson, Robert G.; Ross, Chas. L.; Ryan,
J.Edward; Rowe, Robert L.; Rust, John A.; Robertson, James M.;
Robinson, Noah; Rogers, Arthur; Randolph, D. Port; Robertson,
Howard; Ruff, Frederick J.; Riley, Hardy W.; Rutledge, Chas. A.;
Rhea, James; Richardson, Charley; Reynolds, Warren E.; Rippy,
James; Reece, G. Wesley; Rowland, J. Floyd; Reeder, Todd;
 Rey­nolds, William T.; Reaves, Weaver; Roges, Harol; Rodgers, Albert S.;
Raymer, Everett; Riley, James H.; Remagen, Thomas I~.; Riggsbee,
A.Thurman; Rudisal, J. Leander; Raley, Otis; Randle, Charles E.;
Ramsey, James W.; Reynolds, Rufus A.; Rogers, Rufus’ C.; Richer-
son, James L.; Richerson, Byron M.; Ray, Clarence E.; Russell, I.
Titus; Robinson, Sam H.; Rogers, Richard T.; Robinson, Delbert E.;
Rowe, Charlie C.; Ritchey. John; Russell, John F.; Robers, J. Henry;
Robertson, Elbert L; Rhinehart, Carl; Roe, James M.; Rusbing,
Charles E.; Roberts, Samuel R.; Raytner, Chas.; Reed, Ollie; Rentfro,
Lloyd L.; Rodery, Vaslo H.; Robinson, Robt. R.; Reed, Lloyd;
Robertson, John L.; Russel, George M.; Rudisail, Robert L.;
Row­land, Cail; Reynolds, John M.; Redman, Frank; Robinson, Fred L.;
Ray, Albert; Robinson, J. Harrison; Rousseau, Carl B.; Rippy, Oscar;
Rippy, Grover; Rogers, Walter E.; Ray, Allie; Roush, Joseph D:;
Robers, U. Sam; Reeves, Frank; Roberts, John C.; Rogers, Bennie;
Roush, Elmer A.; Richmond, Charlie (col.); Raley, Howard T.;
Reed, Lonnie T.; Rogers, Ed.; Robinson, Robers H.; Reid, Otis F.;
Rice, Walter S.; Roberts, Oliver R.; Russel, Clarence E.; Rogers,
Willis M.; Roberts. Fred E.

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