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Walker, I. Chas.; Wilhelm, Earl A.; Walls, Albert; White, Wal­er;
Womble, J. Henry; Woodson, James L.; Woodson, John H.;
Wil­ley, Andrew J.; Williams, John W.; Walker, William S.; Wooland,
James F.; Walker, William; Walker, W. Harrison; Ward, Ephriam
B.; Winn, Ira L.; Williams, Connie F.; Walls, Samuel L.; Williams,
J. Heaton; Ward, Ashley D.; Winn, Verin; Wigington, Anthony;
Wil­liams, Roy B.; Wilson, Lloyd F.; Watson, Early; Wooten, Oscar L.;
Wooten, Stephen A.; Wallace, Tobe B.; Webster, Homer F.; Witt,
Henry C.; Witham, P. Harry; Wright, Clarence E:; Wood, Jessee B.;
White, Cullen D.; Winterhoff, John; Williams, George W.; Whiteside,
Homer E..; Weems, William 0.; Wise, Ernest; Webster, Clarence G.;
Welch, James G.; Willcoxon, Samuel; Witcher, H. Willie; Wilson,
Jesse D.; Wood, Clyde W.; Ward, Carlis A.; Millyard, Ed.; Wright,
Bob.; Walkter, James R.; Washington, Roy; Walden, Jesse C.;
Wilcox, John E.; Walden, J. Alfred; Wheelis, Charles E.; Williams,
Thomas J.; Williams, Cecil; Watson, Fred; Wood, Haney D.; Wright,
Charles;; Watson, Luther; Walker, Samuel F. H.; Wadley, C. Homer;
White, Albert R.; Watson, Jessie F.; Wright, R. Henry; Welch, William F.;
Warford, John W.; Williams, Arthur Buell; Williams, Pres­ley;
Wright, Leonard B.; Welsh, Oscar M.; Williams, Wess; Watkins,
Charles H.; Welchel, Birchie F.; Warbritten, Floyd! Weinman, Joe;
Weaver, Robert L.; Wilcoxson, Sterl R.; Williams, Charles E.; White,
Robt. C.; Walkor, James M.; Walden, Floyd R.; Walden, Henry R.;
Walker, William A.; Walker, Everett A.; Walker, Clarence E.; Walls,
Calvin A.; Wilcox, Henry A.; Winn, Albert; Wallis, T. Sidney; Welch,
Marion C.; Webb, Grover; Willcox, Dick; Wright, Hugh H.; Watson,
Gentry; Wooten, James A.; Wooten, Elmer H.; Willis, Ray; Woodard,
Wallace P.; Welch, Charles C.; Waxman, Joseph C.; Walker, Ray
T., Wood, L. Albert; Wrape, Alba H.; Williams, George; Wallace,
William L.; Williams, Willie; Wood, James A.; Westbrook, Ollie;
Weatherford, Amos L.; Williams, Nathan C.; Walden, Homer;
Wig­gins, John D.; Webster, Harry A.; Ward, Rollie; Weatberly, Gaither;
Wiseman, Will; Wolf, Wyley S.; Wright, Robert W.; Waggoner,
Lester L.; Westfall, William A.; Williams, Joseph E.; West, John;
Wince, Shirley; Wicker, E. Robert; Wiles, Virgil C.; Wood, Frank A.;
Williams, Emsy E.; Wright, Henry C.; Walker, Onnie E.; Westbrook,
Harle; Welchel, Walter H.; Walker, Ora F.; Woody, Reps C.;
Weatherly, Roy; Wofford,, Daniel; Wayland, Roy; Walters, Clyde K.;
Willcockson, Luther; Willcockson, William E.; Wilkerson, William S.;
White, Joseph A. Jr.: Whitlow, Roy B.; Walkter, Elbert E.; Wolf,
Irvin D.; Wetherford, Elmer L.; Wright, Fred E.; Worley, Pierce;
Worley, Pete; Weatherly, Andrew; White, Floyd W.; Weideman,
Elmer G.; Worman, Robert C.; White, John A.; Willcockson, Arthur
W.; Wall, Ezra P.: Whybark, Rober; Wicker, Henry C.; Whighted,
Frederic W.; Weltie, Emil; Willson, William W.; Walker, Lester A.:
Walker, Horace T.; Walker, Taylor; Williams, Gus G.; Warren.
Walter F.; Williams, Floyd K.; Webber, Jno. Henry; Williams, M.
Edward; Wadley, Byrd A.; Wallace, Gusta; Willcockson, Isaac;
Wyatt, James E.; Williams, Charlie E.; Welsh, Thomas A.; Wise,
James; Warren, Hugh M.; Wise, Elmert L.; Woodson, Ernest G.;
Welling, Ben B.; Whittington. Archie B.; Williams, Joe Lee;
Wilker­son, Marion 0.; Williams, Burl; Ward, Tom H. A.; Weaver, Joe;
West, Ezra C.; Wilson, Walter; White, Oscar A.; Ward, Bob; Wheelis,
Jim Tom; Wilhite, Herman; Walters, Tomie B.; Woodey, Henry 0.;
Walters, Ceo. M.; Walden, Harry; Woody, Coley; Wayland, Allen;
Ware, Joseph W.; Wenning, Henry; Willcockson, John N.; Watson,
William T.; Wyatt, John L.; Wesley, L. Melton; Williams, Joseph
M.; Wiliams, B. Marion; White, James H.; Williamson, Jess;
Will­cockson, Isaac T.; Williams, Harmon; Wood, Chas. W.