Karen A Chambers Sun, 11 Apr 1999 00:15:06
Thomas J. YOUNG was shot to death on the courthouse steps of Old Washington in l86l by William Laniere. Thomas had 2 children Mary Jane Young and James Franklin Young. He was married to Mary M. ROBINSON. the daughter of Dr. James M. Robinson, I would like a death certificate, coroners report, any historical recounting of this incident.

Wynell Mon, 19 Apr 1999 22:57
Henry Davenport NESBITT, born 1858 in Georgia..Married Elizabeth ( Betty ) TOLBERT, around 1878-79 in Arkansas. They had eight children born in Hope, AR. Hempstead county; Ada-1879, Emma Ida Joella, born in 1881, Myrtle M. born 1883, Maude Cecille, born 1886, a twin to Henry Walter, born 1886, Beulah, born 1892, Jimmie (girl), born.1895, and Johnnie (girl) born 1896; I am trying to find any information from living descendents; The Nesbitt family moved from Arkansas in 1900 to Riverland, Texas. They lived mainly in Riverland, Wichita Falls, and Henrietta Texas, some in Oklahoma I believe. I have hit a dead end. Living descendents are my only hope. Wynell Davis, Wynell1@aol.com

Charlotte Berry Tue, 20 Apr 1999 01:34:42
BOYD, FOX, MURPHY. I am looking for info on Joseph William Boyd and his wife, Margaret Inez Fox. Joe and Margaret moved into McCaskill, Arkansas around the late 1880s. They had previously been in Red River County, Texas and are on the 1880 census there. Joe was born in Missouri on February 14, 1856 according to census info. Not much is known about his parents. Margaret was born August 4, 1865 in Kentucky. Her parents were William Fox and Sarah Murphy. Joe died on February 2, 1917 in McCaskill. Margaret died February 23, 1958. Joe and Margaret had 10 children, Della, Minnie, William Randolph, Ollie, Clay, Sallie, Hirtchel, Virgil, Wilton and Ray. I am the granddaughter of Ray. There are many descendants of Joe and Margaret. If you are one of them please contact me. Margaret also had a brother, Enoch Fox who lived in this area. I am interested in knowing more about the Boyd, Fox and Murphy families and sharing info. Charlotte Berry, charlarr30@aol.com

Karen A Chambers Tue, 13 Apr 1999 16:30:18
YOUNG, Thomas J. (died l861); children: Young, James Franklin and Young, Mary Jane.

Joe Harris Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:59:12
Trying to locate information of James Henry HARRIS in Nevada or Hempstead county about 1870. He was shown as living in Redland township in 1860. Also have info of a Harris Reunion is to be held on the the third Saturday in May. I would like some details. Thanks, Joe Harris

Bonnie Rapert Tue, 20 Apr 99 13:39:35
Seeking any info regarding Solon B. BISHOP, born in Hempstead Co., Ark. Married Nancy Hord BLEVINS 7 Jan 1869 in Hempstead Co. Who were parents of Nancy? Any siblings? What are the names of children of Solon and Nancy Blevins Bishop? Any help appreciated. rapertb@juno.com

Lee Bahan Fri, 23 Apr 1999 08:49:08
My father was raised by his grandparents CLARK near Hope, Hempstead Co., AR. According to various documents, my father was Odell Clyde HARLIN (aka Clyde Odell Clark), b. 17 Nov. 1923/24/25 in Jonesboro or Forrest City, AR, and was several years old before he went to live with his grandparents in Hempstead Co. (Dad died in 1984.) His mother's name was Ellen and she was alive in 1950. Family lore has it that Dad was related to Glen CAMPBELL, the country singer. Dad's grandparents were Presbyterians. Circa 1952 an older female relative named Wilma, possibly an aunt, was living in Hope. While trying to find my dad's family, I have reconstructed the family/descendants of John C. Clark (son was Squire Billy of DeAnn) and have acquired information about the descendants of Pleasant W. Clark whose descendants lived in Nevada and Hempstead Counties. I hope that someone can help me find the names of Dad's grandparents, but in any case I am happy to share what Clark info I have. Thanks, Lee Harlin Bahan, gpblhb@compuage.com

Josephine Hall Fri, 23 Apr 1999 22:35:41
My great grandmother Margaret/Margnell Josephine STROUD was supposed to have been born in Hempstead Co. the 28 June 1867. Her father was Isham Stroud b. 1838 is TN (might not be the father of the following children), wife unknown, their children:Jim; Margaret/Margnell Josephine m. Jonas Moon TRUMBLE; Joe; Rebecca m. PARSONS; Nancy m. a BRIDGEMAN; Mattie m. Lee PRESCOTT; Mary Elizabeth m. HATFIELD; and Andrew m. Noble Prescott. Does anyone have any information on this family. Will share any information I have. Looking for any living descendents of any of these siblings. I have hit a brick wall - HELP!! Josephine Ferrell Hall, Rt. 2, Box 98, Linden, Cass Co., Tx 75563, ajh43@msn.com

Bonnie Rapert Sat, 24 Apr 1999 21:06:51
Need any info on Wiley Washington LOVING, born we think, in Hempstead County in April 1880. Father was Charles Benjamin LOVING. Who was his mother? Info needed on Margaret Eva AULT born about 1860. Mother was Jane STANFORD, what was father's name? Any siblings to any of these names? Any help appreciated. Contact Loralee Haws via e mail at hawsjv@juno.com

Joanne Moore Mon Apr 26 11:47:51 1999
Searching Benjamin START, born 1792, Virginia, married Martha CABIE ? in Louisiana, she died 1867, Pike County, Arkansas, he then married Rebecca BRYANT. He and Martha had children, Abner C. Start, born 1836, Hempstead County, Ark., John Denny SKborn 1819, Louisiana, Martha, Janie,Elijah, Mary, Susan, & George. Will share information. Joanne Moore jmoore@pahrump.com

Joanne Moore Mon Apr 26 11:47:51 1999
Abner C. START, born September 1836, Hempstead County, married Melvina Elizabeth BEAN, born 1835, Marion County, Alabama, had children: George Wesley, born 1858, Pike County, Ark., ?, who married Laura ALEX, Nealey (Amelia), born Februsry 1869, Yell County, Ark., who married William WEST, Emma Flardy, born February 1871, Sebastian County, Arkansas, who married John Henry FISHER, Amanda Rosetta, born February 1871, Sebastian County, Ark., who married Lon GRAY, B.R. Start, born February 1861 ?, and John Wesley born 1866 ? Each of these children married in Oklahoma. Have a death date for Abner C. Start, 15 April 1878, but do not know where he died. He was in the service. Does anyone have cemetary records for Sebastian County, Arkansas? Perhaps Abner died there. Would appreciate a look up. Will share information. Joanne Moore, jmoore@pahrump.com

Tim D. Hudson Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:33:14
REED, Robert and Helen. Moved to Hempstead County area in 1817. Robert died in 1843. When did Helen die? The Reeds lived in southeastern MO area between 1800 and 1817. Would like proof that William Reed who died in MO in 1813 was Robert's father. Where in TN did they come from?

Tim D. Hudson Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:33:14
OGDEN, Benjamin and Susannah. Moved to Hempstead County area in 1817 from TN. They settled in what is now Union Co. Would like to correspond with descendents. Thanks, Tim Hudson

Arlene Garey Fri, 30 Apr 1999 07:56:26
I am looking for the family of Fannie Bell PIKE, born in Hope, Ark. She was born about 1870 and married Ira Willis Spann. Any help will be appreciated.

Bryn Stratton Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:21:36
I am researching the DOOLEY connection to the John Sevier CONWAY family. A Conway daughter/or sister married a Mr. Dooley and named one of their sons James Conway Dooley. I know John Sevier Conway married Mary Jane BRADLEY in Hempstead, AR on 12/2/1826. I know James Conway Dooley was born in Tenn 11/15/1815. I know John Sevier Conway was a Governor of Arkansas and was born in Green County Tenn, 12/9/1798. What is Mr. Dooley's name and where did they marry? Will share anything that I have. Thanks in advance for any ideas. Bryn Bailey Stratton

Mike Cummons Sat, 1 May 1999 08:38:03
I'm researching Jefferson CUMMINS. Jefferson was born in 1812 in Pulaski County, AR---that was really MO Territory back then. Jefferson married Annie WARD in 1832 in Hempstead County, AR. Would like to exchange information with anyone researching this family of the families of Jefferson's brothers--James and William. Thanks, Mike and Georgia Mathis Cummons, Jacksonville, FL

Lee Harlin Bahan Sat, 1 May 1999 13:00:45
My father, Odell Clyde HARLIN aka Clyde Odell CLARK, was supposed to have been raised by his grandparents Clark in Hempstead Co., AR. Depending on the source, my dad was b. 17 Nov. 1923/24/25 in Forrest City or Jonesboro, AR. His mother's name was Ellen Clark, Ellen ROONEY, or Ellen R. Clark, again depending on the source. Dad lived with his mother until he was approx. three to five years old, and then went to the grandparents. The grandparents are supposed to have died in the 1930s and Dad then was sent to live with more relatives, supposedly in Grayson Co., TX. In 1941, when Dad enlisted in the Navy, he gave his home address as the residence of Henry C(lay) READ, Jr., of Ft. Smith, AR, another relative maybe. About 1952 Dad went to visit an older female relative, possibly an aunt, named Wilma who lived in Hope, AR. The grandparents were Presbyterians and family legend is that Dad was related to Glen Campbell, the singer, of Delight, AR. I'd appreciate any and all help finding the identity of Dad's parents and grandparents. While searching for Dad's Clark relatives, I have reconstructed most of the descendants of John Chatman Clark, esp. via son William "Squire Billy" Clark, of DeAnn, AR, and am happy to share my Hempstead Co. Clark database and contacts with other members of this branch of Clarks. Thanks, Lee Harlin Bahan gpblhb@compuage.com

Paula Sun, 2 May 1999 23:21:49
I am searching for BAUGH/MAIN family connections in OK/AR/TX. Ernest Orville BAUGH, Sr. was married to Myrtle (maiden name unknown) and lived in Hackett, AR. They had one known child Ernest, Jr., who was born in 1915, shortly after his father's death. Myrtle later married David W. MAIN and had 3 or 4 daughters, one whose name may be Cleo Main BURNS. Ernest, Jr. married Maxine (maiden name unknown) prior to WWII and it is believed they lived in Baytown, TX. They may have had one child before they divorced. Ernest, Jr. then married Wanda (my grandmother) while in the Navy and returned to Baytown after WWII. If you have any information regarding Ernest, Sr.; Ernest, Jr. and Maxine; Myrtle or David I would greatly appreciate knowing. Thank you. Sincerely, Paula :) e-mail: Sunny6767@aol.com

Hoyt D Duncan Sun, 09 May 1999 23:47:42
Searching for MUSE and YORK in Hempstead Co. 1850-1860 time period.

Gary Wed, 12 May 1999 09:24:04
Is there anyway that you can tell me where in Hempstead Co., that Redland TWP was located back in 1860 Census?

James Stewart Wed, 12 May 1999 12:20:54
Hi I'm trying to trace a Levi STEWART that I believe lived in Hempstead co. around 1860+. I have him buying property there in 1859 next to Moses and John stewart. I would appreciate any information on these families. My ggrandfather was John Stewart that lived in Carroll co. TN., however disappeared after 1850. I believe he had a nephew or coisin named Levi Stewart and may have moved with him. Thank you in advance for any help can provide. James A. Stewart

Paula Sun, 2 May 1999 23:14:11 EDT Ernest Orville BAUGH, Sr. was married to Myrtle (maiden name unknown) and lived in Hackett, AR. They had one known child Ernest, Jr., who was born in 1915, shortly after his father's death. Myrtle later married David W. MAIN and had 3 or 4 daughters, one whose name may be Cleo Main BURNS. Ernest, Jr. married Maxine (maiden name unknown) prior to WWII and it is believed they lived in Baytown, TX. They may have had one child before they divorced. Ernest, Jr. then married Wanda (my grandmother) while in the Navy and returned to Baytown after WWII. I would greatly appreciate any info. Thank you. Paula, e-mail: Sunny6767@aol.com

Nhuan Thu, 13 May 1999 16:49:27 EDT
My ancestor Joseph WOOD may be listed in a reconstructed 1820 census for Hempstead Co AR.His land was over in now Hopkins Co TX. His sons Wyatt and William are on the on later lists. Many thanks

Mary Anderson Lambert Sun, 16 May 1999 12:13:03 EDT
I am looking for the father and mother of Jesse H. BEAUCHAMP, m. Sarah H. WYLIE, b. June 29, 1836. Jesse is the father of my husband's ggrandparent Louisa Adeline Beauchamp, b. abt 1870, m. Benjamin PHILLIPS, Jr. on March 30, 1887. I have reason to believe that Jesse was a minister (don't know what kind) in Albany (Sutton) in 1881. Middle name could possibly be Howell, since Louisa and Ben had a child that died in infancy whose name was Howell Phillips. Any help would be appreciated and I will be happy to share any info that I have. Mary Anderson Lambert

Ray Everett Roberts Sun, 16 May 1999 16:41:42 EDT
I am seeeking information on the H. T. ROBERTS family who may have moved to Fulton, Hempstead County about 1890-1900. The spouses name was Clementine and the children were Henry E., Bettie, William M., and Jennie. They moved from Pontotoc County Mississippi. Any information will be appreciated. Ray Everett Roberts, Texas

Jeanie and Joe Hill Wed, 26 May 1999 11:07:13
I just recently received information that leads me to believe that my great-grandparents, John Franklin WOMACK, and Rhoda Gertrude ASKEW-BLACK were married in Hempstead County, AR on May 2, 1880. I am trying to find any information that I can on these 2 people. The only other information that I have on these 2 that is for sure is that my grandfather, Berton Lee Womack was born in Nashville, AR on Oct. 25, 1903. He was the youngest of 13 children. I do not know where or when the other 12 children were born. I believe it may have been in AR also but at this time can't prove it. Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jeanie Hill, hillj@brightok.net

Mike Marcum Sun, 30 May 1999 11:34:40
Looking for information on Hanna or Hannah JONES that's buried in the Wilson Cemetery at Guernsey, Hempstead County, Arkansas. I'm also working on FRANKS, SUGGS families. Thanks, Mike Marcum, Mmarcum329@aol.com

Lee Bahan Sun, 30 May 1999 17:16:58
I'm interested in Robert READ. My dad, Odell Clyde HARLIN aka Clyde Odell Clark, resided with a Henry C. Read, Jr., of Ft. Smith, AR, circa 1941. Henry probably was a relative of Dad's, and I'm wondering if this Robert Read was related to Henry, since Dad was raised by CLARKs in Hempstead Co. Thanks for any and all help! Lee Harlin Bahan

Wayne White Mon, 31 May 1999 09:44:31
My Grandmother Sallie Crosby FORTNER died in Hope, Arkansas within a few weeks of my birth there of Aug 30, 1939. I am looking for a death and burial record for her. Sallie and my Grandfather; John Horton Fortner divorced about 1924 in Heber Springs, and I've recently heard tha Sallie may have remarried. The name of the man she may have married is Elec or Alec or Alex SELLARS. Any information About Sallie Sellars will be appreciated. Thank You. Wayne White, Salem, Oregon

Kay Mon, 31 May 1999 16:27:08
I am interested it any info about a Convent in or around Hope, Ak. that took in children. My Great Grandmother was adopted by Pat DONNLEY and his wife in Hope, after her father was killed and her mother could no longer take care of her and her sisters. Susie and her addopted sister Kate were taken home with Pat and his wife one Christmas and they (the Donnleys) then adopted the both of them. We were first told it was from an orphanage. Then a year ago Kate's 2 daughters, who were still alive and living in Canada told me it was a Catholic Convent (their mother told them). Is there any info about a convent in the area. Would appreciate any info. Thank you for you help, Kay, GizziesMom@aol.com

Glenda Melson Fri Jun 04 15:49:42 1999
COOK, James M. and Martha J. MOORE. Died within 3 days of each other aroung 1889. As far as I know there was one child in the home at the time, Clinton Byrl Cook, around the age of 12.

Kristy Nix Tue, 08 Jun 1999 23:51:16
I'm trying to contact David KELLEY who has posted quite a lot of Arkansas information. In particilar I'm interested in the reconstructed census of 1820 Hempstead Co. Can anyone help?

Dottie Facklam Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:55:08
Anna OGLESBY wife of S.R. Oglesby b. Chica Grove, Pike Co., MS 18 Jan 1849 moved to Hope in 1879 d. 13 Oct 1908. Need information if possible on this family as my Ggrandmother Lula Wetmore was showing as a boarder with this family at age 14 on the 1880 Hempstead Co. census.

Dennis Robinson Sun, 13 Jun 1999 02:59:40
Still Looking for any information on a Dr. James M. ROBINSON who lived in Hempstead County from 1859 to 1867. He had the following children; Elizabeth, Mary M., John W., David T., William M., James H., Wiley S., Sara J., and Lou Allen. Dr. Robinson was reportedly a surgeon in the Confederacy although I have not found him in the roster of the Hempstead Rifles. Greetings from Dallas, Dennis Robinson, d_f_r@msn.com

Renee Smelley Mon, 14 Jun 1999 04:05:33
Catherine B. YARBROUGH b. abt. 1827 Hempstead Co., Arkansas, daughter of John Swanson Yarbrough, Sr. md. Joseph STALLCUP in Hempstead County, AR. Their children were: M.E. female born ca 1844 in TX; Henry C. born ca 1850 in TX; Belle Z. born ca 1854 in TX; Josephine born ca 1858 in TX; Leona born ca 1861 in TX; Charles E. born ca 1867 in TX; In 1850 and 1860 they were living in Anderson County. By 1870, he was married to someone else and she & the children had moved over to Rusk, TX in Cherokee County. Marriage records in Cherokee County show that on Jan. 26, 1875, Catherine married W.S. PEACOCK. On March 21, 1890, her youngest child, Charles E. md. Annie COOK, in Rusk. Evidently they stayed in that area. Cherokee is next door to Houston County, TX. I am looking for information on this family, descendants or somebody researching this family. I am a descendant of Catherine B. Yarbrough's brother Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough. There are other John Swanson Yarbrough, Sr. descendants interested in exchanging information too. Renee Smelley

Patsy Kimsey Mon Jun 14 21:05:44 1999
I am searching for information on James H. CAMPBELL, his brother, William Lindsey Campbell, and their sister, Martha Elizabeth REYNOLDS. Matha Elizabeth was married to Charles Reynolds. They appear on the 1860 census for Hempsteam Co. James H. married Martha CLEGHORN in Hempstead Co. on February 2, 1857. William L. was married in La. to Rosanne or Rose Ann (last name unknown). I believe that William was in the Confederacy and died sometime in 1864. His widow, Rose, applied for a pention in 1901. She died in Neveda Co. in 1916. I would like to hear from anyone who has information on the above people. Patsy Eubanks Kimsey, e-mail: patsyk@seark.net

Shirley Hendrix Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 09:25:24
I will be hosting the 2001 FRANCISCO Family Reunion in (hopefully) Prescott, but in Hope if the accommodations aren't to be found in Prescott. I desperately need to find some of my cousins, many of which attended Prescott High School. If anyone is descended from any of the following, please contact me; Allen and Ellen (WALLER) Francisco (buried in Artesian Cemetery); Alfred Franklin and Minnie May (TREVILLION) Francisco; Levi and Emma (BROOKS) Francisco or Levi and Eula May (HUFFMAN) Francisco; Willis and Maggie (Trevillion) Francisco. Also, descendants of O T and Mary Ellen (Francisco) INGERSOLL; Allen and Velma (McCAIN) Francisco; Murrel and Mamie (Francisco) BOOKER; Arthur and Verna May (BARNHOUSE) Francisco; Howard and Hazel (Francisco) ELERTON. I can be reached at; 1338 SR 121 N #4-A, Murray, KY 42071, or by e-mail. Shirley Wicker Hendrix, Murray, KY, endrix@mursuky.campuscwix.net

Bobby Ray Rawls Mon, 21 Jun 1999 20:18:03
Looking for info. on the RAWLS family of Hempstead county, AR from its creation to after 1830. My 4th great-grandfather Silas Rawls, Sr. and wife moved to AR about 1812 with Silas Rawls, Sr. dying there about 1826 leaving his wife Elizabeth and two sons Silas Rawls, Jr. ( died about 1826 in Lafayette county ), and my 3rd great-grandfather Daniel Rawls who was a Methodist minister and listed on several documents in Clark, Hempstead & Lafayette counties. Any info. appreciated and I will respond in kind. Bobby Rawls, 100 N. Cottonwood Big Spring, TX 79720-1769, (915)267-5636, brrawls@crcom.net

Joe Harris Fri, 25 Jun 1999 22:02:44
I am interested in knowing anything about the marriage of James H. HARRIS-Margaret GRAVES . According to my information they married in Hempstead county the 29th of December 1859. According to the 1860 census they had a son, John T. Harris. A youngr brother, Ike Perry Harris Sr. was living with them. I am guessing that they had another son, Daniel Henry Harris, and two daughters, Sally and Ellen. I think that James H. Harris died about 1872. The widow and family moved to Sevier County. The son, Daniel Henry Harris became the first mayor of DeQueen. I would appreciate it very much any confirmation of my speculations. Hopefully some of the Graves family might have kept up with this family. Thanks, Joe Harris

Vicki R. Sat, 26 Jun 1999 15:23:37
Looking for anyone connected to the PRINCE family that lived in Hope, AR. Sarah Jane RICHARDSON supposedly married John? Prince. Sarah was born August 1886, so the marriage would have taken place around or after 1900. The couple were reported to have had a home in/around Hope. Some of the Richardson grandchildren remember going to "Aunt Sarah Janes" for family reunions, even as late as the 1960's. Would appreciate any info- Vicki R.

Nancy Blackburn Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:48:48
Seeking information on the family of Susan Catherine FARLEY born possibly near Corinth, Ar. in 1853. Died in 1934. Wife of John Wiley REESE and mother of Sam, Jim, Della, Ola, Mattie, Albert Carl, David Edward, Maggie Ella, Harvey Hansford, and Alonzo. Buried in Ozan Cemetery. Would appreciate any information about this family. Nancy Blackburn, blackburnfarm@plateautel.net

Doris Cox Jones Mon, 28 Jun 1999 19:13:45
Jim COX married Zadie JORDAN between 1900-1905, they had 6 children, (4) boys and (2) girls. One girl passed away at an early age. Boys were: Connie Oscar Cox, Willie Cox, and Gellispie Cox. Daughter was Jewell Cox who later married Joseph WITHERSPOON or WEATHERSPOON.