Pioneer Cemetery
  Old Washington, AR

Elizabeth Wilson  wife of Dr. Isaac N. Jones
Born Oxford, Greenville County, N.C.
4-7-1805         1-28-1867

To the memory of:
Isaac Newton Jones
6-16-1797         2-11-1858

To the memory of:
Isaac Newton Jones, Jr.
Son of Isaac Newton Jones
6-1-1834          2-7-1849

Infant children of Wm. M. and Elizabeth Littlejohn Andrews

To the memory of:
Elizabeth Littlejohn
wife of Dr. Isaac and Elizabeth Jones
2-20-1830         12-20-1852
Married: 2-22-1848

Maria Louisa Roberts
wife of Rev. John J. Roberts
dau of B and Mary Boydston
11-22-1815        8-18-1851

To the memory of:
Joseph R. Grosby
Died: 10-17-1852  35 years

--Meredith   1816-1845

Ephraim Mirick  
Died: 5-7-1874  73 years

Mrs. Nancy A. Kimbell D: 1-1-1857  45 years
& her dau Sarah E.  who died in her 14th year.

In memory of:
Rev. W.B. Mason
son of Samuel and Susan Mason
3-24-1808        12-23-1850
Of Robertson County, TN

Catherine E. Ellier  4-17-1791       3-15-1850

Mary Elizabeth Royston
dau of G.D. and Mary Royston
3-17-1847         4-17-1855

C.F. Royston   7-29-1849      8-12-1853

Laura C. Block    9-20-1835   10-14-1853

Isaac Block       11-12-1817   9-28-1828

These two on same stone:
Juliet Pauline Jennings
Wife of Orville Jennings, Esq.
Dau of Capt. Abraham Block
Died: 7-29-1858
29y, 10m, 29 days

Laura Ida Jennings
Dau of Orville and Juliet Jennings
Died: 5-11-1859
2y, 10m, 5 days
John Holman   YOES' VA. Mil.  REV WAR



Heslop G. Branier
Died: October 1 1844
24 years, 24 days

Lavinia Almira Collins
Dau of WWG and AC Collins
2-5-1845     12-13-1847

Nancy Collins
Wife of Wm R. Collins
12-12-1794       11-19-1851

Mary Belcher Mirick
Died: 10-7-18??   71 years

Ezekial C. Kirpatrick  1829-1850

Betty K. Allen  5-26-1827     6-17-1853

In memory of:
Rebecca E. Pate
Dau of Jeremiah and Sarah Pate
8-28-1831    10-2-1848

George W. Green  4-29-1814    3-31-1855

Henry Poindexter  B-NC 4-10-1792   D 2-10-1854

Thomas HW Maddux  Died: 1-3-1855  28 years

Susan E. Maddux  Died: 11-10-1842  17 years

William Isaac Brittin
Son of Edwin and Rosina Brittin
Died: 11-27-1846
2y, 10m, 8 days

Abraham Ludlow Brittin
Son of Edwin and Rosina Brittin
Died: 10-22-1840
9 m, 22 days

Robert Benjamin Etter  12-17-1846    5-4-1888