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The Hot Spring County Historical Society
P.O. Box 674, Malvern, AR 72104

Membership. Membership dues are $20.00 per calendar year. With membership a person receives one free copy of the year’s Heritage. If the free copy is mailed, there is a $5.00 mailing fee, for a total of $25.00. Additional copies of The Heritage may be purchased for $20.00, $5.00 added for postage if mailed.

The Heritage is the Society’s official annual publication and is available in the last quarter of the year.
Approx. 200 pages, indexed, soft cover
Contains genealogy, history, photos, documents, and more pertaining to Hot Spring County, Arkansas.
All back issues are currently available for $20.00 each ($23.00 if mailed).

Other publications.

Pictorial History: 25th Anniversary Edition (1968-1993) --- $25.00 ($28.00 if mailed) 505 Pictures of Earlier Days of People, Places and Things in Hot Spring County

Cemetery Records: West of Ouachita River (Updated 1998) --- $25.00 ($28.00 if mailed)

Marriage Records: 1825 – 1900 --- $25.00 ($28.00 if mailed) 218 pages, soft cover, indexed

Members and non-members may purchase any of these publications at the prices listed.

Prices as of March 2008, and are subject to change.

Hot Spring County, AR - Coordinator - Jeff Kemp