Bassett/Belding/Gaines Cemetery
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This family cemetery was originally in Hot Spring Co. until Garland Co. was formed in 1873. It is on Hwy. 270 east of Hot Springs, 1/4 mile past the Lakeside School on the left, and across from the old Essex Race Tract side. Copied Oct. 1968 by Inez E. Cline and published in the Garland Co. Cemetery Book. The Belding family were originally from Massachusetts, moved to Kentucky, then Indiana, and to Arkansas (Territory) in 1828. Jonathan Bassett was the father of Nathaniel & David Bassett & Lydia Bassett Belding. The 1830 Census of Hot Spring Co., Territory of Arkansas shows L. Belding as head of household with 1 male age 70-80, 2 males 40-50, and 1 male 0-5 yrs.; 1 female 60-70, 1 female 30-40, and 1 female 5-10. Although the age ranges does not match this is probably Jonathan Bassett (1764), Ludovicus Belding (1792), David Bassett (1797), Albert Belding (1825-30), Mrs. Bassett (1760-70), Lydia Bassett Belding (1799) & Maria Belding (1823). The Bassetts are shown in the 1830 Hot Spring Co. Tax records but not in the Census. Jonathan Bassett is shown in the Tax records long after his death date in 1833; this may be due to an estate settlement??? The 1840 Hot Spring Co., Ark. Census shows Lydia Belding (age 40-50) as head of household, 1 female (15-20-Maria), 1 male (70-80), male (15-20-Albert), male (10-15-Henry), & male (5-10-George); David Bassett (40-50) head of house-hold, female (20-30-Jane), & female (5-10-Susan). Children shown in the 1850-60 Hot Spring Co. Census are listed in the family records which have been added to the 1968 cemetery records. This property been places on the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES by the United States Department of the Interior.  A monument and Plaque was set in the 1990's inside the gate. Mrs. Patty Adams, dau. of Nellie Rogers Maner, owns this property & has fenced the cemetery; the Hot Springs Lions Club has adopted and helps maintain the cemetery.
BASSETT-LITTLER ROW (Headstones, (1) thru (7), numbered South to North):

BASSETT, JONATHAN May 24, 1764 - July 4, 1833 (Check Probate records) PVT. COL. FREEMAN'S REGT., REV. WAR.. Military Monument.(4)

BASSETT, TEMPERANCE CROCKER Jan. 2, 1763 - June 6, 1833 Wife of Jonathan;
Children: Nathaniel, David, & Lydia Belding. New Monument(5).(Nathaniel stayed in Indiana, raised a family as per Mrs. Nellie Maner of Hot Springs, June 1996).

BASSETT, DAVID 1797 - Apr. 4, 1853, age 56 Husb. of Jane Clift. (3)

BASSETT, JANE (CLIFT) July 5, 1809 - Dec. 3, 1873, age 64-5-28; Wife of David. Daughter of Sarah "Sallie" Guerin (1785-1869) & Joseph Clift III (1770-1848) Children: 1. Susan (Etchison-Hays-Littler), 2.
Henry, 3. Martha (Nickels), & 4. Eliza Bassett (1850-not in 1860 Census). Henry & Martha was living with their mother in 1860; Susan was living with her 2nd. husband, A. J. Hays, and her children. (2)

LITTLER, SUSAN (BASSETT-ETCHISON-HAYS) d. Dec. 12, 1873, age 38-11-25; Married 1st. 12/23/1852 Giles P. Etchison b. Dec. 14, 1826 d. Feb. 1, 1856 and had one son, Junius Preston Etchison b. Sept. 12, 1855 d. Oct. 2, 1862. Susan Etchison m. 2nd. 2/14/1858 A.J. Hays b. Dec. 12, 1826 d. Oct. 21, 1861; 2 children- William Clayton Hays b. 24 Nov. 1858 d. Oct. 2, 1862 and Eliza Lovetta Hays b. Nov. 5, 1860 d. Apr. 18, 1861. Susan Hays married 3rd. 1/30/1868 Angus D. Littler who died in 1926. They had 2 children: Charles R. Littler and Margarette Littler who married 3/23/1893 Robert Rogers; their daughter Mrs. Nellie (Rogers) Maner has
her grandmother Susan Littler's Bible with the above information. It is believed that Susan's first and second husband and some of their children are buried here. (6) (Note: There is over 30 feet between
Susan & her son Charles. A.D. Littler is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery; his 2nd. wife Vicey Littler is buried at the Price Cemetery.)

LITTLER, CHARLES R. Jan. 20, 1869 - Jan. 29, 1889 Son of A.D. & Susan. (7).

ROGERS, MARGURETTE LITTLER 1871 - 1953 IN MEMORY OF; (1) Memorial marker, buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.

BELDING-GAINES CEMETERY EST. 1824 (This section has a block wall with a wrought iron fence on top. Two rows)West Row (Numbered south to north (1) thru (5):Base
of a monument similar to the Belding & Procter monuments. No information as to who is buried here. Mrs. Nellie Maner said at one time there were several old monuments piled near a tree close to her grandmother Susan Littler's grave. (1).

BELDING, LUDOVICUS 1792 - Oct. 9, 1833 Husband of Lydia Bassett. Children: 1. Maria (Gaines), 2. Albert, 3. Henry, and George Belding. (2)

BELDING, MRS. LYDIA (BASSETT) May 1, 1799 Mass. Winter 1864.(3)

GAINES, WILLIAM H June 30, 1797 - June 1, 1894 Married 1st. 1819 Litha Early who died in 1828; their daughter Virenda Gaines married George W. Sappington. Wm. H. Gaines married 2nd.
4/23/1849 in Hot Spring Co. to Maria Belding and had seven children: 1. Fannie G. m. C.S. Williamson, 2. Augusta L. m. S.H. Stitt, 3. Wm.
H., Jr. (Living Pala Alto, Tx. 1889), 4. Louisa C. m. E.S. Blasdel (living Los Angeles, Ca. 1889), 5. Mary P., 6. A.B. (banker at Hot Springs 1889), and 7. Abner L. Gaines. (5)

GAINES, MARIA (BELDING) Apr. 1823 - Nov. 1890 Wife of Wm. H.; Dau. of Lydia & Ludovicus Belding. (4)
East Row (Numbered North to South (6) thru (9)):

GAINES, MARY P. Feb. 18, 1856 - Nov. 4, 1938(6)

GAINES, ABNER L. 1859 - 1900 (7)

STITT, SAMUEL H. July 23, 1878 - Aug. 4, 1878 Son of Augusta Gaines & Sam'l. H. Stitt. (8)

PROCTER, STEPHEN, M.D. July 6, 1813 - Mar. 26, 1868(9) This monument is broken & laying on the south wall.

SIMPSON, CHRISTIAN AND McCOY ROW (Numbered North to South) in the S.E. corner:

SIMPSON, THOMAS 1815 - Nov. 29, 1879 Aged 64 years (1)

SIMPSON, LOUISA JANE Sept. 9, 1851 - Oct. 8, 1876 Aged 25 years (2)

SIMPSON, ELSIE Dec. 26, 1889 - June 3, 1890 (3)

CHRISTIAN, VIRGINIA (VIRINDA) d. Oct. 28, 1874, age 33, Wife of Joseph.(4)

CHRISTIAN, INFANT of Joseph & V.(5)

McCOY, JUDY Died May 29, 1874 Aged _____ (below dirt) Wife of Wesley McCoy. (6)

SOURCES: As shown above. GOODSPEED'S Biographical history of George Belding and William H. Gaines.6/16/1996 HDD/hdd (CEMBABLG.WPS)8/26/1997 Revised page header. HDD/hdd

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