Pease Photograph
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This is a picture of my great grandfather who lived in Michigan.  His daughter, Lucy Pease married Henry Holcomb/Malcomb Hodges who was born in Antioch, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas.  As near as I can figure Henry & Lucy lived most of their lives in Hot Spring Co., in Social Hill and Malvern.

Not sure when the picture was taken but Urban died in 1935 and his wife in 1910.  Given he is alone in the picture it was probably after she died. Also, Henry & Lucy were married in 1903/1904.  This was probably taken after they married while Urban was down there visiting.

According to the sign this may have been in Hot Springs in Garland Co.  I'm from Michigan and have never been to Arkansas so have no idea.  If you can't use it for your county maybe you would know who might be interested.

Would you please let me know what you figure out.

Rowena AtLee
Chelsea, Michigan

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Hot Spring County, AR - Coordinator - Jeff Kemp