Hotel Eastman, circa 1890
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Click photo to enlarge My name is Dave Stacey of Glen Allen, VA. I am a longtime photograph collector of 19th Century Photographs of historical importance. I'm furnishing an image of a photograph from my collection of Hotel Eastman, C. 1890. It was built in Hot Springs by a Minnesota financier by the name of William Wallace Eastman and it was a huge  hotel with over 500 rooms. I am not a native of Arkansas but I thought you might like this image for your web display. It is the earliest photo available of the old hotel and this one may have been made before the hotel opened to the general public in 1890. I not sure of that, but the card mount that it is on is of the type used C. 1888-89. The photographer did not stamp the image with his name or company, probably because the image has a problem. A small white area in the lower left portion of the photograph on a pole shows the photographer had a problem with his negative that left a blank white spot. That can be overlooked in this case because this images rarity is that it is the earliest photograph of Hotel Eastman in Hot Spring, AR. Here is a display of the image and one is attached, too.
Kindest Regard from the Old Dominion,
PS: The brown spots on the card is primarily foxing of the paper. Some of it is dirt stains from human hand handling the card.

Hot Spring County, AR - Coordinator - Jeff Kemp