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Eliza McDowell Miller Woods, otherwise known as “Grandma Woods”, was born August 1, 1819 in Valley Forge, Rockbridge County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Henry Miller of Virginia and Hannah (McDowell). Eliza married Moses R. Woods (born in 1807) in November 20, 1842 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Eliza died July 18, 1887 in Magnet Cove, Hot Spring, Arkansas.

Eliza’s brother, George Crawford Miller was born about 1814 in Valley Forge, Rockbridge County, Virginia. In November 10, 1838, George married Mary Emerson, born between 1810-1820 in North Carolina. They had one daughter, Hannah Rebecca Miller, born February 3, 1840. Mary died in childbirth that same day. George later remarried to Rebecca Ware on March 29, 1846, and they had a daughter Martha Miller.

Hannah Rebecca Miller, daughter of George and Mary (Emerson) Miller, married Ewell Chamberlain (born October 30, 1826 in Tennessee) on December 21, 1854 in Hot Spring County, Arkansas, at the age of 14. Together, they had two children: Mary Eliza Chamberlain, born August 28, 1857 and Hannah Ewell Chamberlain, born January 10, 1861. Hannah Rebecca (Miller) Chamberlain died January 10, 1861 in childbirth with Hannah Ewell Chamberlain. Mr. Ewell Chamberlain died July 28, 1863 in the Civil War; Battle of the Wilderness. Prior to 1865, Hannah Ewell Chamberlain was sent to live with her great aunt on her mother’s side of the family…..this was Eliza McDowell (Miller) Woods, otherwise know as “Grandma Woods”. Family stories tell of Grandma Woods rearing Hannah as a slave. She was uneducated; couldn’t read or write. On November 15, 1877 in Hot Spring County Arkansas, Hannah Ewell Chamberlain/Woods married David Rennow Retherford (born February 4, 1845 in Georgia; died January 25, 1908). Hannah was age 16 and David was age 32 on their wedding day. Together Hannah and David had 16 children, 13 of whom lived to adulthood. –Children of Hannah E. Chamberlain and David Rennow Retherford: (1) John Ewell, born August 20, 1878; (2) Mary Eliza “Sid”, born January 30, 1880; (3) Ola Welch, born June 18, 1881; (4) Susan Elizabeth, born November 6, 1882; (5) Sallie J. Cynthia, born March 6, 1884; (6) James Thomas, born April 20, 1886; (7) Addie, born December 11, 1887; (8) Relzman “Reb”, born December 23, 1888; (9) Anna Marshal, born July 1, 1890; (10) David Hugh, born January 3, 1893; (11) Ernest Woodcock, born August 15, 1893; (12) Coulter Butler, born May 9, 1895; (13) Jennie Jean, born May 18, 1897; (14) Lyda Mable, born August 1899; (15) Alice Marion, born January 23, 1902; and (16) Evander Monroe, born March 30, 1904. *Hannah was age 17 when she gave birth to her 1st child and age 43 when she gave birth to her last child.

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