Retherford Cemetery
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Submitted by Pam Howard

This cemetery is located near the Magnet Cove Community on Gourdneck Valley Rd It is on private property. All the information below was given to Bonnie Stanley by Mrs. Reb Retherford, of Little Rock, in 1976. There was one and one-half acres set aside on David Retherfords farm for a family cemetery. There are four or five graves outside the fence which do not belong to the family and are unmarked. One belongs to a slave of Grandma Wood. (No one seemed to know who Grandma Wood was) Buried inside the fence are children, grandchildren and in-laws of David and Hannah Retherford. Not all of the children are buried here though. Carroll, Dr Jack, (unmarked) Reb Retherford's brother-in-law.

Moore, Hannah Earl. Aug 29, 1907 - Sept 25, 1910

Moore, James Franklin. Nov 22, 1876 - Nov 17, 1933

Moore, Ola Welch Retherford. June 18, 1881 - May 12, 1955 (buried beside "Frank" and Ola are four of their children in unmarked graves)

Moore, Sallie Agee. Nov 22, 1908 - Julu 30, 1909

Retherford, Agee. 6 mo of age (unmarked grave) (information given by Mrs Reb Retherford)

Retherford, Colter Butler, May 9, 1895 - Feb. 4, 1908

Retherford, D.R. February 4, 1845 - Jan 25, 1906

Retherford, Earnest Adcock. 1 year old, died Aug 16, 1893 (unmarked grave)

Retherford, our baby boys. b. & d. May 7, 1913 b.& d. Sept 30, 1914

Retherford, Sally J. Cynthis. Died Feb. 14, 1916 at the age of 32 (unmarked grave)

Sweeney, four Sweeney children of Elizabeth "Betsy" Retherford (all unmarked graves)

Wood, Mrs Eliza McDowell. Died July 18, 1887 (unmarked grave) David and Hannah had sixteen children.


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