Cooper Cemetery - A partial listing
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Magness J. Chambers J. A. Griggs
Callie D. & Carlos L. Griggs Unknown Photo 1
Unknown Photo 2 Charles H. Griggs
Joe H. & Lillie L. Chambers D. Griggs
Donley Griggs ? Griggs
Henry H. Rowe Mary A. Rowe
Decie Velma Bailey Loranza Dow Bailey
Carl L. & Katherine Dale Griggs Beverely June Holiman
Earl B. Holiman Pauline A. Holiman
James P. Holiman Oliver P. Griggs
Willie & Catherine Miller John T. & Della R. Holiman
Martha & Alonzo Griggs Ambrose & Marguerite Shepard
Vestil D. & Cleo E. Lawson Patsy R. & Lecil Bailey
Richard G. Bailey Edith W. & Lecil M. Bailey
Noah B. & Irene M. Griggs Benjamin Frank Ward
Frances A. Ward Sarah Miller Ward
Christian Fenter Children of Christian Fenter
Martha Julia Etta & Steven Evert Miller Anderson C. & Patricia C. Shepard
Henry Lee Keys Jr. Henry Lee & Jamie Dell Keys
Royce & Charline Hollomon Edward W. & Lillie F. Hill
Richard A. & Bessie M. Hill Hollis H. Hill
Ricky Ray Hill
Oscar B. & Patricia A. Holiman

Hot Spring County, AR - Coordinator - Jeff Kemp