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During The 1700ís, there were many people emigrating from the British Isles; so too were many families from Ireland. The John Milligan Family from County Down, Ireland, was just one of the many Milligan branches that made its way to the shores of America in 1771. As John Milligan I stepped ashore in New Castle, Pennsylvania in the 20 th year of his life, his beginning on this continent seemed humble; he made it to a new beginning.
Almost as if his Olí Ma and Da were shinniní down their countenance from heaven above, John Milligan made it across the turbulent North Atlantic Sea where one night, during a storm, the sea claimed his familyís Bible. All he had left of Ireland now were the memories of his youthful past and the ever present Irish brogue that filled his words.
The articles that follow are of the new beginnings that John Milligan and his branch of the Milligan Family experienced here in America. This true telling of his story takes us through the early years of his life in America; first living in Pennsylvania for two years after he arrived, then moving to the North end of the Shenandoah Valley to Berkeley County, Virginia where he lived during his experiences as a Revolutionary War Soldier. His story is taken from his own words.
Then, in the second article, the Milligan Family continues through the early 1800ís history of American Expansionism to a new Frontier west of the Mississippi River with the Biography of John Milliganís name sake and son, John Milligan II who made his way to the new Missouri Territory of 1816 which later, in 1819, after the Missouri Compromise, became the Arkansas Territory. This article follows the John Milligan II family from 1795-1799, through the Antebellum Years, 1840ís and 50ís of Northeastern Arkansas and John Milliganís Family through their Civil War history.
As a descendant of John Milligan II and at the request of my own Grandmother, Goldie Bell Milligan and Aunt Mary (Milligan) Carlson years ago in the 1960ís, I, like many in our Family, have become somewhat of a family historian and I want to share the story of our Milligan Family to all who have a wish to discover and know us. For the descendants of these two men, the articles following this pre-amble will give you a very good idea of who your great grandpaís really were and the lives they lead.
For me personally, these articles will keep the memory of these men, alive within me as I wanted to remember them by the TRUE telling of their stories. I hope you remember them this way as well.
Best Regards,
Thomas L. Milligan
7th generation of John II

The Civil War History of the Milligan Campground

Biography of John Milligan I

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Biography of John Milligan II

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

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