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Barnett Dona Wilkerson I'm looking for any info on the Barnett family who was in Lawrence County during the middle 1800's. Thanks!
Caffrey Toni Kindrick I'm looking for information regarding Tom (Thomas or Tomi) Caffrey and Christiana (Christine) Martin. I think Tom's mother was Arabel. They were in Hoxie, AR during the 1920s. They had 4 children: George, Opal, Jackson and Louis (Louie) Leroy. Louis, my grandfather, was adopted by Jesse and Lula Kendrick in 1922. My family tells me that Tom and Christiana died in a fire in 1922 so I'm looking for any information regarding them - names of parents, death days and all. Thanks in advance for trying to helping me find my family.
Clements Rachel Murphey I am looking for information on Bostick (Bostic) Hamilton Clements. His father was John R Clements & mother was Martha Amanda Vaden. He was born June 30, 1859 & died Nov 7, 1932. He married Eva Parks. They had Loranzo, Everett, Finander, Augusta, Amelia, Sadie, Rhoda, Loda, Cora, & Ethel. He is buried in Friendship Cemetery. I sent for a death certificate & state of AR says their isn't one. He lived in Spring River Twp in 1930 with his daughter Amelia. I have a picture of him in a military uniform, but can't find any record of him being there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Denton Jordan Sutton Is there anyone living in Lawrence Co willing to lookup a newspaper obituary? I'm looking for family of a William H. DENTON. He was born June 7, 1884 in Indiana and died February 16, 1975 in Lawrence Co, AR. Would love to read his obituary or contact relatives.
Elwood Claudia Searching for Isaac Elwood born in Lawrence Co., AR, daughter Mary Pearl. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Goff Barbara Howard Searching for any information on the family of Zachariah and Malinda GOFF. I have been informed that Malinda GOFF,s maiden name was Lawson.Is she connected to the Prior Lawson family in Lawrence County? Prior Lawson named his children the same names as Malinda Goff did.What is their connection? This is my husbands direct line.
Gordon Mary Wilson Looking for any information on Joe Sire Gordon. Lived in the Egypt area of Lawrence co. as far as we can determine. This is my husbands Grandfather. We know very little of him, mostly his name and information from the 1930 census. At that time he was in Lawrence County. We have heard that he is buried in a cemetery in the Egypt area, but not having a death date has hindered us in our search. Would appreciate any help.
Hanks Linda Hanks I am trying to locate any information at all on the Richard J. Hanks family. Richard was born 1882, Ar. In 1900 he worked and lived with a James Fry and family in Lawrence Co. In 1910 he is listed with wife Viola Alley Hanks and children, Cordelia Odelia, and James Andrew. In 1920 Viola is listed with Mary Kckinney as daughter in-law in Cache township Lawrence. Viola had the three boys, James, Charles, and George living with her. 1930 Census shows James as married, George living with him. Cordelia was married and Charles living with them. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hoggard, Ragsdale, Wood Bedonna Luckner My family tree is a mess and I hope someone has heard of Charles T. Hoggard who married 2 ladies from Lawrence County and 15 years later married my grandmother Nancy Jane Mitchell-Shouflar. The first one shown in census records is Louisa J Ragsdale and they married Oct.23, 1898, had a daughter named Maddie or Mattie born April 1900 Then the records show that he married another lady named Mrs. Mattie Woods on Dec.13,1900. I think he may have been married a few more times before marrying my grandmother Nancy in about 1916. He told my Mom that his family was from Tennessee and he may have been born in Lonoke Co. Arkansas. He was a lead miner in the Chitwood-Joplin, Mo. and Picher, Ok. area and died of TB in 1936. I think he married each time for railroad or some other kind of pension money--perhaps an opportunist--just a hunch. Please share anything of interest. It will be much appreciated.
Holifield Janet James Looking for information on my great-grandfather Lenard Lewis Holifield born in 1833 and died in or near Walnut Ridge unknown when.
Long, Laird Willis E. Laird Nancy Long, born 1818 in Tennessee married Frederic Laird, Virgina. Does any one know anything about either of their families before they were married? Nancy was Cherokee.
Motley Jerry Tatum Dr Ed Motley born abt 1882, an eye doctor, and his wife Flora lived on a house boat on the Black River some time between 1920-1926. He died of a stroke there in 1926. Any information about this person or wife would be appreciated. Sorry this is all I have.
Phillips Gary McKiddy Seeking information on family of Nettie Mae Phillips, born near Hoxie in 1883. Father- Euail Phillips Family may have been Choctaw Indian.
Ruffner Elaine Eilers Need any info on the Ruffner's of Lawrence County Snow Vincent Anderson Looking for my ggg-grandmother's family-Louisa W. Snow. She married my ggg-grandfather Thompson "Henderson" Wayland 7 May 1856, in Lawrence County, Arkansas. Where did her family come from. I have their picture posted on my blog at: . I know there's family out there somewhere with the info.
Spargo John A. Bornefeld I looking for the news paper article on a Pickup truck crash and a wagon in Lawrence county with James and Mary Spargo. Thanks
Thompson Greta Erwin Looking for death/burial information for William Frank Thompson, born December 1869 IN, died in 1900 or 1901, after June 26th (1900 Lawrence Co., AR Census).
Witchers William Hogue Would be intersted in information relating to the 'Witchers'family;Minnie,Rodgers & Thelma which were citizens of Hoxie townshp,Lawrence cty, 1910.

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Cockrell/Kiefer Julie Cockrell Oleary Looking for info. on Joe and Della Kiefer Children Hazel and Cora and possibly others. Black River Lawrence Cty. AR. Della was a Cockrell born (1909) to John E. Cockrell. She was my Aunt and the sister of John Dee.(1923)Cockrell.
Miller Mary Doyle Looking for information on Robert Miller B 1867 Mo. Married first to Lena Mullenculp -4 Children: Elizabeth B 1893, Amanda B 1895, James B 1897 and Charlie B 1900 He married 2nd, Jennie( Jeanne) Turnbow, a widow with one son Luther. Robert had one sister Elizabeth and a brother Charlie. They were last found in Lawrence County. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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