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County Farm Hill Cemetery

Jeffersonville, Arkansas




Location: Take Hwy 44 east and at the top of County Farm Hill veer to the left to the gravel road (225) instead of veering right to go to Bear Creek on the paved road.  About two miles east on your left you will see a brick mausoleum that belongs to the Kennedy’s.  There is a dirt road to the right of the mausoleum that goes into the pasture at the top of the hill.  This cemetery is located in the woods next to the pasture road.


In the pasture, at the top of the hill is a small cemetery in a chain link fence.  This is the Reed Cemetery.  About 500 yards up the next hill is another tiny cemetery that has an old rusted fence around it.  This is believed to be the Anderson Cemetery. 


Nancy Apple submitted this cemetery on November 8, 2005.   This cemetery is across from the Reed Cemetery in the woods.  Some say it is Eagle’s Nest Cemetery, but we are not sure.  Mrs. Reed said it was where the Kennedy Funeral Home buried paupers.  The part closest to the road could be the pauper’s field and the other part could be Anderson or Eagle’s Nest or another cemetery.  If you know the name of this cemetery, or if you have any further information about this cemetery, please contact me.



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

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These graves and at least 30 or 40 more unmarked graves are closest to the pasture road that runs by the Kennedy Mausoleum.


BYEARS, Jane Edwards – June 19, 1966 – May 3, 1970


CONNERS, Haywood – Feb 10, 1889 – Dec 19, 1971


EDWARD, Mitjean – Feb 5, 1919 – (couldn’t read)


JACKSON, baby – Oct 10, 1976


LANGSTON, Mr. Juics – May 16, 1900 – July 1, 1970


WADE, Samuel H. – Nov 21, 1899 – Aug 20, 1969

WILLIS, Will – Dec 17, 1970 (Age 89 yrs)


The following graves are in the same woods, but across a ravine and further north.  There are probably 30 to 40 unmarked graves in this section also.


ATKINS, Emily – 1899 – July 17, 1938


BISHOPE, Lucy – Jan 10, 1890 – Jan 5, 1967

BOWER, W.B. – Jan 26, 1885 (Age 48)

BROWN, Lula – 1871 – 1946


CAMPBELL, John – Sept 15, 1891 – Oct 31, 1951

CARR, James J. – Nov 19, 1941 – Feb 27, 1961


DAVENPORT, Mary – 1864 – 1967


GOLDEN, Eddie B. – Nov 6, 1918 (Faithful member of Royal Rose Juvenile Circle #90)


HALE, Annie – Oct 3, 1893 – 1949


OWENS, Thomas – Jan 25, 1917 (Faithful Member Eagle Nest Circle #95)


REED, Jonsy Alabama – Oct 8, 1875 – Oct 25, 1968

ROBERTS, Hattie – 1951


TRIPLETT, Sam- 1877 – 1950


WILLIAMS, Alf. – 1966 (Age 103)

WILLIAMS, Ollie – Jan 18, 1888 – Jan 20, 1967




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