Gustavus Cemetery

Garrett Grove, Arkansas


Information below was submitted by Bill Smith on November 9, 2005.


GUSTAVUS, Ferdinand L. Apr 29, 1832 0 June 27, 1911


Ferdinand and Lucy lived in Moro (Hampton TWP), but they owned farmland out from Moro, so this probably was their land where the graveyard is located.

Ferdinand either was born in Germany or in Wisconsin after his parents immigrated to America.  There is a write-up on Ferdinand and his family in Goodspeed's "Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas".  There are a few minor inaccuracies in the article I think, but it corresponds fairly closely to information from the census, my family records, and other independent sources.


GUSTAVUS, Lucy A. Jan 28, 1848 Jan 26, 1894


Ferdinand's wife Lucy A. Gustavus was the former Lucy Ann Rives, my great great grandaunt, and the great great grandmother of Gus Rusher, the current president of the Bank of Brinkley.  Lucy Ann was the daughter of the Rev. John H. Rives and his wife Jane C. Bonner Rives of Phillips County.  John and Jane Rives were Gus's and my 3rd great grandparents.


MCQUEEN, Little Lucile Mar 12, 1892 July 22, 1892 (Dau. of A.J. & M.F. McQueen; 4 months 10 days)


Mary Frances Gustavus married a man by the name of McQueen (or McQuien).  Mary Frances and her husband are listed by their initials on Little Lucile's marker as "A. J. and M. F. McQueen".  However, my grandmother referred to him as "C. J." McQueen or McQuien, and both these initials and the latter spelling of his surname are employed in the Goodspeed article, so his name in the cemetery listing may have been transcribed incorrectly.  I don't think my grandmother would have known about the Goodspeed volume, so I tend to think both are correct in this case.


MCQUEEN, Permelia Amibel Jan 12, 1884 Oct 15, 1887


The child Permilia Amibel McQueen was named in part after one of Lucy Ann Rives Gustavus' sisters, Caroline Permilia Rives. 


Also, Ferdinand and Lucy's oldest daughter Mary Frances Gustavus was named after another of Lucy Ann's sisters, Mary Frances Rives, who married Levi C. Whitted of Moro.  The latter were my 2nd great grandparents.


G., G.L. (initials only)

G., M.L. (initials only)


I would guess these were very young children of Ferdinand and Lucy Ann Gustavus, but I don't have anything in my family record that corresponds to these sets of initials. 


I do not know if other members of the Gustavus family are buried there in addition to those listed.


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