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Lee County Resources and Lookups

Currently, we are in need of lookups and other material resources for Lee County. If you are willing to furnish information, interested in doing lookups or submitting information, please contact sandynkr@yahoo.com. .

Any submittal will be considered for inclusion on this page.

MARRIAGE LOOKUPS: Sue Moore has volunteered to look up marriages in the Lee County books if you give her a "within" date of the marriage. Please email her as a resource for marriage look ups. Please remember that she cannot go through all of the books.

OBITUARY LOOKUPS: We need a volunteer to look up obituaries at The Arkansas History Commission in Little Rock. They have lots of city/county/state newspapers on microfilm---some even back in the late 1800's, however some papers are missing. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contactsandynkr@yahoo.com.

CENSUS LOOKUPS: Mary Anderson has volunteered to do lookups for the 1900 Census for Walnut and Bear Creek Townships. Please email her for Census lookups for this time period only.

Please remember! Information supplied by online services are for informational purposes only and should not be used for sole source documentation. This information is intended to aide the genealogist in locating a reliable source to document their research - especially when exact locations are unknown.

Arkansas Family History Association provides onlines resources, charts and forms, events and seminars, Resource Guide, FREE LOOKUPS (please be sure to follow the guidelines), Map Resources, and Free Membership.

Be sure to give their site a visit!

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