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McNulty Cemetery

Aubrey, Arkansas




Location: This cemetery is located on Hwy 78 about 2 miles west of Aubrey.  It is on the north side of Hwy 78, west of Lee Road 163.


I transcribed this cemetery on October 30, 2005 with the help of Andrew and Matt.  There were 3 plots sectioned into large squares by pipe.  I will make a note beside each name as to whether they were in Section 1, 2, or 3 for reference.  Click here to see an overview of the section that I labeled as ‘Section 3’. The stone visible is that of W.C. Lamkins.  The cemetery has been abandoned for a while.  If you have any further information about this cemetery, please contact me.


On November 4, 2005 Jane Hartley submitted some additional names collected from various sources.  I have listed them below and marked them with an (*) asterisk.   Mrs. Jacolyn Foreman Martin (a descendent of the McAnulty’s) submitted some of these names as being buried here.  Nancy Apple received a copy of the list as she is related to the Foreman’s.  J.T. and M.A.’s eldest son was buried in Oklahoma.  John T. Shackelford had a sister and a wife named Mary Ann.  Mary Ann Brown Shackelford later married a Mr. Wells and they are buried in Spring Creek Cemetery.  Although the markers have Lamkins, the family spelled it Lampkins.


On April 29, 2007 William Calvin Lamkins submitted some additional information about the Lamkins family, “My dad, Herbert K. Lamkins, and other family members built the pipe fences many years ago.  Our last name has been Lamkins since at least the 1840s when Allen William Lamkins homesteaded just east of Newport, AR in Jackson County.  Lampkins, Lamkin, and Lambkins are common misspellings. My dad's father was William Joseph Lamkins who is buried at McNulty Cemetery. My grandfather William Joseph was born 5/7/1863 at Newport and died 10/22/1934 near Aubrey where he was a farmer.  My dad is still alive and will be 88 this summer.  My name is William Calvin Lamkins, partially named for my paternal grandfather and great-grandfather Lamkins.  I live in Fayetteville, AR.   Gracy Lamkins was the wife of William Joseph's son, James Burl Lamkins.  Gracy died giving birth to their third child, Nancy, who has lived in Pine Bluff many years.  Her two older bothers are still alive - Herbert Allen (Sacramento, CA) and Burl Jr. Lamkins (Malvern, AR).



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

** No Marker – information was submitted by person noted


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FISHER, infant (Dau. of John & Louise Fisher) [**no marker – information submitted by Martha Roberts]

FOREMAN, Mary Belle* - 1892 – 1892 (Dau. of Dr Robert L and Mary Josephine)

FOREMAN, Mary Josephine – 1861 – 1936 [section 1]

FOREMAN, Robert L.* - died Jan 25, 1900 [was buried here but was moved to Foreman section of Elmwood in Memphis when the weather later permitted]


KING [section 2; there were 5 other stones in this section that were blank; Mary Ann Shackelford’s sister married a King]


LAMKINS, Gracy – 1908 – 1935 [section 3] [Wife of W.J.’s son, James Burl Lamkins; she died giving birth to their third child, Nancy - info submitted by William Calvin Lamkins]

LAMKINS, W.J. – 1863 – 1934 [section 3] [William Joseph Lamkins; Born May 7, 1863 at Newport; Died Oct 22, 1934 near Aubrey – info submitted by William Calvin Lamkins]

LOVELL, Larkin* – died 1930 [per personal knowledge of Mrs. Tony Hinkle]


MCANULTY, Alice E.* – 1844 – 1883 (Dau. of J.T. and M.A.)

MCANULTY, Irene* – 1855 – 1934 (Dau. of J.T. and M.A.)

MCANULTY, John* – Sept 21, 1804 – July 25, 1863 (Inscription on original stone read: “Farethewell, though woe is blending with the tones of earthly love, triumph high and joy unending, wait thee in the realm above.”) [section 1]

MCANULTY, Lemuel* – 1858 – 1885 (Son of J.T. and M.A.)

MCANULTY, Mary Ann Shackelford* – Nov 1823 – Oct 23, 1888 [section 1]

MCANULTY, William W.* - 1848 – 1868 (Son of J.T. and M.A.)

MILLER, Babby [section 3]

MOONEY, family members [**no markers – information submitted by Martha Roberts]


OTEY, Capt. C. A.* [Catherine’s 1st husband]


PRUITT, Catherine McAnulty Otey* - Apr 18, 1853 – Oct 1943 (Dau of J.A. and M.A.) [section 1; No marker per Mrs. RL Foreman Jr and Mrs. JO Foreman]

PRUIT, Greenville Otey– Dec 28, 1855 – Dec 12, 1907 (Born in Meridianville, Ala; Died in Marianna, Ark; Footstone – G.O.P.) [section 1; Catherine’s 2nd husband]


SHACKELFORD, John T. – Dec 17, 1832 – Jan 19, 1879 (Aged 46 yrs 1 mo 2 days)

SHACKELFORD, Nannie L. – Jan 3, 186__ - Dec 28, 1880 (Dau. of J.T. & M.A. Shackelford)


TATE, family members* (Delmon Tate says some of his relatives are buried here as well)




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