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Miller Cemetery

(also known as Old Moro Cemetery)

Moro, Arkansas




Location: In Moro, between Hwy 238 & Hwy 78 on the south side of Hog Tusk Creek


This old cemetery is located in the middle of a field on a tree-covered mound.  It is grown-up, and from personal experience, I know that there are yellow jackets, chiggers, and poison ivy everywhere.  A lot of stones are broken, and the grounds appear to have quite a few 4-wheeler trails throughout.   The earliest burial we could find was that of Polly Miller in 1859, however it is believed that there are older burials.


Jane Hartley and I started transcribing it on September 11, 2005.  My mother, Martha, and my brother, Darrel, also assisted.  After the yellow jackets ran us off, I went back the next day with my sister, Cricket, and my niece, Randi, to record the additional stones.  You can click on the names below to view photos of each stone.


Click here to view narrative submitted by Bill Smith on September 30 & October 1, 2005 about the Miller Cemetery.  Wanda Ridge also sent some additions from the 1976 Arkansas Family Historian and from her personal files on June 26, 2006.



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

** No Marker – information was submitted by person noted


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__________________ (blank stone with top broken off)

__________________ – May 2, 1851 – Sep 27, 1879 (name broken off)


BREED, S.P. – Jan 21, 18__ - July 15, 189_ [triple stone with Gertrude Guynes & Earnest Guynes]


GREER, Joseph S. – Sept 3, 1834 - ____________ (Born in Morilton, MO)

GUYNES, Earnest – Dec 7, 1895 – Oct 17, 1898 (Son of E.D. & Gertrude Guynes) [triple stone with Gertrude Guynes & S.P. Breed]

GUYNES, Gertrude – Jan 15, 1878 – Dec 7, 1895 (Wife of D. or O. Guynes) [triple stone with Earnest Guynes & S.P. Breed]


McCARTY, Maggie R. – June 16, 1884 – June 28, 1900 (Dau. of M.K. & M.C. McCarty)

MILLER, Betie – Feb 19, 1878 – Aug 20, 1886 (Dau. of J. & M.E. Miller; Our Darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore.)

M., E.L. [initials only]

MILLER, J.B. – Sept 26, 1867 – Dec 19, 1870

MILLER, Lizzie Myrtle – Mar 21, 1880 – July 5, 1881 – (Dau. of J. & M.E. Miller)

M., M.E.* [footstone only]

M., M.F.* [footstone only]

MILLER, Minnie J. – Oct 1, 1861 – Dec 20, 1861 (2mos 19ds)

MILLER, Moses** (Although the marker for Moses has not been found, he is believed to be buried here)

MILLER, Nancy E. – Dec 7, 1839 – Mar 23, 1873 (Wife of Moses Miller; Aged 23 yrs 3ms 16 ds; footstone N.E.M.)

MILLER, Polly L. – Apr 28, 1820 – Nov 4, 1859 (Wife of M. Miller; Aged ____ 6ms 6ds)

MILLER, Sufronia A. – Dec 12, 1862 – June 16, 1865 (2 yrs 6ms 18ds; footstone – S.A.M.)

MILLWEE, Wellia – Nov 2, 1865 – June 22, 1871 (Born Cotton Plant, ARK; Aged 5 yrs 7mos 20ds; The Lord give, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord – Job Chap 1; Jesus said suffer little children, and forbid them not to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven - Matt Chap 19 Verse 11) 


YOUNGBLOOD, S.E. – May 2, 1851 – Sep 27, 1879* (C. F. N. A. D. M. O. Z. Y. R. K. T. H.) [stone was broken and no dates were visible, only a circular pattern of initials)            




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