The following information was submitted on August 13, 2005 by Phil Rial:


When I was a boy, I attended Rehoboth Church with my parents. I also helped with keeping the graveyard mowed. I used to ask about the graves there, and my brothers and I often had contests to find the oldest grave. My mother has some old pictures of the church when it was in good repair. By the time I was in my teens in the late 1960's it had fallen into disrepair, and ceased to be used around 1972 or 1973.


I remember my father talking about the following;
VINEYARD, E.D. (RAS)--b-Nov 16, 1869--d-Apr 13, 1952--Husband of Janie Cook Vineyard
VINEYARD, Janie Cook--b-Jan 28, 1876--d-Feb 3, 1963
VINEYARD, Mary Moore--b-Apr 19, 1897--d-Sep 17, 1916--Dau of E.D. & J.C. Vineyard


Vineyard was the family that Vineyard Township was named for. (Look at a Lee County Map and locate Vineyard Township West of Rondo) I grew up in Vineyard Township. My understanding is that the Vineyard homestead staked out when the Arkansas Territory first opened, stayed in the Vineyard family, unlike many of the plantations of pre-Civil War Arkansas. During the two periods of reconstruction, most of the original homesteaders lost their land holdings. My father knew RAS Vineyard. I remember asking where the name RAS came from, and my father didn't know.


Also, I personally remember hearing stories about.
NEWSOME, Pete Jr*--b-Nov 14, 1944--d-Nov 14, 1944--Son of Pete & Carmleta Holland Newsom


Pete and Carmleta Newsom lived across the road from Rehoboth Church, I remember them well.


SALLIS, Eunice OíDellób-Sept 18, 1896ód-July 12, 1897** (submitted by Barbara Stainback)
SALLIS, Mary Elizabethób-Aug 24, 1896ód-Feb 12, 1901** (submitted by Barbara Stainback)
SALLIS, Roshia/Roihia Belleób-Dec 22, 1894ód-July 14, 1895** (submitted by Barbara Stainback)
SALLIS, William Dudley*--b-Sep 17, 1933--d-Aug 6, 1938
SALLIS, W.E.--b-Mar 23, 1857--d-Sep 13, 1925--Son of T.M. & Mattie McCoy Sallis (note added by Barbara Stainback: William Pore Sallis


The Sallis family perhaps has some information about these.  I went to elementary school in Rondo, then high school in Marrianna with E. C. (Kit) Sallis Jr. My mother knows where Kit can be contacted.


McGrews lived on the same road the church is on, and Mannings lived in Rondo. Wootens lived on the highway to the West of Rondo. I think there was a Langston who was Sheriff of Lee County when I was a boy. Most of my family lived in Phillipps County, but my father and mother lived in Lee County about 1/4 mile from the Lee/Phillipps County Line.  If I remember properly Rehoboth Church was in Lee County, but across the road where the Newsom family lived was Phillipps County. A man named Shannon Holtzclaw had a country store in Vineyard. So that is all I remember for now, but I'm sure my mother could supply lots more information and perhaps even pictures, since she has spent her entire life in the area. I haven't lived there in Vineyard Township since 1967, when I left to go to college.


Phil Rial