Lee County, Arkansas Cemeteries


Richardson Family Cemetery

Moro, Arkansas




Location:  This cemetery is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Lee Roads 437 & 438.  There is a small patch of woods next to the gravel road, and the cemetery is located on the back side of the trees.


I surveyed this cemetery on December 17, 2005 with the help of Andrew & Randi.  We could only find 1 stone and 1 funeral home marker, but there were probably 20-30 visible unmarked graves.  The name of this cemetery was submitted by Sonia Smith on February 28, 2006.  Her grandparents, great-grandparents, great uncles, and a host of other relatives are buried here.  If you have any further information about this cemetery, please contact me.



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

** No Marker – information was submitted by person noted


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PRINCE, Hays – December 23, 1892 – January 29, 1956 (Arkansas PVT 7 CO 2 Receiving BN) [this was the only stone; a white, upright military marker]


RICHARDSON, Ozy – 1896 (Age 72) [this was an old metal funeral home marker]




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