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Trinity Church Cemetery

Bear Creek, Arkansas




Location: This virtually unknown Lee County area cemetery is out in the woods, south of the St. Francis District office.  It is located off Hwy 44; located to the north of the road that goes to the cabin leases.  The pasture allotment has a locked gate.  The cemetery is about 2 miles from the highway and is on private land on a south slope.


Sue Foster submitted this list on October 6, 2005.   As far as she knows, this cemetery doesn’t have a name.  The property is still a 2 acre tract of private land.  It was conveyed to the Trinity Church years ago.  It shows up as a tiny square of private land on the St. Francis map.  If you know the name of this cemetery or have any additional information to share, please contact me.


I walked to the cemetery on October 29, 2005.  Cricket and I recorded the names and took photos of all visible stones.  The cemetery appears to have been abandoned for a long time.  There were numerous funeral home markers that were no longer readable and many sunken places indicating more graves.



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

** No Marker – information was submitted by person noted


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FILER, Melissa – died Apr 28, 1919 (Morning View Circle No.120)

FISHER, George – 1844 – Apr 28, 1912 (age 68)

FISHER, George – died 1914 [I could not find this stone]


HUTCHISON, Maggie – died Sept 3, 1918 (Morning View Circle No.120)


McDONALD, Della – died Jan 30, 1918 (Bright Jewel Juvenile Circle #50)

MINOR, Harrison – died Apr 8, 1915 (age 70)

MOORE, Mary – died July 1, 1921 (International order of 12 knights and daughters of Tabor; Pure Love Tab No. 74 Marianna, AR))


SHULTZ, Charley – died May 28, 1917 (age 80)


WICING, Elizabeth – died Nov 8, 1916 (age 40)

WILLIAMS [I could not find this stone]




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