Lee County, Arkansas Cemeteries


Webb’s Place Cemetery

LaGrange, Arkansas




Location: This old and abandoned cemetery is located in a pasture off of Lee Road 229, east of LaGrange.


Mr. Norris Webb was kind enough to take my sister and me to this old cemetery on October 15, 2005.  He remembers Buck Hannon and several of George Lewis’s sisters being buried here.  He remembers there being quite a few stones a long time ago and by the multiple impressions in the ground, there was more buried here.  Unfortunately, we could only find 2 broken stones and could not completely read the names and dates on either of them.  I have recorded below as much information as we could get from the 2 stones.  You can click here to view the 2 stones that have been leaned against a tree, and you can click here to see an overview of the grounds.   If you know the name of this cemetery or know anything else about it, please contact me.



If you know of anyone else buried here, and would like to add their name, please contact me.  I can also create a link for you to any of these names if you find someone that belongs to your family.  The information presented is as correct as possible, however you may want to verify its accurateness. 


* Information taken from various cemetery books

** No Marker – information was submitted by person noted


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Richard Tho???


???? born 1794 died Jan 2, 1851





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