Lincoln Co, Arkansas, Cemetery Residents - N's

Codes: N/B or N/D, No burial or No date.
?, unkown or illegible * - Service of Country
H/O or W/O, Husb. of or Wife of *** - submitted by family or recorder
S/O or D/O, Son of or Dau. of ADC, Ark. Dept. Corrections

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Name Birth Death Cemetery Notes:
Neal Frank I. 11-21-1911 6-11-1974 Leek-Drake H/O Lillie C.
Neal Lillie C. 12-19-1909 7-20-1983 Leek-Drake W/O Frank I.
Neely Bryan Gregory 8-19-1967 8-19-1967 Leek-Drake Twin to Gary Christopher
Neely Gary Christopher 8-19-1967 8-20-1967 Leek-Drake Twin to Bryan Gregory
Nelson A.B. 1855 1920 Heflin-HB None
Nelson Gertrude 2/10/1927 4/15/1999 New Macedonia Cemetery  
Nelson Jane Josephine 1848 1918 Heflin-HB None
Newman Mary Louise 6-8-1949 7-18-1999 Leek-Drake W/O Kenneth James & D/O Jessie & Rose T. Lemons
Newman Jessie L. 8-17-1903 8-7-1931 Heflin-HB D/O Geo. A. & Frances L. Newman
Newman Stark 12-25-1910 3-20-1997 Leek-Drake H/O Marie
Newman Marie 7-27-1914 8-24-1984 Leek-Drake W/O Stark
Newman Charles Vernah 11-8-1874 11-1-1917 Old Newman H/O Malissa Reynolds
Newman George A. 12-6-1872 6-5-1969 New Newman H/O Frances Blasengame & Alice Blasengame
Newman Alice Cordelia 5-29-1875 5-14-1959 New Newman W/O David Koon, Arthur Bolen, Geo. A.Newman & D/O. Wade A. & Frances D. Blasengame
Newman Herbert McKinley 3-20-1926 12-23-1982 New Newman None
Newman Corbette O. 4-22-1897 3-21-1977 New Newman Corbette Otto, H/O Dorothy Geary. S/O Geo. A. & Frances Blasengame Newman
Newman Charlie 7-25-1905 12-25-1979 New Newman Charles Sylvester. H/O Grace Mae Mullikin & S/O George A. & Frances Blasengame Newman
Newman Grace 8-30-1912 3-25-1999 New Newman Grace Mae. W/O Charles Sylvester & D/O Rufus Kendrick & Belle Monk Mullikin
Newman Joseph Floyd 10-26-1878 8-28-1950 Old Newman H/O Virgie Mae
Newman Virgie Mae 9-7-1883 3-3-1920 Old Newman W/O Joseph Floyd
Newman Gillie R. 1-24-1880 12-28-1950 Hickory Grove W/O Charles V. Jr. Nee-Raley
Newman* Charles ND ND Old Newman *Co B. 106 Ill. Inf.Civil War.. Father of Charles V.
Newman Harold D. 9-18-1950 9-19-1950 Old Newman None
Newton Samuel Eli, Sr. 2-26-1844 9-30-1833 Newton Chapel H/O M. Eliza Atkins
Newton M. Eliza 8-8-1846 10-12-1887 Newton Chapel W/O Samuel Eli, Sr. & D/O Wm. H. & Esther Atkins
Nichols Fairie 3-6-1890 12-4-1959 Heflin-HB None
Nichols Henry T. 7-30-1859 2-29-1936 Heflin-HB H/O Laura M.
Nichols Laura M. 3-14-1862 1-15-1915 Heflin-HB W/O Henry T.
Nichols Lucille 3-13-1919 6-6-1998 Leek-Drake Metal Marker
Nichols Theodore B., Sr. 4-19-1921 2-16-1986 Leek-Drake H/O Rose Hundley
Nichols Rose Hundley 1-27-1921 N/B Leek-Drake W/O Theodore B., Sr.
Nix James Henry 9-6-1908 8-18-1984 Leek-Drake H/O Zuma Beeson
Nix Zuma Beeson 3-23-1913 2-25-1994 Leek-Drake W/O James Henry
Nix John H. 1-15-1882 12-5-1947 Leek-Drake H/O Janie M.
Nix Janie M. 12-10-1881 3-30-1953 Leek-Drake W/O John H.
Nixon James 6-26-1926 10-16-1987 Leek-Drake ADC 83678
Nixon Walter J. 12-5-1919 4-5-1981 Leek-Drake H/O Flora M.
Nixon Flora M. 3-28-1920 5-5-1989 Leek-Drake W/O Walter J.
Nobles Alma Glen 1919 1926 Heflin-HB None
Nobles Alma E. 6-21-1893 3-11-1980 Leek-Drake None
Nobles Arthur 6-13-1891 12-19-1970 Leek-Drake H/O Ruby Gray
Nobles Ruby Gray 8-7-1891 1-8-1970 Leek-Drake W/O Arthur
Nobles Arthur, Jr. 11-8-1917 4-16-1983 Leek-Drake S/O Arthur & Ruby
Nobles Charles R. 1-11-1930 7-31-1986 Leek-Drake H/O Janet Parnell
Nobles Janet Parnell 11-29-1932 N/B Leek-Drake W/O Charles R.
Nobles Emma 1898 1939 Leek-Drake None
Nobles James R. 9-9-1907 7-14-1979 Leek-Drake H/O Merle D.
Nobles Merle D. 11-12-1912 1-19-1998 Leek-Drake W/O James R.
Nobles Mary Elsie 1916 1943 Leek-Drake None
Nobles Mary McGhee 5-20-1874 12-16-1967 Leek-Drake None
Nobles Pearl Grumbles 12-9-1895 11-24-1975 Leek-Drake None
Nolan Eddie Marion 8-25-1921 2-24-1993 Heflin-HB H/O Jewell Loren
Nolan Jewell Loren 8-24-1919 4-4-1970 Heflin-HB W/O Eddie M.
Nolan Shirley Ann 1-12-1944 8-26-1959 Heflin-HB D/O Eddie & Jewell
Norris Stanley J. 7-26-1936 1-4-2002 Dark Corner S/O Brown & Ava Carter Norris. H/O Beth Ann Holthoff Norris.F/O Stoney Norris & Steven Norris; Jennifer Norris-Boothe & Cindy Rector
Norton Baby Girl 12-16-1991 12-16-1991 Leek-Drake D/O Dennis & Sarah Hundley Norton
Norton Edwin 8-1-1909 4-19-1992 Leek-Drake H/O Phyllis W.
Norton Phyllis W. 11-11-1915 3-25-1994 Leek-Drake W/O Edwin
Norton Edwin Claudius, Sr. 4-2-1876 1-3-1948 Leek-Drake H/O Mary Iva Ingram
Norton Mary Iva Ingram 4-11-1876 1-3-1948 Leek-Drake W/O Edwin C., Jr.
Norton William Robert 8-10-1870 3-15-1952 Leek-Drake None
Nuckols* Fred B. 8-21-1901 11-28-1959 Leek-Drake *Ark Sps 1USNR WWII. H/O Flora P.
Nuckols Flora P. 9-16-1909 8-10-1970 Leek-Drake W/O Fred B.
Nugent Mary L. ND 4-10-1950 Heflin-HB None
Nugent Arlene ND 8-24-1966 Leek-Drake Homemade cement marker
Nugent Elbert 12-28-1882 4-7-1967 Leek-Drake H/O Rener
Nugent Rener 4-4-1889 11-13-1955 Leek-Drake W/O Elbert

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