Lincoln Co, Arkansas, Cemetery Residents - O's

Codes: N/B or N/D, No burial or No date.
?, unkown or illegible * - Service of Country
H/O or W/O, Husb. of or Wife of *** - submitted by family or recorder
S/O or D/O, Son of or Dau. of ADC, Ark. Dept. Corrections

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Name Birth Death Cemetery Notes:
Offutt Paul 1906 1984 Leek-Drake H/O Angie Mae
Offutt Angie Mae 1913 1990 Leek-Drake W/O Paul
Ollar Oma Lee Haygood 1911 1934 Heflin-HB None
Ollar* Lloyd Erwin, Sr. 7-24-1921 7-14-1983 Leek-Drake *S/Sgt US Army WWII. H/O Lucille
Ollar Lucille 3-19-1927 N/B Leek-Drake W/O Lloyd Erwin, Sr.
Ollar Sulvia L. 3-20-1950 N/B Leek-Drake D/O Lloyd & Lucille
O'Neel Alger Carter 4-28-1909 6-22-1983 Heflin-HB None
O'Neel* Charles Ben 1-17-1900 7-11-1979 Heflin-HB *Co 1 USN WWI
O'Neel John T. 1892 1957 Leek-Drake H/O Lela Vick
O'Neel Lela Vick 1899 1957 Leek-Drake W/O John T.
O'Neel William Henry 12-13-1868 12-2-1906 O'Neel H/O Frances Eliz. & S/O Thomas & Martha
O'Neel Frances Elizabeth 9-24-1871 3-30-1966 O'Neel W/O Wm. Henry & D/O John D. & Sarah W. Brown
Osborn Irma L. 2-26-1942 8-29-1986 Leek-Drake None
Osborn Marvin 8-12-1934 12-28-1938 Heflin-HB S/O Bessie L.
Osborn Bessie L. 8-24-1902 6-30-1968 Heflin-HB Mother of Marvin
Overton Claude C. 11-3-1906 4-15-1987 Leek-Drake H/O Gladys Mae
Overton Gladys Mae 7-28-1910 7-5-1964 Leek-Drake W/O Claude C.
Owen Virgil B. 2-14-1878 5-10-1974 Palmyra H/O Mae Grumbles
Owen Mae Grumbles 5-15-1879 1-21-1951 Palmyra W/O Virgil B.
Owen Frank David 6-25-1888 7-28-1952 Hickory Grove H/O Nora & Cora
Owen Nora Ethel 11-21-1892 7-2-1917 Hickory Grove W/O Frank David
Owen Cora Emma 12-29-1894 6-1-1974 Hickory Grove 2nd W/O Frank David
Owen Frank David 1916 1936 Hickory Grove S/O Frank David
Owen Francis G. 1887 1947 Heflin-HB None
Owen Harry Kenneth 1932 1934 Heflin-HB None
Owen Janie 1886 1920 Heflin-HB None
Owen Jerry ND 1937 Heflin-HB None
Owen Larkin A. 1893 1956 Heflin-HB H/O Maggie M.
Owen Maggie M. 1891 1978 Heflin-HB W/O Larkin A.
Owen Lamar 8-12-1915 2-15-1991 Heflin-HB H/O Bessie Mae
Owen Bessie Mae 6-9-1924 N/B Heflin-HB W/O Lamar
Owen Charlie H. 1869 1952 Leek-Drake H/O Claudia V.
Owen Claudia V. 1872 1940 Leek-Drake W/O Charlie H.
Owen David Sim 5-28-1901 4-12-1996 Leek-Drake H/O Bessie Bee, s/o Annie R. Smith & James L. Owen
Owen Bessie Bee 7-14-1902 5-28-1989 Leek-Drake W/O David Sim. Married 3-11-1923
Owen* James Leon 2-25-1928 11-24-1989 Leek-Drake *Cpl US Army-Korea. H/O Guylean B.
Owen Guylean B. 4-24-1936 N/B Leek-Drake W/O James L. Married 9-4-1952
Owen Herman 4-9-1911 2-13-1994 Leek-Drake H/O Evelyn
Owen Evelyn 7-24-1916 6-12-1996 Leek-Drake W/O Herman
Owen Jack 1-23-1903 11-13-1988 Leek-Drake H/O Josie, s/o Annie R. Smith & James L. Owen
Owen Josie 11-19-1908 N/B Leek-Drake W/O Jack
Owen James Alfred 10-21-1906 6-21-1974 Leek-Drake H/O Nezzie Lee, , s/o Annie R. Smith & James L. Owen
Owen Nezzie Lee 11-6-1912 10-1-1993 Leek-Drake W/O James Alfred
Owen Karen Gail 7-8-1954 7-9-1954 Leek-Drake D/O Alvin & Earline Owen
Owen Lomon Lee 12-9-1912 2-21-1970 Leek-Drake None
Owen Major P. 11-28-1878 6-23-1961 Leek-Drake H/O Allie C.
Owen Allie C. 2-21-1880 10-7-1952 Leek-Drake W/O Major P.
Owen Ruby B. 4-21-1902 1-12-1976 Leek-Drake None
Owen W. Houston 8-6-1921 N/B Leek-Drake H/O Juanita E.
Owen Juanita E. 9-16-1926 1-28-1997 Leek-Drake W/O W. Houston. Married 2-1-1942
Owen Henry Err 3-27-1873 4-13-1942 Palmyra H/O Jennie Z. Wynn
Owen Jennie 4-24-1876 6-25-1963 Palmyra W/O Henry Err Owen
Owen John Err 8-29-1815 11-26-1886 Palmyra H/O Margaret Eliz.
Owen Margaret Elizabeth 12-12-1821 9-20-1908 Palmyra W/O John Err
Owen Thomas Price 4-19-1862 4-25-1935 Palmyra H/O Kitterah Mellvina & S/O Burd G. & Mary
Owen Mellvina 6-28-1872 9-29-1964 Palmyra W/O Thomas P. & D/O Peter & Sarah Tucker
Owen Jessie D. 12-12-1851 10-7-1907 Palmyra S/O John & Margaret Owen
Owen Luthur C. 8-8-1858 3-21-1937 Hickory Grove H/O Martha Ann Fish Married 4-28-1887
Owen Mattie A. 9-19-1867 2-23-1921 Hickory Grove W/O Luthur. "Martha" Ann, twin to Mary Jane.
Owen James Lee 7-9-1876 3-10-1910 Hickory Grove 1st H/O Annie Rachel Smith (She remarried to John A. Blasengame. Buried Leek-Drake)

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