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The Civil War in Arkansas

The Original Arkansas Genealogy Project - Civil War

Alton, Illinois - Civil War Era - Confederate Prison - search feature

Elmira, NY Prison Camp - Online Library - lot's of information

Military History's Special Collection Photograph Database - This database is a catalog of American Civil War (ACW) photographs from the Special Collections Branch of MHI. Usually, patrons are searching for ancestors, researching particular ACW regiments, or looking for examples of items worn or used by soldiers of the period. Ultimately, this database will reflect the full range of MHI's photographic collection, ranging from the periods of the Mexican War in the 1840s to recent operations such as those in Somalia and Bosnia. As our digitization efforts expand, we hope to provide links to scanned images through this database.


Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization - This site is dedicated to those men, women, and children who suffered while imprisoned at Point Lookout Prison Camp for Confederates from 1863 to 1865 in the state of Maryland during the War for Southern Independence. Point Lookout was a genocidal concentration camp that housed over 52,000 Southerners, with a death count of over 14,000.

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