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Garner High School Yearbook 1940
Garner High School Yearbook 1940 (belongs to Bonnie Ruth Taylor (Morrow)


James Dubose
Frank Uttley
Juanita Osborne
Billie Pennington
Otto (Junior) Uttley

Class Play- "Haunted"
Colors- Blue & White
Flower- Dogwood
Sponsor- Garnet Anderson


Alfred Porphir-a tall and handsome romeo
Geneva Taylor- neat as a pin
Billie Bob Barger- a man who reads and thinks
Elton Fisher- conservationist
Hope Duncan- a Memoria editor to be proud of
J.L. Bell- a long shot sometimes hits the basket
Hubert Rogers- the unintentional heartbreaker
Violet Smith- pride of the class
Barney Taylor- student, farmer, and athlete

Class Play-- "The Deacon Slips"
Class Officers--
J.L. Bell--President
Barney Taylor--V. President
Hope Duncan--Secretary
Violet Smith-- Reporter
Mrs. Leach-- Sponsor


Cleo Anderson-------President
Magdalene Morrow-Secretary
Eugene Howard-----V.President
Farrell Evans---------Treasurer
L.H. Rogers
R.T. Sorey
Clara King

We remember with interest Uriel Nolen, Wayne Wheatly, William Morrow, and Gus Wheatly who were with us in our freshman year. Some of this group have continued their schooling elsewhere, while the rest have responded to the urge of the plow and the hoe.


Neeley Kelley----President
Glenn Osborne--V.President
Bonnie Ruth Taylor-Secretary
Joel Dubose-----Treasurer
W.J. Leach------Sponsor
The rest are not listed but pictured

Honor Roll

Helen Hopper
Helen Hambrick
Doris Scarsdale
Doris Sanford
Bernie Pennington
Bobbie Gowan
Jean Burson
Neeley Kelley
Ada Bell Gowan
Clara King
Vera Hope Duncan
Violet Smith
Frank J. Uttley

A lot more is listed including Drama club, Athletes, Band, Choir, Second through eighth grades with lots of pictures. I have scanned all the pages which are hand typed and handwritten. Anyone who would like a copy can email me and please tell me how you are related and I will send you the file. I am related to quite a few of the students listed and will be glad to share what I have on these people.
Lori Jett

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