Indian Mounds near Heckatoo, Lincoln Co, Arkansas
Submitted by Jann Woodard
Sarassa Indian Mounds
Field notes made January 3, 1883 while locating and and excavating them.

The outline drawing of this group of mounds marked (B) shows them correctly. They are of sandy loam, and have been cultivated for years. They are thickly scattered over with brick stuff, pieces of pottery and stone implements. The materials left under the soil appears to be only 18 inches under according to the limited examination I could make. The cultivation of the land confirmed this also. As the mound was covered over with cotton not gathered, the owner did not wish it disturbed, besides the earth was very moist. During the following plowing whatever is found is to be sent to the National Museum. These mounds are arranged around a space of 5 acres of ground and are from 3 1/2 to 4 ft. high and 25 to 30 ft. in  diameter. The mounds vary in distance apart from 10 to 150 ft. At the lower part of the plot is a slough covered with weeds and water and from this earth may have been taken to make the mounds. Specimens found on surface are numbered.

Pottery = 71416
Stone Implements = 71413 - 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21
Arkansas History Commission
Small Manuscript Collection
Ed Palmer Papers

Jan 3, 1883 - arrived at Heckatoo. Captain Felix R.R. Smith entertained me. It rained 3 days and nights making it wet and miserable. Adams Mound 2 miles W. from Heckatoo, Lincoln Co., Ark. Field notes January 3, 1883.

This mound is near the Smith mound on land belonging to Major J.D. Adams. It is in NW quarter section 20 Westside near the NW corner Range 7 S 5 W and is 60  ft. W. of a cyprus Bayou. This mound is 20 ft. high 60 ft wide and 90 ft. long. Trees 2 ft. through are growing on its summit. Its summit was covered by deer and other wild animal tracks. Its outward appearance is that of a mass of yellowish waxy clay. A cut was made 6 ft. deep and running 6 ft. back. Nothing but stiff clay was found, not even a bone or piece of pot. On the top a cut was made downward with the same result. The land around is low and during heavy rains is more or less under water. The soil is very sick and covered with cane and large trees.

Smith's Indian Mound near Heckatoo in Lincoln County Arkansas. Survey made January 1883. On the farm of Felix R. R. Smith in S.W. quarter section 17 Range 7 S 5 W. It is 7 ft. high, 30 ft wide and 38 ft. long. Stump of a tree 2 1/2 ft. in diameter stands on the top. A cut 3 ft. deep and 3 1/2 ft square was made. Sandy loam 6 inches, and the rest was stiff clay with no evidence of occupation. Not even ashes or a scrap of pottery. Around is very rich soil, but low and covered with fine timber. A Cyprus swamp is near.