Miscellaneous Info

This is to let you know we've just completed the new McCulloch County, Texas Cemetery Records book. Since many of the families who were early settlers in our area came from Arkansas, I thought you might be interested in our cemetery book. Our county library has many research books from Arkansas and they are constantly in use.

This book contains researched information from the old county death certificates, old funeral home records, obits from old microfilms of the newspaper, and old city hall burial records. This information was then cross-checked with tombstone names and dates. Many names and dates have been located for lost graves that do not have locations or headstones.

Would you mind forwarding this to anyone in your area who might be interested in this book? The book is sponsored by Richards Memorial Library Association and is being sold for $27.50 plus $3.50 postage.

The books are printed on heavy natural colored paper and have brown hard back stitched covers with gold letters. There are 356 pages and the book contains platts of both city cemeteries and some of the country cemeteries with all burial locations after each person's name.

Please email me in you need additional details.


Louann Hall
McCulloch County GenWeb Coordinator
116 Bruce Street
Brady, TX  76825