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Cemetery Surveys from "Little River County, Arkansas Cemetery Census"

This work was done mostly in 1979 by CETA workers in the county - and proofing and typing was done by volunteers at the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives in Washington, AR. Hard copy is available by sending $22.00 to the Little River County Historical Society, c/o Ashdown Public Library, 160 E. Commerce, Ashdown, AR 71822.

Arkansas Death Index - Rayedene Graves

Head Family of USA

Some Little River Cemetery Listings Online- Thanks to Larry Cribbs who has added some valuable notations.

Census Online - please observe the rules on this site


1870 Little River Census Book - $22.00 pp - Wanda Tilley       

Index to AR census - 1820 - 1870 - Surnames only. Send name, year and county to - Shelby    

Little River Confederate Pensioners

Little River County Tax List - 1868

Little River County Marriages

If you have names and date, send that and $1 for Xerox or $5 for certified copy to:

 Linda Coleman, County Clerk, Courthouse, Ashdown, AR 71822)

Little River Divorces (Approximate year required)

Little River County Deeds - (Grantor or Grantee name and approximate year)

Little River County Criminal, Chancery,Civil Court Cases - (Approx.year and kind of case)

(One lookup per week, one family, must have first and last name - township will help.)

"Little River County", Bill Beasley - Eddie Smith and for backup An Stephens

Moore, Williford, Stringer information 


Addresses of Interest to Little River Researchers

Linda Coleman, County Clerk        County Courthouse         Ashdown, AR 71822

                                  (for marriage records send $10.00 and sase)


Note: these may occasionally be a very good source of information - worth a letter with sase!

Hamburg's Funeral Home   270 East Hamilton  Ashdown, AR  71822   870-898-5944

Madden Funeral Home   371 North Third   Ashdown AR 71822   870-898-3331

Moore's Funeral Home  118 W. Dougherty  Ashdown, AR 71822   898==70-898-5194

Jones Funeral Home    115 E. 9th  Texarkana,AR    77502   870-774-4133

Moore Funeral Home    1517 Dudley  Texarkana, AR   77502   870-773-3197

Texarkana Funeral Home 3515 Texas Blvd Texarkana, TX    903-794-1200

Haynes Mortuary,Inc. 7238 W. 7th  Texarkana, TX   903-838 -6000

Richardson Funeral Home  1104 Oak  Texrkana,TX   903-793-3731

East Funeral Home  602 Olive  Texarkana, TX   903-793-3141


Ashdown Community Library    160 E. Commerce   Ashdown, AR 71822 - Monday - Noon to 6PM




Federal Land Records for Arkansas

Arkansas History Commission and State Archive

Where to Write for Vital Records in Arkansas

Arkansas Research

"Old Richmond" by daughter of John Cain Head b 1868

Dave Cobb - his family story


Nationwide Lookup Volunteers

Newspapers on Microfilm at the Ashdown Community Library:

Foreman Sun, 1912 - 1974

Little River News, 1905 - Present


Reference Materials at the Ashdown Community Library:

HISTORY OF SOUTH ARKANSAS by Goodspeed Publishing Company

ARKANSAS PENSIONERS, 1818-1900 by Dorothy Payne


LITTLE RIVER COUNTY, by Bill Beasley, published by Little River County Historical Society, 1975 1st printing, 1986 2nd printing

LITTLE RIVER COUNTY, ARKANSAS CEMETERY CENSUS, Vol. 1 A-E and Vol. 11 F-Z, published by Little River County Historical Society, 1979

LITTLE RIVER COUNTY CELEBRATES 125 YEARS, ASHDOWN CELEBRATES 100 YEARS, 1992. Commemorative Book sponsored by United Paperworkers International Union-Maintenance and Clerical Local 1329.


"Celebrate two in '92", a pictorial and commemorative book;Little River County celebrates 125 years, .....Ashdown celebrates 100 years..c., 1992


If you own any Little River County resources, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please let me know. Email me

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Little River County Family Homepages/Books

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Family History Books / Home Pages

"Story of Pvt. Mark McMullen " by Kenneth Byrd

Price Family Owned by Jewell Kennedy

Horn Family Owned by Jewell Kennedy

Lipsey Family Owned by Mike Lipsey

McCord, Mills, Glover, Hometer - Carol Crowell Hurley

Langley, Bradshaw and other families - Carol Crowell Hurley

Carol Hurley Home Page

Head Family in USA



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