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Wiliam LOVELY, Indian Agent in the west, obtained an agreement whereby the Osages and the Cherokees ceded to the Federal Government land along the Arkansas River at Fort Bayou; then up the Arkansas and Verdigris to the falls of the Verdigris river; thence eastward to the said Osage boundary line. at a point 20 leagues north from the Arkansas River; and with that line, to the point of beginning. "Lovely's Purchase Arkansas. [History Atlas of Oklahoma, Pg 19]
Lovely County was created on October 13, 1827, from Crawford County and the Lovely Purchase. The Northwest portion of Arkansas was an important area of growth from 1827 when the territorial legislature created the county, which was much larger than Lovely's purchase. Lovely County included more of present day Oklahoma than present day Arkansas. The Oklahoma portion was lost to Arkansas in 1828 with the Cherokee Treaty of that year. Most of the remainder became Washington County on October 27, 1828, and the county officials were directed to "take over the affairs and moneys of Lovely County."
John Nicks was one of the commissioners appointed by the Arkansas Legislature to locate a county seat for Lovely County. This settlement, named Nicksville, was established April 25, 1828, with John Dillard as first postmaster. The office was discontinued October 2, 1829. The buildings at Nicksville were subsequently acquired by Dwight Mission located near where is now Marble City, Sequoyah County. From 1824 to 1828 this part of Oklahoma was included in Lovely County, Arkansas

The following links provide more detailed information on the events and circumstances that led to Lovely's Purchase (July 9, 1813), the formation (October 13, 1827) & the abolishment (October 17, 1828) of Lovely County, and other links that will help the researcher understand the history behind this historical and short-lived Arkansas County.

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