Capt. John W. Bivens



From Goodspeed, History of Madison County, page 469-70:

"In the autumn of 1863, in accordance with orders from Maj. Gen. Schofield, then commanding the Department of the Missouri, several companies of Union men were organized in Northwestern Arkansas, the general government issuing arms and ammunition, and when on active service furnishing them with subsistence. A company of this character was organized in Madison County by CAPT. JOHN W. BIVENS. It was in active service more than a year, and participated in frequent raids upon the enemy and in skirmishes without number. After the unsuccessful attach upon Fayetteville, and the subsequent order for the withdrawal of Federal forces from Arkansas, arrangements were made for the organization of companies of militia; commissions for Madison County were granted to JOHN M. (W.) BIVENS, March 27, 1865; George W. Seamans, April 18, 1865; Elitle Haynes, April 18, 1865; John Wilkinson, April 18, 1865; Bethel Counts, April 20, 1865; all of whom had the rank of captain, but the conclusion of hostilities rendered the organization of companies unnecessary."

Submitted by: Richard Holland