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Affidavit of John C. Calico
State of Arkansas}
County of Madison} ss.

Personally appeared before me a Notary Public in and for the State

And County aforesaid J. C. Calico, personally and well known to me whose character is good for truth and veracity, after being duly sworn deposeth and sayeth, my age is seventy-five years, my Post Office address is Wesley, Arkansas, Madison County.

In the matter of the claim of George W.Vaughan, for citizenship or right in the Cherokee Nation, the affiant states as follows: I am personally acquainted with George W. Vaughan, and know him to be the son of Jackson Vaughan, whom I was also acquainted with, and know him to be the son of Samuel Vaughan, with whom I personally acquainted. I knew him to be the son of Feriby Vaughan, who was my Grandmother, her maiden name being Feriby Benton. She married William Vaughan, my Grandfather. Feriby Benton was the daughter of my Great Grandmother Benton whose maiden name was Looney, who was Cherokee by blood.

The affiant further states that Feriby Benton married William Vaughan in the Old Cherokee Nation in Tennessee. And Grandmother Vaughan told me or stated to me that her mother was Cherokee by blood, whose maiden name was Looney. I also heard Uncle Daniel Vaughan acknowledge to the Cherokee blood in hm to a man named Lowel in 1828, who was selling goods at Cane Hill in Washington County which was a territory at that time.

The affiant further sayeth not. his

(Signed) John C. X Calico



W. W. Tucker
M. C. Calico

Sworn & subscribed to before me llth
day of May 1892.

J. H. Cummings
Notary Public


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