Migration of the Bowen Family
Submitted by: Susan Fahnstrom

The Bowen's came from Wales, they descended from EVAN AP BOWEN from PENTOC, WALES.  MOSES BOWEN and his wife REBECCA REES went to Maryland in 1698 from Wales with a large company of Quakers.  The group purchased 10,000 acres of land in Gwinnedd township, (Welsh Name) in Chester County, PA.

Their son JOHN BOWEN accumulated considerable  land and wealth, he married LILY McILHANEY, in 1730, it was said that later in life JOHN fell in love with a very beautiful 17 year old Scotch - Irish girl, LILY was born in Ireland in 1705, JOHN died in 1761. LILY McILHANEY'S father was Henry McIlhaney. who went from Scotland to live in Ireland and that is where he died.
JOHN BOWEN ended up in Augusta Co, VA, he died there, his wife LILY McILHANEY died in 1780 in Washington Co, VA.

Their son HENRY BOWEN was born 1769 in Augusta Co, VA, Henry BOWEN married ANN CUNNINGHAM born 1742, probably died in VA, Henry died in 1808 in Grainger Co, TN, his wife Ann died in VA.

HENRY & ANN BOWEN'S son was HENRY BOWEN JR, born in 1769 in VA, he married MARY COUNTS from Orange Co, NC, Ann's family were originally from German in 1779, HENRY BOWEN JR & ANN BOWEN moved to Madison Co, Arkansas, before 1860, they both died in Madison Co, Arkansas.

Their son was WILLIAM B BOWEN born 1796 in Grainger Co, TN, he married LEVICA MCELHANEY born 1797 in TN, she died in 1874 in Madison Co, Arkansas and WILLIAM BOWEN died  1866/ 70 in Madison Co, Arkansas.

Their daughter was MARTHA BOWEN, she was born 1830  in TN, she married JOHN WESLEY UPTON and MARTHA died in 1902 in Washington Co, Arkansas, their daughter was MAHALA CATHERINE UPTON, who married JOHN N HARRIS.

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