Bud Patrick Millcreek Cemetery

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From Fayetteville, Ar. down highway 16 to Combs, go south on Millcreek Road for 2 miles.The Bud Patrick Millcreek Cemetery is about 1/2 mile on the left side of the road past the end of the pavement.

The cemetery was first called Millcreek; now it is Bud Patrick Millcreek Cemetery.

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AVERY, Foster son
of A. D. & B. C. AVERY b-Jun.13,1903 d-Nov.8,1918

BELL, Brian Joshua b-Apr.10,1991 d-Apr.11,1991
Tombstone Photo

BURKETT, Mary C. b-Jan.22,1817 d-Jan.22,1817

BYNUN, George W. b-Jul.22,1870 d-Nov.8,1940

BYNUN,Mary E. b-Jan.5,1880 d-Sep.30,1936

DUTCHER, Amy Jane b-Oct. 3,1896 d-Jul. 19,1939

DUTCHER, P.W. b- 1865 d- 1951

FARMER, Annie Ruth (TUCKER) b-Dec.15,1882 d-Mar. 6,1972

FAUBUS, Steven Ray b- 1954 d- 1975

s/o R. & M. FLETCHER b-Sep. 12,1897 d-Sep. 9,1899

FLETCHER, Ida Bell d/o R. & M.J. b-Aug. 15,1881 d-Apr.22,1896

FLETCHER, Infant son of R. & M. b-Oct.15,1895 d-Oct.15,1895

FLETCHER, John A. s/o Robert & Mary b-Mar.25,1884 d- Jun.18,1900

GIBSON, Zola (PATRICK) b- Oct.6,1908 d-Feb.10,1989

GIBSON, Joseph E. b-Nov.23,1900 d-Aug. 11,1989

HALL, Nola (JUDY) b-May 16,1886 d-Dec.11,1979
Tombstone Photo

JAMES, A.J. Sr. b-Dec. 5,1838 d-Oct.23,1920
Tombstone Photo

JAMES, Andrew Jackson Jr. b- 1881 d- 1965

JAMES, Annie J. b-Jan.31,1886 d-Nov.16,1944

JAMES, Estella w/o A.J. JAMES b-Nov.5,1859 d-Feb.10,1917

JAMES, Lucinda w/o A. J. JAMES b-Nov.5,1841 d-Mar.12,1914

s/o G. & S.J. JOHNSON b-Dec.30,1902 d-Dec.4,1918

JOHNSON, George b-Jan.15,1852 d-Jan.4,1929

JOHNSON, Odie Bell b-Oct.13,1893 d-Feb.23,1954

JOHNSON, Russell b-May25,1881 d-Apr.5,1935

JOHNSON, Sarah Jane b-Mar.13,1861 d-Jan.18,1933

JOSTMEYER, Grace b-May17,1886 d-Mar.6,1950

JOSTMEYER, John b-Jun.10,1874 d-Feb.16,1939

JUDY, Artie Ray b-Aug.28,1949 d-Dec.12,1989
Tombstone Photo

JUDY, Darrell E. b-Aug.17,1946 d-Sep.24,2000

JUDY, Raymond b-Aug.18,1910 d-Oct.15,1983
Tombstone Photo

JUDY, R.H. father b-Kentucky 1852 d-Combs,AR.1927
Tombstone Photo

JUDY, Virgil D. U.S. Army WWII b-Nov.14,1916 d-Jan.20,1994
Tombstone Photo

JUDY, Wm. Hood b- Jun.5,1880 d-Sep.7,1963
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, D. b-Dec.2,1901 d-Oct. 5.1987
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, Jessie No Dates
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, Johnny Alvin No Dates
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, Lucy (Moores Chapel) b-Feb.9,1937 d-May3,1980
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, Marvin F. b- 1932 d- 1975

KELLAR, Mary Elizabeth b-Oct.6,1902 d-Jan.17,1977
Tombstone Photo

KELLAR, Tommy Allen b-Mar.14,1964 d-Jun.20,1982
Tombstone Photo

MCHONE, John b- age 84 d-Sep.23,1897

MCHONE, Margaret b- 1817 d- 1909

MCHONE, Robert No Dates

MULLEN, Delmar U.S. Army WWII b- 1908 d- 1984
Tombstone Photo

MULLEN, Eunice b-Sep.19,1933 d-Jun.19,2001

MULLEN, Leonard W. b-Apr.7,1907 d-Dec.22,1982

MULLEN, Stephen Leonard b-Aug.15,1971

MULLENS, Mary E. b- 1888 d- 1962
Tombstone Photo

PARKER, Ellen James b- 1879 d- 1966

PARKER, Infant Daughter of
Mr.&Mrs.Leonard b-Jun.26,1940 d-Jun.26,1940
Tombstone Photo

PARKER, Sam b- 1874 d- 1944

PATRICK, Clarence D. "Bill" b-Nov.1,1928 d-Aug.29,2001

PATRICK, Harley V. b-Sep.1,1915 d-Nov.25,1996
Tombstone Photo

PATRICK, Manie F. b-Sep.13,1883 d-Mar.12,1977
Tombstone Photo

PATRICK, Morgan b-Dec.7,1847 d-Oct.22,1918
Tombstone Photo

PATRICK, S.B. b-Apr.28,1878 d-Oct.18,1964
Tombstone Photo

PATRICK, Violet (w/o Morgan) b-Aug.26,1847 d-Nov.9,1918
Tombstone Photo

PERKINS, Berle b-Jun.1,1958 d-Jun.3,1958

PERKINS, Charles C. Tec.4
Engineers WWII BSM b-Dec.14,1919 d-Oct.30,1957

PERKINS, James W. s/o P.L. & Lucy b-Mar.16,1891 d-Aug.11,1891

PERKINS, Jess N. b-Apr.10,1894 d-Jun.24,1956

PERKINS, Leo Jess (46 yr.3mo.11dy..) b- d-Jun.15,1997

PERKINS, Lida Ann d/o Orvil & Rema b-Feb.5,1953 d-Mar.6,1953

PERKINS, Lydia b-Aug.12,1907 d-Apr.16,2001

PERKINS, Orvil 72yr 2mo Brashears Funeral

PERKINS, Wayne Paul b- 1955 d- 1979

PHIPPS, Margaret w/o I.S. PHIPPS b-Jan.2,1852 d-Sep.14,1896

REYNOLDS, Juanita b-Dec.14,1910 d-Jul.16,1999

RILEY, Melinda b-Oct.1854 d-Dec.22,1905

ROBINSON, Abraham L.
S1 US NavyWWII b-Oct.30,1906 d-Sep.19,1981

ROBINSON, Belle D. b-Oct.29,1881 d-Jun.7,1963

ROBINSON, James Price
US Navy Vietnam b-Jun.13,1941 d-Aug.23,1978

ROBINSON, Jewel b-Dec.3,1911 d-Dec.8,1917

ROBINSON, John D. Ark.
Pvt. Cav. WWII b-Sep.17,1908 d-Mar.5,1962

w/o E. A. SPARKS b-Apr.25,1834 d-Apr.30,1913/18

STEPHENS, Elihu Co A 47 Ky Inf No Dates

Tucker, Annie R. b-Dec.15,1882 d.-Mar.6,1972
Tombstone Photo

TUCKER, Thomas father b- 1870 d- 1927

TUCKER, Tommie daughter b- 1918 d- 1925
Tombstone Photo

WONDERS, John B. b- 1894 d- 1952

VANBRUNT, Harvey Houston
s/o Ervin & Belle

VANBRUNT, Houston Eugene 1900
s/o Ervin & Belle
Tombstone Photo

VANBRUNT, Ruby Jewel 1897 1898 (age 11 months)
d/o Ervin & Bell
Tombstone Photo

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