Madison County,



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 MYSTERY: Looking for any information you may have concerning RANDOLPH EATON (8/14/1857 - 6/13/1917). I believe he was married to MARY JANE CARPENTER. Parents, children, siblings or any history would be greatly appreciated.

--- DATE: Jan 13, 2000 NAME: Tom Fritts EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: James Allen Fritts, Born Madison County, date unknown. Migrated or moved to Maine, date unknown.

--- DATE: Jan 18, 2000 NAME: Jeanne Ledford Brewer EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Searching for information on my great grandmother, Lula RITCHIE (especially her mother). Information from my Family Tree Maker file for her is as follows: Lue RITCHIE was born April 19, 1874, in Arkansas, the daughter of Marcum (Martin)RITCHIE and ???. Her daughter (my father's mother), Susie Jane WILKINS LEDFORD, said that she believes Lula was a full blood Native American. Susie also said that Lue had an aunt Tony BUCK and an aunt Clarissa WALKER,, both sisters of Lue's father, Marcum (Martin) RITCHIE. Other relatives mentioned by Susie were first cousins Cleo Ritchie SHIPMAN (Mrs. George), Jim RITCHIE (a trapper), Lizie GLASS, and Judge COMBS of Crosses, Delaney, or Combs, Arkansas. Lue was the oldest of three daughters, and her two younger sisters were Bertha Ida Ritchie, born about 1876 and later married a SULLENGER; and Ella Ritchie, born about 1878, married a RAYMOND, and was a cook in the Chicago, Illinois, area after her marriage. Lue and her sisters lived with relatives in the Paris, Logan County, Arkansas, area during their childhood. It is believed that both of their parents died while the girls were very young. Lue married Marion Burgess WILKINS on September 11, 1892, in Madison County, Arkansas. Lue and Marion had nine children together before he passed away in 1915. Lue then married a dairyman from Tuttle, Arkansas, with the last name of BRENSTEDDER (Branstetter), who died about 1925. After Branstetter's death, Lue sought the help of her cousin, Judge COMBS, in achieving a fair division of his dairy with his heirs. Lue then married Earle HOUSTON and moved with him in 1943 to Chelan Falls, Washington, where she died from complications of cirrhosis of the liver on December 14, 1947. More About LULA RITCHIE: Burial: 1947, Oakland Cemetery, Fayetteville, Arkansas More About MARION BURGESS WILKINS: Cause of Death: heart attack Nationality: 1/2 blood Native American Chickamauga Cherokee Native American Rolls: included on rolls of the Chickamauga Band of Cherokee Indians Children of LULA RITCHIE and MARION WILKINS are: 2. i. OSCAR A.7 WILKINS, b. December 17, 1893, Thompson, Arkansas; d. November 15, 1964, Chelan, Chelan County, Washington. 3. ii. GEORGE WILLIAM WILKINS, b. 1896, Arkansas; d. December 11, 1985, Gary, Indiana. 4. iii. ANNIE WILKINS. 5. iv. FRANK WILKINS, b. November 19, 1905, Madison County, Arkansas; d. April 11, Fayetteville, Arkansas. 6. v. LAURA WILKINS, b. May 16, 1908, Madison County, Arkansas; d. May 29, 1985, Springdale, Arkansas. vi. MAUDE WILKINS, m. CLIFFORD THOMPSON. vii. WOODROW WILKINS. 7. viii. SUSIE JANE WILKINS, b. January 02, 1903, Madison County, Arkansas. ix. MINNIE WILKINS. If you have any information on these RITCHIEs or WILKINS, please contact me. Thank you. Jeanne Ledford Brewer

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 MYSTERY: WAGES, Millard, of Pettigrew Ark. married to Armellia Holland ? millards children. where are they on the madison county

--- DATE: Jan 25, 2000 NAME: John Wheat EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for John Wheat who was the brother of Samuel, Benjamin, William and Josiah Wheat Who came from Virginia to Alabama in the early 1800's Father was Zachariah Wheat from Virginia, who is also missing.

--- DATE: Jan 25, 2000 NAME: Mari Harris EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: looking for a child that was killed in an accident in 1920 was two and one half years old by the name of RAINBOLT eloyce and is buried on the white river somewhere.

--- DATE: Jan 27, 2000 NAME: Terri Walker EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who were the parents or siblings of Henry REED buried at Bollinger Cemetery? His marker indicates he died "Sept 15, 1882, 35 years old, Marker erected by Wilson ROSE". Henry REED does not appear anywhere on the 1880 AR Fed Census.

--- DATE: Jan 28, 2000 NAME: Lori Sorrells EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who Killed Francis Marion YOUNG? Outside the Ogden store in downtown Pettigrew, Madison County, Arkansas on 17 Apr 1920, Francis was shot in the head while walking down the street with three of his children. The shot came from inside the Ogden store, but so far, I have not been able to find any court records or information on who shot my Great Grand Father. His wife (Rose LANE) had died the previous year and left the following six children as orphans 1)Mandred 2) Lula 3) May 4)Robert 5) Virgil and 6) Grace.

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 MYSTERY: I want to know what happened to the family of MARY ALICE DOTSON & her brother JOHN DOTSON. she married a JAMES RELEFORD,but her home and land she had was near Fayetteville, but in Madison County. She later moved to Indian Ter./OK and had a rather large family.

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 MYSTERY: My ggg grandmothers name was (Maud) Elisabeth WOLF, JOHNSON, REEVES. Her last husbands name was James Morgan Reeves born 1858. James is the son of Barrester Reeves and Sarah Cantrell. They had 5 children plus my great great grandfather and his sister. Their children are: John V, Bell (Betheny), Arlena, Sarah & Maud Elizabeth. I found them on the 1888 Madison county census. It stated that Elisabeth was born in Illinois. I've yet to confirm this. If anyone knows anything about Elisabeth Reeves, especially what cemetery she is buried in, please contact me. Any info on her would be great.--- Thanks in advance

--- DATE: Feb 5, 2000 NAME: Lois K Spradley EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Unable to find ancestors or siblings (if any) of my great-grandfather ALFRED LAFAYETTE SPRADLEY, born Jan 10, 1857 in Madison County, Arkansas, died Sept 20, 1942 in Hackett, Arkansas. Married Martha Lucinda Stansell in 1884. Please help!

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 MYSTERY: Mystery: what happened to E.P. Bowen? In 1860 census in madison co. my gggrandfather.

--- DATE: Feb 8, 2000 NAME: Ronda Hytrek EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am looking for information on my grandpa harmon KELLEY. all i know that he married my grandma in arkansas & he's birthdate is may 13, 1926. this is all the information i can get from my family. i would like to know he's mother & fathers names.


 MYSTERY: THOMAS, son of E.P. BOWEN - married to SARAH JANE Fewell. My greatgrand parents.  Can't find anywhere.


 MYSTERY: THOMAS ,son of E.P., married to SARAH JANE FEWELL.My greatgrand parents. Can't find anywhere.Can't find anywhere..

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 MYSTERY: Looking for the parents of Sarah R Smith. She was born 1862 in Johnson Co. I have no idea who her parents were. I can't find her between the years of 1862 and her marriage in 1879. Is she some kind of space alein? How does her family just drop off the face of the earth? .Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gina

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 MYSTERY: Am looking for JOHN MELTON and MARGARETT (CLARK)MELTON in the years 1840 - 1880 in Madison County. They were in Madison County in 1840 with daughter VIRGINIA. The MELTONS were the parents of my GGGrandmother, ELIZA ELIZABETH MELTON HULL. Have lost them after that. Am trying to find when they died and where they were when they died and where they are buried. Please if anyone can help email me at


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 MYSTERY: JOHN MONTGOMERY BUCKHANAN/BUCHANAN and wife CATHERINE AIRHEART BUCKHANAN moved to Madison Co. in the late 1830's. John was appointed Postmaster of Sevierville on Dec. 6, 1837 and of Huntsville on Jan. 17, 1840. He also owned a tanyard. I known there are Washington co. BUCHANAN'S but cannot find a connection with these families. John and Catherine were married in Rhea county Tenn. in 1822, lived in possible Obion Co. Tenn. before coming to Arkansas. Their children are: Elizabeth, Montgomery,Mary, Laonna, George, John, Catherine, nancy, Rolly, Cerilda, and William. My direct line is John who married E.J. (possibly Keeling). In the 1860 census, War Eagle Twp. John and E.J. have daughters Mary Jane (later married Melvin J. Wright) and Margaret. Also in the census are Harlin, Laura A., Carlton, Charlotte, and Jesse Keeling. Was E.J. a Keeling? The only E.J.Keeling I know of was Eliza Jane and she married someone else. There have to be some Buckhanan's still in the area who could help. Although most of the family migrated to Texas after John Montgomery's death the children and grandchildren went back and forth between both states. How do the Keelings tie in with the Buckhanan's. Have been searching for so long. Hope some long lost relative reads this ad. Thanks, Debbie Clark

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 MYSTERY: Missing: The husband of Elizabeth (Betsy)Beach Westmoreland. ____Westmoreland is not listed on the census from 1850 forward. Elizabeth and her three children: Wilbur, Bethia, and David C. are on both the 1850 and 1860 census. Could someone tell me the name of her husband who evidently died before 1850? He and Betsey are my greatgreat grandparents. Thank you.

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 MYSTERY: Who founded Dutton Arkansas? Related to Nancy Dutton on the 1880 Cencus was she related to the founder of Dutton?

--- DATE: Feb 21, 2000 NAME: Carlene Blair EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for all and any information on the surname AUSLAM

--- DATE: Feb 22, 2000 NAME: Eddie Davis EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who were the parents of Sophornia Belle HARRIS, who married William Sim MYERS about 1884? She was born about 1862 in Arkansas. Children were: Myrtle, Walter, Essie, James Edward, Bertha and Irvin Lee. She died between 1910 and 1920, apparently in the town of Marble, where the family resided. Her husband William, who went by Simon or Simmie, died sometime after 1920. He was born also about 1862, in either Indiana or Tennessee. His parents' names are also a mystery. Sophornia's parents were listed in censuses as either being born in AR or MO. Any HARRIS or MYERS information would be greatly appreciated.

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 MYSTERY: Looking for the names of the parents of Mary F. HENDERSON (or STROUD). Her husband was George Washington VAUGHAN, son of Madison County Sheriff Ben VAUGHAN. Mary was said to have been 1/4th Cherokee and was born in Arkansas. Her parents, whoever they were, were listed as being born in Missouri. She was born January 5, 1843. She died Oct. 26, 1910. Also trying to find if George W. VAUGHAN served in either the Union or Confederate armies during the Civil War. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

--- DATE: Feb 27, 2000 NAME: Charlotte Lucas EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: The KESTERS of Madison County. I am looking for any information about Josephus KESTER who was in Madison Co on the 1850 census. On the 1860 Madison Co census there is an Isaac KESTER, his wife Amanda and his son James living in King River Twp. I have also been told that Isaac may have been a postmaster in Madison County or held some other office. If so I desparately need to know when. He may have been the son of Josephus KESTER. I would like to know when Isaac left Madison Co or where he went. I have been stuck for several years on this family.

--- DATE: Mar 2, 2000 NAME: Lynda Timberlake Smith EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for Benjamin and Sarah Timberlake. They were on the 1900 Madison County Prairie Township and not on the 1910 census. Where are buried and when they die?

--- DATE: Mar 3, 2000 NAME: Sue Hart EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: John T. HART and his wife,Nancy, were in Washington Co. Ark. in the 1830 census and in Madison Co. in 1840. There is a group of us researching this family for years, and we can't figure out who his parents were. Nancy was from Ga., but I can't find a marriage record for them, so have no idea what her maiden name was. Their oldest child was born about 1820 and all their children were born in Ark. By 1850 the family had gone to Texas with the Mercer Colony. Would like to find anything on this family. Several of the sons were ministers, and several were Masons. Are there any early birth records for Madison Co. in the early 1840's?

--- DATE: Mar 4, 2000 NAME: Rosetta Watkins Cox EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Where did my gm come from? frankie jane OSBORNE. Married nelson jackson WATKINS in washington Would like to know who her parents were and where they came from.She is my brick wall.She died 1909-1910 in delaney,madison of toxemia.Child died also.Buried on top of one of the Boston Mts.

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 MYSTERY: Death of Samuel C. Fleener husband of Rhoda Katherine Eaves. Aprox death year 1902

--- DATE: Mar 10, 2000 NAME: Jeannette EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Hello, Does anyone know of a JAMES PELHAM that died at Boston Mt. Madison Ark. about 1870 or maybe a few years varied of that. Please e-mail me if anyone knows of his buried or what happened.Our family reports that a group of horsemen and guns came to his house and rather than hurt his family he left with them. And was never seen again.

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 MYSTERY: LANE / YOUNG Mystery My mystery is is Gideon T and Emma C. LANE, who lived in Pettigrew/St. Paul area circa late 1800's/early 1900's. I found their grave sites at the Riverside Cemetery in St. Paul, and I know that their daughter Rose (buried next to them) is my Great Grand Mother. I'm interested in Emma C's parents (don't know her maiden name) and the children 1)Ada F. 2)Edward C 3)Franklin S 4)Mary H and 5)Rose. I'd like to contact any family members out there. My Rose (b. Feb 20, 1880 d. April 17, 1920) married Francis Marion Young and they had the following children: 1) Mandred 2)Lula 3)May (my Grandmother) 4) Robert 5) Virgil and 6)Grace. Per the gravesites and newspaper articles when Rose died in 1919, Francis only would walk into town with 2 or 3 of his children at his side as he was scared of 'something'. And indeed in 1920 Francis was shot in the head outside of the Ogden store in St. Paul with three of his children at his side. I'm interested in any factual information about the shooting and also in contacting any family members. I guess this turned out to be two mysteries among the many in my family. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can about this, my Mother's side of the family.

--- DATE: Mar 14, 2000 NAME: Marsha FORD EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Seeking information on the family of Robert and Martha ALLEN. They were in Madison County by 1900. Where did they go and/or when? Did Martha ALLEN die in Madison Co? Thanks

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--- DATE: Mar 19, 2000 NAME: Jean Bowman EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who is the Jane that married George T. WILLIAMS in the mid 1840s? Born in TN in 1827 according to the census. Her name may have been Jane BURTON, but there is no proof of that. They supposedly married in Madison Co before moving to Williamson Co., TX in abt 1848.

--- DATE: Mar 21, 2000 NAME: Tim Cartner EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am looking for family history for the Cartner's. My grandfather was Emmett C. Cartner. He and my grandmother divorced when my father was a baby. His father was Thomas H. Cartner. I found a biography for the Cartner's. I would like to get in touch with the Madison Co. researchers to find out if this info was obtained from living family members that we are not aware of, or any other info that you might have. The researchers were, Peggy Tice-Rogers, Rhonda Jameson and Carole Hammett. Thank You T. C.

--- DATE: Mar 28, 2000 NAME: Sue Holland EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: looking for information about elcannah HOLLAND b 15 sep 1848 breathitt co ky d 15 feb 1938 in lawrence co mo first married martha a CAMPBELL children william A b 24 dec 1875 texas h n b 1878 ark john w b 14 oct 1885 ark mary b b 12 feb 1888 jefferson b 9 aug 1890 ark phebe b 4 jul 1895 second married maudie evaline DRY children andrew jackson b 14 feb 1910 pettigrew madison co ark harvey b 8 nov 1913 dennis lee 24 feb 1914 virgil b 14 jul 1920 rocklick ky earl b 1 nov 1927 key ky

--- DATE: Apr 3, 2000 NAME: allen gage EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: lookin for ambrose parks born around 1833

--- DATE: Apr 9, 2000 NAME: Harrell Lynch EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: LYNCH, phoebe duncan moved from claiborne county, tn with children ca 1851. may have lived in washington county with son isaac LYNCH somewhere in the area of springdale. husband james wilson LYNCH was deceased when she came to ark. and she could have remarried. any help will be appreciated.

--- DATE: Apr 28, 2000 NAME: Melissa Wharton Hickman EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for any info on John WHARTON. John Wharton married Martha WHITELEY in 1835 in Madison Arkansas. His birthplace and date are listed as Warren Tennessee, 1808. Their children were Samuel Whiteley,Joshua Rachel,James A, John, Jesse, Sarah, Susan, Mary, and John Frank. If you have any info please mail at Thank you!!

--- DATE: Apr 28, 2000 NAME: Richard Holland EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I have a photo of: "THOMAS Family Minstrel Show", dated circa 1913,near Combs AR., Looking for any info on family, especialy my Step G Grandmother, she was Cass Ann THOMAS WALKER, b /1871 KY, md / Wm. Henry BIVENS Sept. 13 1895.

--- DATE: May 4, 2000 NAME: Jerry Couch EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I would like to know what happened to Richard Daily and his children Otis, Effie, & Shyman. I think this should be Simon but it is spelled this way in the census record. Their mother Rhoda K. ( HANKINS) DAILY died in 1906 and the children were living with their grandfather Pleasant HANKINS in the 1910 census. I have been unable to find any information on them or their father Richard. I would like to know who his parents are and if he had any siblings. Rhoda is buried in the Pinnacle Cemetery as is Pleasant HANKINS and his wife Malinda my great grandparents.

--- DATE: May 8, 2000 NAME: Vicki Kea EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I'm looking for info on my grandmother, Samantha Ethel MCCLAIN. Our only family note states that she was born in 1890 in Indian Territory, Arkansas, to the Choctaw families. She married George Washington HOCK in 1913 in Krebs, OK. They had seven children, one being my father, LeRoy HOCK. I've been unable to find any information on her as to who her parents, grandparents were. The only very iffy connection I have made is in the GLO records. I found a Thomas N. MCCLAIN as an "assignee" on two different Madison and Benton Counties Choctaw land certificates, one forANOLATA and one for AH-SHAH-TAH. AH-SHAH-TAH was named as a representative for TAP-PE-NA, who was deceased. The certificates pertained to the "Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty." The certificates were issued April 1, 1857. If anyone knows of this family, please contact me. Any information is greatly appreciated, as I am attempting to trace Samantha's family back to the Rolls. Thanks. Vicki Kea Pasadena, CA



--- DATE: May 14, 2000 NAME: Ronald L Schultz EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: From Social Security Death Index. Name JOSEPH SCHULTZ. Birth 05/09/18. Death 12/25/93. Last Residence 72740 (Huntsville, Madison, AR.) Last Benefit (none specified). SSN 391-16-7000. Issued Wisconsin. Looking for burial site, obituary, etc. He has been missing since 1954.

--- DATE: May 27, 2000 NAME: Rebecca Kendrick EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I have never met my father or any of his kin. My fathers name is Matthew C0LLINS. His fathers name is William (Willie) COLLINS born approx. 1911. His mothers name I believe is Silva DAVIS COLLINS (DAVIS being her maiden name.) My father was born April 7 1941. He was born in MO. and raised in Arkansas. Matthew has approx. 7 siblings. One of which was a girl. Matthew is 6'3-4 tall, black hair black eyes. My mother and he were never married. He left my mother at her parents house when she was a few months pregnant with me and has never been seen or heard from again. My mother had mailed his family a letter about me when I was a child, it had been opened and then returned. I now have four sons of my own and they as well as myself would like any information concerning my fathers kin. I have been searching since I was a teenager and have found nothing. Matthew also has a daughter and a son in California. Matthew traveled alot. Only Matthew's family called him Matthew, but my mother knew him as Roger. If my mother would never have met his family we would not have known his birth name. Please if anyone can help I would be forever greatful. I will not find my inner peace till I can solve all the mysteries of who I am and why. E-mail address is

--- DATE: May 30, 2000 NAME: Karen Wojtak EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: My father, James Leo ARMER was born on 2/26/1915 in Kingston, Arkansas. His father's name was Andrew J. ARMER. There are many conflicting reports on his mother's name (first, middle and maiden), her date of birth and anyother records on her. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

--- DATE: Jun 23, 2000 NAME: Lynn Petro EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: what happened to JESSE MAXWELL? I can find his children but cannot find anything on him. His children are Talitha born abt 1830, Lucy, Mary Polly, Daniel, Robert, John and Janice. Some of the children were born in Madison Co others in Washington co. Any information will be of great help to me! Thanks

--- DATE: Jun 27, 2000 NAME: marie EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am trying to locate any info on a Frank Alvis GOODSON of arkansas. The city or county is not known. He came to Alabama in the early 50's and married Amy Cagle of winston county. they moved to michigan and ky where he disappeared in 1955-or 56.He hasnt been heard from since. We know of no family memebers names. He worked in coal mines and constuction and had several tatoo's on his arms. One was the word Faye. Any suggestions?

--- DATE: Jul 6, 2000 NAME: sandy EMAIL: none

 MYSTERY: Does anyone know the burial place of, Refina PERRY PARKS? She was married to Ambrose PARKS. Any info would be wonderful . Sandra Headrick, 21 Wesley Stevens Rd. Farmington,AR 72730

--- DATE: Jul 7, 2000 NAME: cheryl EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: my greatgrandpa jesse h.HICKS and his wife sarah ann TEMPLETON HICKS were going back to missouri when grandpa evidently passed away and was buried on boston mountain range somewhere. that is family say so, nothing has been proven as to truth or fiction. however his grave has never been found. i believe they were on their way home after visiting their relatives or maybe a son or daughter. this was in the years 1930-1936 time frame, i say that as sarah ann TEMPLETON HICKS supposedly died sept.6, 1936 in jay oklahoma and was buried there. however, okla. has no record of her death and no grave has been found for her in any cemetery in jay oklahoma. hope someone out there who is related to either /or party above will contact me!

--- DATE: Jul 7, 2000 NAME: cheryl EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: searching for information on rebecca ann LEWIS who married andrew jackson BURNS in AR. and lived in redstar,madison county,ar. moved to oklahoma around 1915. would like any information on her.

--- DATE: Jul 7, 2000 NAME: cheryl EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: searching for the parents to lucinda "lucy" ann young who married william jasper EDGMON in 1881 boone county ar. and lived in redstar, madison county ,arkansas.she died in 1918 redstar,madison county arkansas. sure would appreciate any information on her . the census' has her birth place listed as illinois and missouri. need help finding her mysterious parents! cheryl

--- DATE: Jul 8, 2000 NAME: John Williams EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Aaron or Aarin CLAY. He died of yellow fever during the civil war. According to his wife, Malinda EUBANKS CLAY, he referred to the great US Statesman from Kentucky, Henry Clay as "Uncle Henry". Therefore we believe that Porter Clay, Henry's younger brother who died and is buried in Camden, Arkansas was his father. We're looking for the proof. Aaron Clay married Malinda Eubanks in Madison County, Arkansas in the 1850's and they had 2 known children, William, who died young of the measles in the civil war, and Matilda Elizabeth Clay who survived to raise a large family. Also, we would like to know where Aaron Clay was buried when he died. And, who was his mother and any other brothers and sisters. Any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks! John Williams

--- DATE: Jul 9, 2000 NAME: Beverly Kimbler EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Bennet Dorsey Born:1/19/1800 died 1883 Madison co. Reeves Cemetry wife:Ann Dennis born 1807 died 1887 Madison co. Reeves Cemetry children: Catherine Dorsey born nov.17,1829 died may 13,1906 Alexander Dorsey born jan. 29.1830 died jan. 31,1908 Hunstville Charles Dorsey born 1826 Viola Dorsey Born 1833 Peggy Dorsey born 1835 Sitha Dorsey born 1837 Joseph Dorsey born 1839 Michael Dorsey born 1843 this is my great-grandfather Ann Dorsey born 1841 Bennett Dorsey born March 12,1844 died October 23, 1917 Kingston, Ar. Meniza F. Dorsey born 1847 Milley F. Dorsey Born 1849 Neal Dorsey born July 7,1825 died June 28,1900 Looking for relatives to the following relatives Dorsey's. Also, trying to locate where the Reeves Cemetary is.

--- DATE: Jul 13, 2000 NAME: Bob Faulkner EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Mystery: FAULKNER / FALKNOR / FORKNER, George. When, where, and how did he die? Where is he buried? I know that my gg-grandfather, George FOLKNER (spelling varies), came to Ark from Knox Co, Tenn, about 1852-53, with his wife Elizabeth and sons Morgan & John. More children were born in Ark. They were in Marble Twp, Madison Co, Ark at least from 1860 to 1866. By 1880, the family, minus George, was in Texas. Family tradition holds that he was killed during the Civil War at or near his home. The tax records seem to indicate that he died in or before 1865, but after 1861. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

--- DATE: Jul 30, 2000 NAME: Sue Robinson EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Seeking any clues about Great Uncle James "Jim" H. RICE's siblings and parents. James H. RICE was born May 8, 1852 in Springfield, MO and was 100 years old when he died on Sept. 13, 1952 in Stillwater, OK. Jim worked as a blacksmith, farmer, laborer, wagon maker, and woodcutter. In Fayettville, AR on January 13, 1897, James RICE married Martha EATON born in 1877 in North Carolina and died in Stillwater, OK. They lived in the following places: a)seven miles east of Noel, MO for 8 yrs., and lived in Noel, MO area for a second time period b) with one of James' uncle in White River, AR for a while, c) from 1899 to around 1910 they lived in AR possibly in Benton, Washington or Madison county areas, and d) by 1913 they were living in OK. Found a Jim Rice listed on the 1890 Tax Records in Benton, AR which might be James H. Rice. James "Jim" and Martha had 8 children: 1)Willie (W. P.)RICE born 1899 in AR 2) Lloyd RICE born 1901 in AR, 3) Homer RICE born 1907 in AR, 4) Mrs. Ollie BLOOM born ?, 5) Bural RICE born 1910 in AR, 6) Mrs. Bessie GLADDEN born 1913 in OK, 7) Mary Ethel RICE born 1915 in OK and 8) Herbert RICE born 1918 in OK.

--- DATE: Jul 30, 2000 NAME: Sue Robinson EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Seeking any information about John (L. or S.) KNUDSON/KNUDSEN/KNUETSON/KNUEDSON/CANOUTSON born April 16, 1809 in Denmark and married Cynthia Ann Aplegate on 10/7/1847 in Washington County, AR. They lived in Washington and Madison County, AR.

--- DATE: Aug 7, 2000 NAME: sue large EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Mystery: trying to find AMOS A MYERS and his wife ELIZA JANE BAKER they lived around rock houselate1800 and the early 1900 does any one know of this family need to find out birth places and their parents names on gril married a worley and is buried a rock house. thank you sue large e-mail me at

--- DATE: Aug 7, 2000 NAME: sue large EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: tyring to find amos myers family they lived around rock house and moved around 1912 he owned land there also they had 12 children his wife was eliza jane baker does any one know or is related to this bunch of myers / bakers. thank you sue large

--- DATE: Aug 14, 2000 NAME: Nelda Henry EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: seeking information on eunice MCDONALD,can find no information on her or her family. She married my grandfather in madison co. arkansas on 13 dec. 1874. his name was joseph daniel brown. they both died in drew, douglas co. oregon in the early 1930's. i am at a brickwall on her and could really use some help.

--- DATE: Aug 15, 2000 NAME: Dena Lacy EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Elisha ANDERSON b-12-31-1885 to Frank ANDERSON and Nancy YOUNG. Elisha married Effie Belle COOPER 11-21-1906. Effie was born 3-5-1888 to William E. COOPER and Nancy Jane PATRICK. Counties in Arkansas are Madison and Crittendon.

--- DATE: Aug 20, 2000 NAME: Mike (Kirk) Wood EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am looking for information on Caleb Kirk. He lived in Madison Co., Bowen Township around 1850. I know he was being tried for murder, from what I have gathered on the interent. I would like to know what happened to him and the outcome of the trial if it occured. Does anyone have any information on Caleb?

--- DATE: Aug 25, 2000 NAME: Susan Santoli EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for info on elusive Willis Hill Privett who came to Madison Co. from TN in 1829 with wife Syrenah (Serena) and several children. Date and place of birth are unknown, supposedly born in NC. Willis died in Washington Co. in 1839.

--- DATE: Aug 27, 2000 NAME: Cheryl Holland EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I would like to confirm that Stephen and Onah HOLLAND are buried in the Marble AR cemetery. Any additional information that could be obtained would be appreciated. Is is possible to obtain copies of death certificates of people who died in 1867 and 1869? Has the register of people buried in Marble cemetery been transcribed somewhere? Thanks. Cheryl

--- DATE: Sep 4, 2000 NAME: Sue Antrim EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Hi Im looking for information on a Claud Cooper born October 11, 1902 in Madison County,Ar and he married a Doris Skelton he is suppose to have brothers and sisters Minnie,Franklin,Otto C,Sarah,and Roy and his parents are suppose to ne William Cooper and a Gillian Smith I think this might be a second marriage anyhting would be apperciated. Thank you Sue please email me at

--- DATE: Sep 4, 2000 NAME: Sue Antrim EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Hi Im looking for information on a Claud Cooper born October 11, 1902 in Madison County,Ar and he married a Doris Skelton he is suppose to have brothers and sisters Minnie,Franklin,Otto C,Sarah,and Roy and his parents are suppose to ne William Cooper and a Gillian Smith I think this might be a second marriage anyhting would be apperciated. Thank you Sue please email me at

--- DATE: Sep 9, 2000 NAME: Shannon (Kleespies) Laningham EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: i am trying to find any information i can on marvin and medalin (EUBANKS LANINGHAM. the reason is i am trying to put my husband david l LANINGHAM's past together form him. marvin and med had 3 to 4 children i know only of 2 (david's father) loyd layman and a sister erma. if you can help i would be greatful.


 MYSTERY: my mystery is: what happened to samuel and mary jane HUGHES. she married james marion GOLDMAN in 1901 after samuels death. childrens names: joseph fletcher, clarence sebastian, lee andrew gustavous,clarie lou, effie carnedie, deller jane , eller s. steller. I have not been able to locate the parents.joseph was born in stone county, arkansas. helen

--- DATE: Sep 14, 2000 NAME: Bonnie Farmer EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for Victoria p. PARKER"s father. This is all I know She was born Madison,county,Arkin 1857.Mother's name was Nancy C. CHANDLER. She had at least one brother Thomas N.PARKER. Maybe a brother named John. I can not find them in the 1860 census. I have found a Nancy PARKER with children Green,John Thomas and Eliza. The ages match Thomas' and Eliza matches Victoria's.Nancy is buried in the Buckeye Cem. I just can not find his father father.I have not found a marriage for Nancy C. Chandler to anyone(she never remarried after Victoria's father her headstone gives the name of PARKER.Nancy died Aug.9,1885.

--- DATE: Sep 16, 2000 NAME: Jan McElhaney EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: This will probably sound like a dumb question, but here goes. My father was CURTIS WESLEY MCELHANEY. Son of Ona McElhaney and Gladys Lucas. Born Sept 7, 1923 in Aurora ARkansas. However, when my father ordered a copy of his birth certificate, it had his name as Samuel Truman Wesley McElhaney. Has anyone had a similar experience? This is confusing.

--- DATE: Sep 18, 2000 NAME: Pat Nance EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: My great grandfather, Hiram Caulfield RUSSELL, disappeared from any records about1883. He went to Madison Co., AR ca 1870. Hiram's in-laws, Fredrick & Mary Nevitt BRAY, came to AR about the same time. They homesteaded near Huntsville in 1875. Hiram RUSSELL sold his land in 1880. Hiram lost a leg. Not sure how that happened. Hiram was a shoemaker and probably a Justice of the Peace. Found in article written by G.W. Williams that Peg-Leg Russell performed the marriage of Cart HAWKINS and Jo BRAY. Jo BRAY was Hiram's sister-in-law. Appreciate any help you may have. Will share what information I have on the Russell/Bray families.

--- DATE: Sep 28, 2000 NAME: Jo Mitchell EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am desparately seeking the location of the mouth of Big Onion Creek &/or Bull RIGGINS Mill on this creek. I descend from John (middle name Thurman or Thurmon) SMITH born abt. 1840. Oral tradition places his origins at the mouth of Big Onion near Bull RIGGINS Mill. Besides pinpointing this location, I'd be interested in hearing from any SMITH or RIGGINS researchers looking in Madison County. Thanks a bunch!

--- DATE: Oct 4, 2000 NAME: Debbie EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: DONAHOU/BERGET looking for info in my greatgrand mother, she was the 5th wife of charles berget/donahou, she died in madison county, dutton around 1908-1910, 3 of her children were left in okla. 1 of them was my grandmother, its always been a mystery to her children and grandchildren, so i am trying to solve it. thanks for any info, her maiden name was aker or alcorn?

--- DATE: Oct 4, 2000 NAME: Chris Thurston EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Elihu STEPHENS (b.Estill Co. Ky 1834) m. Elizabeth TAYLOR (dau. of John TAYLOR) June 13, 1858 Jackson County, KY). They lived in Madison County, Valley Township 1870 Census. 1880 Census finds them in Franklin County, White Rock Township. Elihu STEPHENS died September 18, 1911, buried in Madison County, Mill Creek Cemetery. What happened to Elizabeth TAYLOR STEPHENS?

--- DATE: Oct 14, 2000 NAME: Wanda EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for the parents of Mary JOHNSON LANE, wife of Rile LANE of Madison Co.

--- DATE: Oct 15, 2000 NAME: Mary RAINES EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I have been trying to find my g great uncles, James J. JACKSON and Louis D. JACKSON. the last I have found on them was in Carroll Co. Ar. living with their mother, Eliza J. JACKSON, and their brother John George JACKSON In the 1880 census. Their father was never listed in the home, so I would like to know who is their father? And where did my family go? If any one has any answers please let me know. I don't know where else to search for them. Any help would be a blessing. Thank you, Mary

--- DATE: Oct 15, 2000 NAME: june freeman EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Did you know my great-great-grandparents, Sarah HOLT & Henry WEBB? *Sarah (Holt) Webb, Widow of Henry Webb (I have no info on Henry!) Born: June 17, 1852 Benton Co., Ar. Died: February 18, 1938 County of Madison, Township of Bowen, Aurora, Arkansas. Sarah's mother and father were David Holt and Mary Walker (married 1844 Grainger, TN.) Informant was her son, James Walter WEBB of Aurora, Arkansas. Henry and Sarah's children: James Walter WEBB b.abt.1882 b.where? (of Aurora) Married 1903 Madison Co., Ar. to Eliza TWEEDY (of St. Paul) Myrtle (Myrtie) WEBB b.6/10/1883 where? (my great-grandmother) Married 1903 Madison Co., Ar. to Elmer BRYANT (of St. Paul) George WEBB b.abt.1883 b.where? Married 1911 Madison Co., Ar. to Cue BRYANT (of St. Paul) I have a death certificate for Mary Holt d.1922 Benton Co., Decatur, Ar. I believe this Mary is my Sarah Holt's mother, Mary Walker. Mary's death certificate was signed by J.H. Holt (James Henry Holt), her son and Sarah's brother of Gravette. If there are WEBBs and HOLTs in these areas mentioned, please contact me at my name is June Freeman. Thanks in advance!

--- DATE: Oct 18, 2000 NAME: S. Rhea EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for the grave of Barbara Ann WALTHERS. The name could possibly be Barbara Ann BEREZANSKY. ( Name variations: BEREZARSKY, BEREAANSKY) Born: December 20, 1935. Placed at St. Agatha's Home for Children in Nanuet, NY on June 29, 1938. Baptized on August 11, 1938 By Reverend Charles M. Walsh. First Holy Communion on June 2, 1942 at St. Cathrine's of Sienna Church in Franklin Square, Long Island. Died: August 1946. The place of burial was not recorded. Mother's name: Anna Berezansky Father's name: William Walthers Thank you in advance for any information regarding this matter.

--- DATE: Oct 22, 2000 NAME: Kenneth Davidson EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: My father, Kenneth Davidson, has no records of his father, Shirley Davidson. Shirley Davidson was born between 1907-1910, and died in 1953 in Washington DC. If you have any records on him please mail to my address.Thank you

--- DATE: Nov 2, 2000 NAME: Travis Brewer EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: John Wesley Blythe; Nancy Jane Wall, Does anyone know of this couple? I cannot find anything. Thank u! Travis

--- DATE: Nov 21, 2000 NAME: Novadean Shelton EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I need Info from the 1870 census , Madison County , Arkansas on George Washington Vaughan, Thanks , Novadean Shelton

--- DATE: Nov 21, 2000 NAME: Novadean Shelton EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Please give me information on George David Vaughn, born 1882 -1947.He owned property in Broken Bow Oklahoma probably in the 1900's . His dad was Christopher Columbus Vaughan, his mother was Martha J . Carrol. born , 1847 Thanks , Novadean Shelton

--- DATE: Dec 5, 2000 NAME: Ron Schultz EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Joseph SCHULTZ has been missing since June of 1954. Through a SSI death record search, I have found that he passed away on December 25, 1993 in Madison, AR. He was born on May 9th, 1918 in Wisconsin. My Father Ervin is his brother. He is in bad health now, and unable to search for information on his brother any more. What he is hoping to find out is, where he is buried, his cause of death, an obituary, and if he may have had family. Were hoping someone can help us out with any information. Thanks Ron Schultz

--- DATE: Dec 8, 2000 NAME: Gary Embry EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am trying to locate any info reagrding by uncle,Howard SMITH. He was born 1909-11 to John and Amberzine Hoskins Smith near Witter. He may have married Grace Smith, but I am not sure. It is believed he went to Okla to work for his brother L.D. Smith and then on to Corpus Cristi, TX area. Any info will be appreciated. I do not have an exact birth date or death date. He may have died in in 1950's. Help, please

--- DATE: Dec 14, 2000 NAME: lee roy LAY EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: i am looking for information on the j.h. STANSELL family found inthe kings river township in the 1860 census his wife was martha j. and8 children william l.,margaret,elmira j., john r., martha f.,nancy,jesse r.,george w. margaret STANSELL married john TUCKER son of john a. TUCKER and lucinda who also had 8 children alfred,john,mary,nancy david,james,louisa and elizabeth. would like any help on this family tree.

--- DATE: Dec 19, 2000 NAME: Debbie EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: My grandmothers father was Freeman BLYTHE he was born in Madison County Arkansas Feb 8,1881. His father was George William BLYTHE we think his mother was Betty Dotson. Grandma thought they all had lived in Ozark for a while before moving to Ft Gibson Oklahoma. We can not find anything on this family it like the didnt exist. All we know is the little that grandma remembers. I cant find them in any census or marriage licence or anything. Is ther anyone out ther who knoew this family?? They also had a daughter named Siny born in ark too

-- DATE: Aug 11, 2001 NAME: Sonya Essman EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Rial LANE/Mary Johnson. What was the name of Mary Johnson's parents. Mary was born August 13 1825 in Tennesse. She died August 3 1878 in Madison County, Arkansas. She married Rial Lane on July 15, 1840 in Madison county Arkansas

--- DATE: Aug 20, 2001 NAME: Phyllis Powell EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for my great grandmother. I don't even know her name. She was married to John L. Leming. He was a farmer in Madison County in 1900. His children were: William G. Leming; Gilbert Lafayette Leming (MY grandfather); Thomas & Mary E. Leming. My great grandfather was listed as a widower then on the U.S. Census Records. Any info you can supply is appreciated.. Thanks

--- DATE: Aug 22, 2001 NAME: susan fisher EMAIL:

MYSTERY: im trying to find chief minor joseph raincrow im a 4th decendant granddaughter

--- DATE: Aug 24, 2001 NAME: JoAnne Webb EMAIL:

MYSTERY: G.G. Grandmother, Elvira RANDOLPH, b. 1831 TN md. James GUTHRIE, b. 1827 TN. Elvira died 1858, Madison Co AR I have never been able to find anything more for Elvira. James and Elvira's daughter, Cherry Matilda "Tilda" GUTHRIE JOHNSON, wife of Martin Vanburen JOHNSON, was living with my grandparents when she died in Madison Co in 1920. My grandfather, John Coleman NEAL, gave the information for the death cirtificate and said that Tilda's mothers maiden name was ARBUCKLE. My mystery is . . . was Elvira, wife of James GUTHRIE, a RANDOLFH or an ARBUCKLE?

--- DATE: Sep 26, 2001 NAME: David Phillips EMAIL:

MYSTERY: ronald, you posted this and I have been trying to get back with you about it. i have some questions i want to asked you. but your email isn't working. i can look for a obituary for you. my mom was a SCHULTZ. date may 14, 2000 name: Ronald L Schultz EMAIL: MYSTERY: From Social Security Death Index. Name JOSEPH SCHULTZ. Birth 05/09/18. Death 12/25/93. Last Residence 72740 (Huntsville, Madison, AR.) Last Benefit (none specified). SSN 391-16-7000. Issued Wisconsin. Looking for burial site, obituary, etc. He has been missing since 1954.

--- DATE: Nov 16, 2001 NAME: Donna Alumbaugh EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Looking for obituary or news article for Jesse MAHAFFEY who was killed by a drunk doctor on 16 August 1915 in madison County, Arkansas. The incident occurred in a church. Thank you.

--- DATE: Nov 18, 2001 NAME: Chris Hamilton EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Trying to find a record of HAMILTON, James Alexander died between 1886 and 1892 and his wife Melinda Ann MOORE HAMILTON died after the 1900 census. Family said they gave land for Boston Cemetery. Daughter Sarah Elizabeth HAMILTON COWAN and her husband have stones in Boston cemetery. Thanks for any clues.

--- DATE: Nov 24, 2001 NAME: Carolyn Griffin EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for information on my gg grandmother,Adeline (ROSE), STEPHENS. She would have been located around Combs,AR in around 1860-1978. John STEPHENS and Adeline had David Samuel and Margaret Jane STEPHENS, then were divorced in about 1878. Adeline was the daughter of Andrew J. ROSE. It is rumored that she left John with another man by the last name of Roberts. Any information on Adeline would be greatly appreciated, I have hit a dead-end with her. Thank you,

--- DATE: Dec 28, 2001 NAME: JoAnne McCOY WEBB EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Elvira RANDOLPH, born 1831 in TN, married James GUTHRIE. Moved to Madison Co AR abt. 1850. Who were the parents of Elvira RANDOLPH? Where in TN was she from? Did other RANDOLPHS move to Madison Co AR? When Elvira died James GUTHRIE married Nancy ? Does anyone know who Nancy was? On a death cirtificate filled out for James and Elvira's daughter, Cherry Matilda "Tilda" GUTHRIE JOHNSON, her son-in-law gave Tilda's mother's maiden name as ARBUCKLE. Was this a mistake? Could it be Arbuckle is correct and Randolph is the mistake? Or could it be the maiden name of James Guthrie's 2ond wife Nancy? This has truly been a "mystery" for me. I will appreciate any information, clues and suggestions.

--- DATE: Dec 28, 2001 NAME: JoAnne McCOY WEBB EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Elvira RANDOLPH, born 1831 in TN, married James GUTHRIE. Moved to Madison Co AR abt. 1850. Who were the parents of Elvira RANDOLPH? Where in TN was she from? Did other RANDOLPHS move to Madison Co AR? When Elvira died James GUTHRIE married Nancy ? Does anyone know who Nancy was? On a death cirtificate filled out for James and Elvira's daughter, Cherry Matilda "Tilda" GUTHRIE JOHNSON, her son-in-law gave Tilda's mother's maiden name as ARBUCKLE. Was this a mistake? Could it be Arbuckle is correct and Randolph is the mistake? Or could it be the maiden name of James Guthrie's 2ond wife Nancy? This has truly been a "mystery" for me. I will appreciate any information, clues and suggestions.

--- DATE: Jan 6, 2002 NAME: Shelly J. Lockhart Voth EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for information on George Howard MYERS. He was my grandfather who died when my father was a child. The only information that I have is that he was born July 17, 1917. He died in the fall of 1953 and is buried in a cemetary around Clifty or Forum. He was in the Army between 1940 and 1945. He married my grandmother, Esther Loretta Todd in 1939. I would like to have more information on him and any family he had after he divorced my grandmother. I also would like to know the name and exact location of the cemetary that he is buried in and the cause of his death. Thank you.

--- DATE: Jan 12, 2002 NAME: Charlotte EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for any relatives of John Morgan REYNOLDS. He was born July 23, 1900. His father was Benjamin REYNOLDS and his mother was Evaline KISOR. John was my great grandfather and I have already found relatives of his wife Ida Mae THORNSBERRY and would love to get to know relatives on my great grandfather's side of the family! Thanks!

--- DATE: Jan 26, 2002 NAME: Dorothy Craig Worrall EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Researching John Henry MATTHEWS. He married Cathrine Amelia DAVIS about 1857 She married Ambrose WILLIAMS in 1867 or 1868. What happened to John Henry M

--- DATE: Jan 26, 2002 NAME: Dorothy Craig Worrall EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Researching John Henry MATTHEWS. He married Cathrine Amelia DAVIS about 1857 She married Ambrose WILLIAMS in 1867 or 1868. What happened to John Henry MATTHEWS. One source says he is buried in Horn Cemetary in Pettigrew. When did he die? I need the names of his and Amelia Cathrine' children. Please help, I will be so grateful.

--- DATE: Jan 26, 2002 NAME: Dorothy Craig Worrall EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Researching John Henry MATTHEWS. He married Cathrine Amelia DAVIS about 1857 She married Ambrose WILLIAMS in 1867 or 1868. What happened to John Henry MATTHEWS. One source says he is buried in Horn Cemetary in Pettigrew. When did he die? I need the names of his and Amelia Cathrine' children. Please help, I will be so grateful.

--- DATE: Feb 22, 2002 NAME: J D MURPHY EMAIL:


--- DATE: Mar 2, 2002 NAME: Calvin Trapp EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am seeking info on the John Cummins Trapp family that lived in Madison Co. in 1870s and 1880s. Two of his sons married into the Fritts family. I would like to know when they left the area and where they went. John C. and/or his wife ( Lucinda Smith Trapp ) may have died and buried there. Any info you have on them will be much appreciated. Please feel free to E-mail me at Thanks, Calvin Trapp

--- DATE: Mar 2, 2002 NAME: Calvin Trapp EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I would like any info on C.S. Fritts who lived in Madison Co. in thr late 1860s. He was the first WM of Little Spring Masonic lodge in 1869. I am also interested in his wife (I don`t know her name yet) and children and their names. Please E-mail me at Thanks, Calvin Trapp

--- DATE: Mar 2, 2002 NAME: Calvin Trapp EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I would like any info on C.S. Fritts who lived in Madison Co. in thr late 1860s. He was the first WM of Little Spring Masonic lodge in 1869. I am also interested in his wife (I don`t know her name yet) and children and their names. Please E-mail me at Thanks, Calvin Trapp

--- DATE: Mar 14, 2002 NAME: Betty Vanhorn EMAIL:

MYSTERY: i am trying to locate a brother SAMUEL ROCK WILLIE born february 14 1955 alderson & broadass hospital phillippi west virginia this is my last memory at age 5 i am 52 now we my parents HERBERT RAY (RAY) and MARGARET ELIZABETH (PEGGY) WILLIE took him to 1516 edgeway drive fairmont west virginia the home of MARTIN (MIKE) AND CLARA KAUFFMAN there was another man and woman there i do not remember the names but i sort of remember that he worked for the state at a liquior store and she was a school teacher and i think they were from new jersey the six people sat at the kitchen table talked and had coffee while i played with the dolls that belonged to the KAUFFMANS dad and i went out to the truck and mom came out with a white dress and a mint green sweater set we got in the truck and drove home i do nor remember anything else and now i wonder why none of us ever ask about out brother on may 9 1956 our youngest brother CHESTER STEPHEN (PETE) WILLIE was born there are 5 of us living i will give you a run down on this i am BETTY VANHORN i live in west virginia i was born in fairmont west virginia in 1949 after me my parents lost a daughter ALICE LEAONA WILLIE and twin sons SAMUEL SHARPE WILLIE and JAMES RAY WILLIE in 1952 came PATRICIA LOUELLA WILLIE WITHROW west virginia 1953 PERRY MICHAEL WILLIE, west virginia, 1954 JOYCE ANN WILLIE KNIGHT, georgia, 1955 SAMUEL ROCK (ROCKY) WILLIE ?????? 1956 CHESTER STEPHEN (PETE) WILLIE deceased texas if any of this makes any sense to anyone please contact me at in subject line please put ROCKY my mother was a only child rejected by her family for seeing a man below her class my dad was born to MARGARET TRAILOR that was her name in 1964 when we met her in indialopolis indiana his father was FRANKIE CARLO LEDFORD my dad was given to the WILLIES PERRY AND ALICE WILLIE i assume to raise they lived in watson west virginia until their death not sure of the dates but was in the late 1950's i know now of this makes much sense but i would like to locate our brother and others related to us when we met our grandmother in indiana she had 7 or 8 grown children some did good for them self but some did not two names i can remember is AUNT MARGARET and UNCLE MARLO he has a criminal record but not sure what for we were raises in rural west virginia but we lived all up and down the east coast onhio indiana illionis pennsylviania florida moving about every 6 months to years never ever met any one that was related to our dad someone please help this ould be written better but i am just jotting down thigs as i remember them thank you in advance and GOD bless

--- DATE: Mar 18, 2002 NAME: Rick EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I find samuel r. CROSS married to a woman named allie on the 1900 census of madison county, in either prairie township or prairie grove township. i was told there was a divorce. i would like to know who she was,when they were married and when they divorced. i know he married another woman later and they lived in benton county. her name was minnie watkins. i don't know when they married but they were together until they died. they are buried in oak hill cemetery,siloam springs ar.

--- DATE: Mar 22, 2002 NAME: shirley conn EMAIL:

MYSTERY: i have a brother i havent seen for 30 years, would like to know where he is .his last knowen stateis is gregory cotton.i was told that he might be at arbuckle wilderness.i have a nother brother in texas who i have been talking by letters & email but have not seen 30 years each of us havent the money to see each other.ihope to fine greg to write him or email him.


MYSTERY: i had a half brother whom was killed between 1955-1962 in philadelphia,pa. his name was robert earl davis. i assume he has my dad last name because his mother was his first wife(DAVIS). he have three daughter, that i would like to find. i don't know their name because i was so young when this happen. i was told their mother killed him. his mother name is/was sarah. i know he stayed in trouble because when i was a little girl he came to live with my dad and our family for a while. i have tried to find his obituary or some records on him but i can't find anything. please help me.

--- DATE: Apr 1, 2002 NAME: Olga Trevino EMAIL:

MYSTERY: my cousin kelly camargo was murdered in cincinatie,ohio. her murder was airedon your show in her home towne not in michigan where all her family lives. we still have not found her murderer yet i was wondering if you could air it's been about elleven years sinced she's passed and we would like to know if you would put her dson your show again it would meen alot to our family. thank you. Olga C. Trevino

--- DATE: Apr 16, 2002 NAME: Patty EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for info on Elizabeth (Betsy) Sutherland, b.1914 and died 1959. Married Haskell Sisson and is buried in Bloak Fox Cememtary on the out skirts of Kansas, Oklahoma. I would like to hind her mother or father or sidlings.

--- DATE: May 4, 2002 NAME: Rita Ficht EMAIL:

MYSTERY: This is for Barb, who posted a query about Serrela Brown and Barton Edwards. I have tried e-mailing you with no luck. Please get in touch with me. Rita Ficht

--- DATE: May 26, 2002 NAME: Judy Lee Guthrie EMAIL:

MYSTERY: TOTAL MYSTERY...Grandpa Walter Guthrie always said his dad, John, came from Guthrie, OK. Walter's mom died in childbirth with her 3rd?? child. Walter's parents employed a governess and black maid. After Walter's mom died John, Walter, Tom and the baby came to Arkansas. The baby died and is buried in Pea Ridge. Walter's father married the governess but unknown whether they married before or after move to Arkansas. John's second wife's last name was Elkins. Walter was on his own from age 9 because the stepmother did not want him or Tom. The last name oon Walter and his wife Violet Hope Boyd's marriage license is spelled Gutherie. John and his second wife had: Clyde, Bill, Pearl (married name Miner), Lilly (married name Duncan), Rosie (married name Hight). Walter's brother Tom was 2 years older. He always seplled his last name Gutherie. Tom and his frist wife's children were Eunice, Ivy, Otis (died in California). Tom and his second wife Mary had: Mary (who had a daughter Ursula by a previous marriage), Bonnie (married name Bohannan--thought the family came from Kentucky--had two sons Tom and Jim, Tom deceased). That's what I know except that he lived at Buckeye for years and planted every peach seed he got his hands on and raised chickens that were easy to catch. And, he loved cornbread and buttermilk and I can still see the milk that would get caught on his hugh mustache. Anyone that could help would be an angel. I've looked forever and this is all I know. He didn't even know his real birthdate and made one up--July 4, 1875. A census (1920) indicated his date of birth 1878. Violet Hope died 1945 or so. Help. Lee Guthrie Maui, HI

--- DATE: May 26, 2002 NAME: Lee Guthrie EMAIL:

MYSTERY: My ggreatgrandfather, William Houston Calico, died in 1917. His wife Etta Ivilee Culwell married Verdon Johnson between that time and the 1920 census when they are listed as married. I discovered the connection between William Verdon Johnson with a search on Guthrie/erie. William Verdon Johnson's mother and father were Martin Vanburen Johnson and Cherry Matilda Guthrie/erie. She is even buried at Cherry Creek Cemetery. Now the strange thing is my grandfather Walter Guthrie, abt 1875-1960, married to Violet Hope Boyd, has no record of his family. I've posted just yesterday a mystery on him. I've no proof that Cherry and Walter are related but what a coincidence. Especially that her dad's name was James (Jim) and James had a brother John. Grandpa's dad's name was John (word of mouth only). Walter had a half-brother named Tom who was 2 years older. Walter and Tom's mom died in childbirth, they moved to Arkansas and the baby died there and is buried in Pea Ridge. The next wife was the governess that was employed by John. She did not want anything to do with Walter and Tom and Walter was said to be on his own since age 9. John and the new wife (name unknown) had Clyde, Bill, Parl (married a Miner), Lilly (married name Duncan), and Rosie (married name Hight--her son Truman Hight lives in Springdale. None of these kids claim any knowledge of Walter. (Just dawned on me I could call them and get their mom's name!--one piece that may help!). Tom, Walter's brother, always spelled his name Gutherie and in fact Walter and Violet's marriage license (word of mouth only) spelled their name Gutherie. Any help would be great. Lee Guthrie Maui, HI

--- DATE: Jun 9, 2002 NAME: Lee Guthrie EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Walter Guthrie & Emanda Sneed. Well since my last posting regarding Walter Guthrie I have made some amazing headway. I now know his mom's name was Emanda Sneed. She and John Guthery married in Jan 1869. She must have died between 1879-80. She died in Kentucky. Elizabeth Daily married John not long after her death. John and Elizabeth are buried in Son's Chapel in Fayetteville; both died apparently in 1927. Anymore information would be great such as Emanda Sneed's parents names and where she was born, etc. Lee Guthrie

--- DATE: Jul 1, 2002 NAME: JoEllen EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Brother found daughter after 25 years!!

--- DATE: Jul 6, 2002 NAME: Tonya McCuistion EMAIL:

MYSTERY: looking for info about greatgrandfather whose name was butler THOMAS. he married sarah jane "sadie" KEENER. they had one daughter winnie berlene THOMAS born 1901. winnie THOMAS married j.ernest MCCUISTION of farmington, washington co. in 1921. according to family tradition butler THOMAS was from madison co. thanks

--- DATE: Jul 6, 2002 NAME: teresa smith EMAIL:

MYSTERY: searching for HARVEY,PARKER & NELSON in Madison County

--- DATE: Jul 19, 2002 NAME: Jerome Tucker EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Looking for information on David M. TUCKER the son of John A. TUCKER and Lucinda (Arrington) TUCKER. They were from Madison County, Arkansas. Any information on any of the TUCKER familys from Madison Co. Arkansas would be helpful. Any information on any kin folk or relations to John A. Tucker would be great. Thanks...

--- DATE: Jul 28, 2002 NAME: Debbie EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for my great grandfather who lived in Combs. His name was Thomas Jefferson Black. Little is known of him. He was married to Mary Jane Cooper in 1879. They had 2 children of which 1 died in infancy. Mary Jane did not want to leave her parents so Thomas went away and married another and had a family. nothing is known from this point on. Mary Jane and Thomas's children are buried at Bea Patrick Cemetery along with 9 of their grandchildren. Any info would be appreciated. Debbie

--- DATE: Aug 1, 2002 NAME: Angie Lane EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for my gg-grandmother Permelia Jane DRIVER. She was born in 1858 and married Andrew Jess KECK in 1876. The 1880 census has Jess & Jane living next door to William & Nancy DRIVER. The 1860 census has William & Nancy with a daughter named Nancy Jane age 1. I can't find William & Nancy in 1870. I am wondering if Jess really married Permelia Jane or did he marry Nancy Jane? Here's another mystery: Why don't these people go by their first names?!?!?!