Madison County,


--- DATE: Febuary 08,2006 NAME: Shelly Stevenson EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Please Help!!!! Who are the parents of Harvey GRIFFITH, where was he buried, where did he die, how did he die? Can not find anything on him except that his wifes name is Anna possiable Martha Ann. He moved here between 1851 and 1852. He shows up on Marion County Tennessee census in 1850 with Anna & 3 of his children. Then shows up in Madison County, Arkansas on the 1860 census without Anna but with three more children. That is all i have on him. No one else i have spoke to can tell me any differant that they have no idea!

--- DATE: March 26, 2006 NAME: Jessica EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I cannot locate the name of Arlie Cook's wife, my great-grandmother. She was born about 1904 (give or take a year or two), and married 1927 in Kingston. She lived in Kinsgton at least until my grandmother Opal Marie Cook was born in 1932. I remember hearing my grandmother say, a few years before she died, that her mother had died when she was young, I think when she was eight but I am not possitive, I know she was dead before my grandmother married in 1948. Her first name might of been Vinnie or Vennie. From What my grandmother said her father's name might of been William Arlie Cook, or just Arlie Cook, or William Cook, and the other name might of been a nickname. I am looking for any information on her, a last name before she married, her parents names, did she have siblings, dates, where she was from, etc.

--- DATE: March 26, 2006 NAME: K. Ramsey EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I find HIRAM STOTTS in Madison County in 1850 but don't know where he came from or where he went. ????

--- DATE: 6 May 2006 NAME: Bob Evans EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Trying to find the maiden of Warren SAMS wife. Warren was killed in a gunfight in 1859. The 1860 census states she is Indiana SAMS, the 1850 census states she is Judiana SAMS. I have info she is Peggy Ann STEVENS, daughter of Thomas STEVENS, who was living in Marion County in 1850.


 MYSTERY: POLLY DAWN RAINCROW or whatever her name was.

--- DATE: 08/09/06 NAME: Nancy Luck EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I know that my g.g. grandfather, Elias M. Witter was a respected businessman, apparently a hero so that Witter was named after him.I think he and other members of the family are buried in the Kilgore Cemetery. I bought the book, History of Witter, Arkansas and was disappointed to find he never lived there, but he was mentioned. Given that he was apparently well known, why can't I find out anything about him or the Kilgore Cemetery?

--- DATE: 8-23-2006 NAME: Ruby Ekey EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Who was the husband of Jane (Elizabeth Jane) ARNOLD? Her maiden name was JORDAN and her first husband was Thomas CAUTHON who may have died before she went to Arkansas. Her 1923 Arkansas death certificate states that she had been in the state for 50 years and in place of death (Brush Creek, Washington County)for 30 years. She hasn't been found in the 1880 census, but she is in the 1900 with her sister and family in Brush Creek Township. In 1901 papers in Hickory County, Missouri (her location in 1870) give Madison County, Arkansas as her location. Any help appreciated.


--- DATE: August 28, 2006 NAME: Vicki Williams EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Looking for info on Squire Ben WILLIAMS, married to Ida Mae SAMUELS, had 3 kids, William Harry 1892-1969, Henry Jackson 1898-1984 and Ora, died 1908. Squire Ben's father was Jackson WILLIAMS. We have no other info for these 2 people. All we know is the Squire Ben WILLIAMS had diappeared and Ida Mae remarried later to Joshua Kinsey BARBER, 1905. They later moved to Washington State. Any kind of info would be helpful.