Madison County,


DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Oley Delyea EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for information on (J.) Benjamin Pigman born 1846 in Madison Co. Who were the parents?? 

DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Dawn EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who was Hiram Henderson McFarland's parents and siblings. He was born about 1854 died abt 1935 He married Lucy Ann Young born abt 1862 died 1914, who were her parents & siblings. They both died and buried around Red Star, Madison, ARK Dawn

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Barb EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Zorelda/Surrelda Brown married Robert Barton Edwards Whitley KY - moved to Madison County Arkansas. Who were their parents, siblings, children? Does anyone have any information on them? Barb

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Gloria (Kirk) Gates EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who were the parents of Louris Casto Knoles and where were they from? (He is buried in Colbaugh Cemetery.) Gloria (Kirk) Gates

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Gloria (Kirk) Gates EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who were the parents and siblings of Viola (Tranquila?) (Lollar) Knoles? She is buried in Colbaugh Cemetery. Gloria (Kirk) Gates

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Linda Harris EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Anyone know anything about Mineard RAINEY, believe to be born about 1903 in KS., died 21 Dec. 1927. Maybe buried in McBroom Cem.? Linda Harris

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Matthew McMasters EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking to find more info on one of the surname Wareagle, a private in the Second Regiment Indian Home Guard Company E serving under Captain: Daniel McCoy Gunter, First Lt. William H. Kendall. Second Lt. Rufus 0. Ross and Orderly Sergeant Daniel Ross Hicks. I am glad to pay for photo copies of records/files anyone may have regarding such. Feel free to email me direct at

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Shelley Way EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: In the 1850 Richland Township Census of Madison County, AR: Fredrick King age 37 born in SC. Loucian (Martin) King age 31 born in Alabama. Children: John W., Loucinda E., Charles H., Rueben S., Jesse S., Rhoda D., William W., James A. Does anyone know anything about their ancestors or decendents? Thanks Shelley Cain Way

--- DATE: Aug 1, 1999 NAME: Sandra EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Does anyone know what happen to the parents of Josiah Syrus Jackson? They were William and Sarah(wheat) Jackson .Does anyone know where they are buried. Josiah was borned in Huntsville,Madison Co. in1837.Was his grandfather David Jackson?Any help appreciated. Thank You, Sandra



--- DATE: Aug 16, 1999 NAME: Odessa Case EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: BOWEN, alf - born in arkansas dec 1860, his father/or grandfather was in the trail of tears, but I don't know their names. his wife was anna a. LESTER and she was born in cape girardeau, mo. their daughter, stella Alice Mae BOWEN (my grandmother) was born in aurora, madison, arkansas in 1897. i found the family on the 1900 census in washington county, arkansas indian territory. there were two boys, claude and arthur. i would very much like to find out his father and mother's names. thanks for any help you might have.

--- DATE: Aug 24, 1999 NAME: Douglas Williams EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: looking for information on rev.moses p.Dutton b.1816 scott co.viginia d.1897 goshen arkansaw.also jeremiah Dutton 1745 botetourt co.virginia.m.sarah o ??? scott co.virginia.

--- DATE: Aug 28, 1999 NAME: Sherry Castelluzzo EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I am researching the MOPPIN family and am not having any luck. Does anyone knows what William "Bill" Meredith/Merredith MOPPIN's parents names were? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

--- DATE: Sep 1, 1999 NAME: Rhonda EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Baby HAMMETT is gone! My g-grandmother Lue Emma (Hodges) Hammett-Lawson had been married to a man by the last name of HAMMETT. She had two children, the first died as a small babe. After having the second child, a boy, her husband took the child and ran off. She remarried around 1900-1901 at the age of 21. What happened to the child? Where did they go? What was her husbands name? Why?......


 MYSTERY: Hettie MULLEN and her twin sister Lettie, both full blood Cherokee Indians. Hettie : b.3/28/1880 d.10/10/1926. Lived in Combs, Arkansas (Madison County)

--- DATE: Sep 5, 1999 NAME: Ronna Heidrich EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for parents/siblings of William PERRY. Also looking for death and burial place.

--- DATE: Sep 5, 1999 NAME: Ronna Heidrich EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for parents/siblings of William PERRY. Also looking for death and burial place. William was born in NC around 1809. He married Margaret____ in TN. Several of their children were born in TN. Their names were Elenor, married Thomas KEELING, Harriet b.1836; Amanda b. 1839; John Lafayette b. Feb 1844, m. (1) Louisa Ann Parks, dau. of Fielden and Caroline (Davis) Parks; (2) Martha Ann Boatright; Refina Angaline, b. 1846, m.Ambrose Parks, bro to Louisa; Mary b. 1848; William C. b. Dec. 1851; Coosa b. 1854.

--- DATE: Sep 6, 1999 NAME: Barbara Stewart EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: What happened to the THORNSBERRYS of Greasy Creek Ark.?

--- DATE: Sep 7, 1999 NAME: Karen Grigsby Nichols EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: GRIGSBY, Benjamin Franklin, b. 1828 Hazzard,KY, father of Francis Marion GRIGSBY, b1887 Dutton, Madison County ARK. Who was Francis Marion"s mother? He was the 12th child of B.F.GRIGSBY and the only son of that union. Other half siblings born in Madison were William Marion and Mary .

--- DATE: Sep 12, 1999 NAME: Lin Anderson EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Why is Calvin Clint LEWIS buried in a large cemetery near Huntsville, Arkansas, that isn't mentioned in any Madison County information????? Alabam Cemetery list only one LEWIS. Did C.C. LEWIS have family in Arkansas? Great-Grandson looking for information on him.

--- DATE: Sep 16, 1999 NAME: Wilda Knight EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Jacob HAWK m. Rebecca GRIFFITH. Her father was Joseph Griffith. The only place I can find them is on the 1870 Polk C. Census. Any info appreciated.

--- DATE: Sep 18, 1999 NAME: Wade Holcombe EMAIL:


--- DATE: Sep 19, 1999 NAME: Pansylea Howard Willburn EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Who were the parents of William D. HOWARD who was born ca. 1834 in MO and who was living with his wife and children in Madison Co., AR in the 1860 and 1870 census? Living next to him in the 1860 census was his sister Elizabeth A. Howard Stites and her husband Joel STITES and their children. Elizabeth Howard and Joel Stites were married in Gasconade Co., MO in 1841. What happened to William D. Howard after 1870? Had he served in the Civil War? His widow Jeannetta remarrield in 1881 in Crawford Co., AR to James G. BOWMAN. His son William Thomas Howard married Emeline SMITH in Crawford Co., AR in July of 1884, and they made their home at Mulberry, Franklin/Crawford Co., AR until around 1900 when they moved to Redland, Sequoyah Co., IT. Any information on William D. Howard, born ca. 1834 in MO will be greatly appreciated. Did William D. Howard own land in Madison Co., AR in the 1852 to 1870s period?

--- DATE: Sep 21, 1999 NAME: Ike Adams EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Looking for decendants of Luther Jack VAUGHAN or Bertie STAFFORD of Clifty, Arkansas; looking for family.

--- DATE: Oct 8, 1999 NAME: henry maggard EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: when did rhoda sanders maggard die?

--- DATE: Oct 9, 1999 NAME: Margaret Mitchell-Chamness EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: Iam trying to locate info on my great grandfather Isaac Levi Mitchell. I know he was in Mena Ark in 1897 and possibly in Madison before that.

--- DATE: Oct 10, 1999 NAME: Gloria Wilhelm EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: GEORGEWILHELM: Looking for George Wilhelm born abt.1861. He married someone from Missouri, Orrrr...Where are his parents? Sister named Nancy born about 1863.

--- DATE: Oct 10, 1999 NAME: Sam Dennis EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: I have a picture of my father, Samuel DENNIS, b. 1890 in OK, that was taken the day after he was discharged from the Army Air Corps in 1915. It is on a postcard that was addressed to his mother, Margaret DENNIS, living in Aurora,Arkansas. There is no address other than that. Does anyone have any records of Margaret Dennis living there at that time?

--- DATE: Oct 10, 1999 NAME: Joy Russell EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: "The Mysterious Grave of J. L. Wolf"...printed in "The Madison County Musings", Winter 1996 issue: On the bank of a small Ozark creek, just four miles South of the Huntsville Square, surrounded by a thicket of small trees, stands a lonely tombstone which says "J. K. Wolf, Departed this life February 1, 1862". Carved at the top is an open Bible. The stone stands about 3 feet high and is about 3 feet across. No one knows why J. K. Wolf is buried at this location, where he came from, or what he died of. We do know that at this same time, there was a Confederate Unit who camped for the winter within 1/4 mile of this grave. However, there are no military records to show that J. K. Wolf died and was buried here. Evidently he was not a native of Madison County, since he does not appear on census records. Some people think he was a Captive of the military group and that he was killed. If anyone is researching the Wolf surname and has a missing person, we would like to hear from you. Since this article was printed in Winter 1996, we have had no response to our inquiry about J. K. Wolf.

--- DATE: Oct 13, 1999 NAME: Carol Clopton Coker EMAIL:

 MYSTERY: John Otho CLOPTON was born in 1853 in Madison Co, Ar. His parents are David and Margaret/ Nancy. I would like to make contact with any information on this family.

--- DATE: Oct 23, 1999 NAME: Brenda Park EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Where are the descendants of Martha HILL CREECH and Elijah CREECH? Does anyone know any of the descendants of Martha Hill and Elijah Creech? I know they had a son name Hiram that was around 8 foot tall and was suppose to have been in a circus. Martha was born around 1845 in Madison County, Arkansas. She and Elijah married and lived in Madison County, Arkansas but I have not been able to find any of their descendants anywhere.

--- DATE: Oct 27, 1999 NAME: Kim gonzalez EMAIL:

MYSTERY: myster: i have been searching for a long-lost grandfather named David WALL, the only thing we actually have that really connects him to our family is a Bible. Please if anybody as any information. He lived somewhere around Purdy.

--- DATE: Nov 3, 1999 NAME: Sharon Bowman EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I would like to know what happened to William WALKER, first husband of Mary BOLINGER, who was the daughter of Frederick BOLINGER, Jr. and Mary HUNTER, also, what became of their five children.

--- DATE: Nov 4, 1999 NAME: Dorothy M. Dyer EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Looking for any information on Thomas Jasper ROBERTS, b. 6 July 1837, TN, d. 1 Feb 1918 Carroll Co. AR. Lived aroung Metalton, and Alabam, AR. Believed he married Sarah Jane WALLACE in Kansas in Nov 1862.

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Louise Crabtree EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Parents of james crabtree b 2-1880?

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: MsChantel EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Who were the parents or siblings of Margaret Elizabeth (BRANCH) FOUTS?

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Jerry & Marilyn Daniels EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Where did Martha J. Gribble come from and where did she go? She was born about 1864, we don't know where or to whom. She died on January 21, 1953 in Madison County, AR. She was married to Benjamin Franklin Usrey and they resided in Madison County for all of their married lives as far as we know but do not have a date for the marriage. The children of "Frank" and Martha were Austin Usrey, born 1889 and Grace Avo Usrey, born 1890 . Martha may have had siblings named Charlie, Frank, Mary, Anna and Taylor. Any clues? Jerry and Marilyn Daniels

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Melinda Lee Riden-Jardine EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Whatever happened to Caleb Kirk? Where is he buried? While on the trail of my genealogical research, I come up a man by the name of Caleb Kirk. Caleb Kirk lived in the Bowen Township with his wife Ellender and children in 1850. Caleb and Ellender had a son John W. Kirk, that we believe is the link to our missing family tree. My grandmother always told me that she never knew her grandfather or great grandfather because they got into some trouble and change their names to Roads or Rhodes. She was not sure which. Well, it just so happens that in 1869 Caleb Kirk was in trouble with the law. In 1860, Caleb Kirk is located in Franklin County. Caleb was involved in a murder trial that created considerable interest in Franklin County and his case was moved to Sebastin County. The ancestor or ancestors that we are looking for may not be buried in any graveyard. The story is that he was found dead with two hound dogs by Law Officers in a log cabin somewhere in that part of the state, and that is where he is buried in the Northwestern part of the state. Can anyone solve the mystery? I would love to know if Caleb Kirk is my Great Great Great Grandfather, and if his son John W. Kirk is my Great Great Grandfather? Where are they buried?

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Melinda Lee Riden-Jardine EMAIL:

MYSTERY: When did David and Thomas Jackson arrive in Arkansas? Was it 1818, or sometime later? When was it? Goodspeed said that David Jackson and his son, Thomas Jackson were the first to settle on Jackson Creek in Madison County, Arkansas, around 1818 (See Northwestern Arkansas, Madison County, pg. 1096). Others have questioned the date of their arrival. I am one of their ancestors and I think that they did arrive in Arkansas about that time. Goodspeed states that David and Thomas Jackson WERE the first settlers on Jackson Creek in Madison County twice. I have shown you where he states it the first time in the citation listed above. Goodspeed says the same thing on page 1115 of the same book. Therefore, this remains a mystery. Did they or did they not arrive in Madison County around 1818?

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: JMoore8378 EMAIL:

MYSTERY: I am looking for a Richard Moore born in 1833-4 in SC but he took several trips to Boston Mountains so may have had relatives there. He spent most of his life in Troup County , Ga, and served in Civil War from 1862-1864 and was wounded and captured, He is said to have died in Boston Mountains in 1890-1895. His wife was Malinda or Elizabeth. Richard's son, Joseph Daniel Moore, must have been there in 1887 because his daughter, Carrie B. Moore, was born there. Anything to solve this Moore mystery???

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Is William M.Nickens buried with the rest of his family, 1880's in Riverside Cem.????at St.Paul

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Samsgranma EMAIL:


--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: EMAIL:

MYSTERY: Who was the father of anne or annie fowler born about a 1888 . I believe his name to be james or john ross fowler he married mary jane lyle or lile thank you email me at

--- DATE: Nov 21, 1999 NAME: Pansylea Wilburn EMAIL:

MYSTERY: William D. Howard and wife Jeannetta (whose maiden name may also be Howard) are shown in the 1860 census of Madison Co., AR. Both William and Jeannetta were born ca. 1834 in Missouri. Enumerated next to them was Joel C. Stites and wife Elizabeth Ann (Howard) Stites; she was the sister of William D. Howard above. Joel Stites and Elizabeth Howard were married in 1841 in Gasconade Co., MO. The unsolved mystery is the identity of the parents of William D. Howard and his sister Elizabeth Ann; she was born around 1825 in Missouri. Where did the Stites and Howard families go when they left Madison Co.? Thank you!

--- DATE: Nov 26, 1999 NAME: Nancy McChristian Shenyer EMAIL:

MYSTERY: My relatives and I have been looking for a photo of my grandmother, Audie Ivy McCOY HULL. She passed away when her children were young, and they have a hard time remembering what she looked like. We have a picture that may be her when she was a small girl, with a large hat, and have seen a school photo, but most of her face is blocked. If anyone out there has one, we would truly love to have a copy. Her name was Audie Ivy McCOY HULL, she was born 26 Apr 1906 at Drakes Creek, died 27 Feb 1946 at Drakes Creek. Married John Floyd HULL. Her parents were David Green McCOY and Julia Ann JOHNSON.